Chapter 64

Chapter 64: A Small Problem with Your Body

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After accidentally resolving a hidden problem, they returned to An Zining’s house. Miss Chef was still in a state where her soul hadn’t returned yet, so it was Ye Shuang who reported everything. She briefly explained how they were followed when they were out to purchase ingredients and snuck in the small fact that An Zining should expect some speeding tickets.

An Zining didn’t pay attention to something as small as speeding tickets. With a wave of her hand, she had the lawyer whom she had just hired deal with the problem and focused her energy entirely on cursing her ex-husband. “Chen He, that bastard dared have someone follow me‽ Does he think everyone is as sleazy as he is, going around town with his lovers in his fabulous car when he’s free‽”

Perhaps Ye Shuang was acting too calm, so no one paid attention to how the two girls managed to shake off the party that was following them. After all, they had returned unscathed, so nothing happened. Who knew, perhaps they were simply lucky?

After Miss Chef returned to the villa next door, she exposed Ye Shuang to her colleagues, lamenting about her life-threatening journey with Ye Shuang, who had zoomed along the highway to lose the people tailing them. Stop joking, how fast can a little girl drive‽ Only a girl like Miss Chef would be afraid of a little high speed…

Everyone gave Miss Chef several insincere words of consolation before throwing this insignificant interlude out of their minds and focusing on discussing the policy changes to better protect their client and the possible legal implications this might entail.

This cruel world! Miss Chef, who was heartlessly abandoned by her friends, could only nurse her pain with tears.

She had no time to go out to buy ingredients for dinner, but no one was really interested in having dinner anymore. Not long after that came the end of the work day. Ye Shuang had no reason to stay overtime, so she bade her boss and new colleagues farewell before leaving on her own.

After dinner and a bath, as the clock struck midnight, the usual memory inheritance influx came. Her mind was flooded with information.

Most likely due to the car racing on the highway earlier, all the information she obtained that night had everything to do with machinery and engineering. Ye Shuang, who had experienced this many times, was already prepared.

The knowledge of an entire planet was huge, and hoping to install it into a human’s brain in one go was impossible. The size of the information aside, even if it was possible, skillful mastery of the knowledge’s real-work applications would require plenty of time.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, most of the memory influx only involved general knowledge of the alien planet; it was not unlike attending a 101 introductory classes at university. Of course, in comparison to Earth’s knowledge level, the stuff taught during the alien planet’s 101 was already far beyond Earth’s understanding.

However, when they were special circumstance, like when Ye Shuang was involved in the usage of a particular skill and it had formed an impression in her memory circuit, through the influence of the subconscious, the memory influx that night would focus on the knowledge related to said skill. For example, when Ye Shuang was involved in horse appraisal, she received additional in-depth knowledge on biology, and after the car racing today, she gained additional knowledge regarding engineering.

Therefore, if one knew how to combine the installation of the theoretical knowledge and actual application of said knowledge, one could rely on memory inheritance to master said knowledge or skill to the highest proficiency on the alien planet itself.

Finally, morning broke, and the information that crowded her mind started to disappear. Ye Shuang sighed in relief as she glanced at the time. As she expected, the time of memory influx was two hours longer than usual. Thankfully, they were still in the season where the night was longer than the day, and she only needed to report at An Zining’s place at 10 am, so if she managed her time well, Ye Shuang could still catch two hours of sleep.

Dream was beautiful because it was a dream. Ye Shuang only managed to catch an hour of sleep before she was woken up by a call from An Zining.

“Ye Shuang, have you left yet? If you haven’t, perfect. Before you come to work, I need you to go to XX Street to buy me a cup of plum sweet tea and some tofu balls. There’s a restaurant there that’s famous for this dish. I’ve tried it once and thought the taste was indeed not bad. The ingredients they use in their fried tofu balls are different from other eateries, and even their chilies have some secret ingredients in, although I’m not sure whether they’re still operational or not.”

An Zining’s sudden order made Ye Shuang silent for almost half a minute before she said, “…Sister An, didn’t you just hire a private chef‽”

“Well, you two returned empty-handed last night, remember‽” An Zining retorted confidently. “Furthermore, trust me, she won’t be able to recreate their special taste, and I’m hankering for their tofu balls now.”

This boss of mine sure is picky when it comes to food. On day one, she asked for breakfast from Ou Wei Lou, and now she orders XX Street’s tofu balls. Will she one day have me hop on a plane to USA to get her a hotdog and fries because she feels like it‽

Ye Shuang face-palmed but knew that she had no legs to stand on in this argument. Furthermore, she was on An Zining’s payroll, what argument could she have‽

“Okay!” Ye Shuang said through gritted teeth. “Wait for me, I’ll bring the stuff along with me when I report for work.”

Thanks to this sudden addition to her schedule, Ye Shuang had no choice but to give up on sleeping. XX Street wasn’t close to her house and was even further from An Zining’s place. It was absolutely not convenient to take a detour there to buy some food. If she lazed in bed any longer, the food she bought would end up as her boss’ lunch.

After some rushing and running, Ye Shuang managed to arrive at An Zining’s house with the ordered food at 10:30 am.

She was a bit late because the traffic was horrible as it was time for people to get to work. The bus was crowded, and even the bus itself was caught in the traffic for half an hour. The fact that Ye Shuang managed to reach her destination by 10:30 am was in itself a miracle.

When she arrived, after two hours of waiting, An Zining’s hankering for the tofu balls and plum sweet tea had disappeared without a trace. As Ye Shuang walked through the door, An Zining was happily enjoying the century egg porridge made by Miss Chef.

God, I feel like cursing some people now…

Ye Shuang silently placed the bag of food on the table beside An Zining. No matter what, she had accomplished the mission; it was not her business whether her boss wanted to eat the food or not. If things ended then and there, this would not have been an interesting story. Therefore, as Ye Shuang turned, the climax came.

Ye Shuang’s movement had attracted her attention. An Zining raised her head up from the bowl of porridge and finally saw the bag of food beside her. She sniffed at it, and her hands immediately went to cover her mouth… not out of surprise as young girls were prone to do but to cover a dry heave as her brows knitted with disgust.

What the f*ck! I got out of bed so early and travelled around town for you to vomit over the food that you ordered‽

If not for the fact that she was a woman and her boss, Ye Shuang would have had an urge to punch the woman.

“What is this… thing‽ Why did you buy this… Wait, I asked you to buy it‽” An Zining remembered the phone call that she made that morning as she cursed.

Ye Shuang glanced at her, and after a deep sigh to calm her emotions down, she replied softly, “I’ll throw it away if you don’t like it.”

An Zining looked down on the table like a petulant child. Normally, she always held the upper hand in an argument. However, perhaps because Ye Shuang had saved her once or perhaps because she was indeed in the wrong on this occasion, although she had all the right to vent her frustration on Ye Shuang since she was the boss, An Zining felt weirdly guilty.

She cleared her throat and announced seriously, “There’s no need to waste food. I’m sure you haven’t had breakfast, right, Ye Shuang? Why don’t you take these?”

I’ve tormented myself for the whole morning just for a bowl of tofu balls‽ Unable to argue with her boss, Ye Shuang picked up the food with a forced smile. She sat down, opened the box, and pulled out the wooden chopsticks.

The moment the smell of fried oil escaped from the sealed box, An Zining’s dry heaves started again. The veins on the back of Ye Shuang’s hand that held the chopsticks were protruding. Is this woman doing this on purpose‽

An Zining was probably also feeling quite ashamed. She yawned and smiled awkwardly. “I haven’t been around that smell for a long time; it just needs some getting used to. Or perhaps it’s my health that hasn’t been so good lately. In any case, don’t mind me, go ahead.”

When she said that, Ye Shuang did notice that An Zining had dark circles under her eyes.

Also, if Ye Shuang could still eat the food, then there was truly something wrong with her. She put down the chopsticks.

An Zining’s interest in the plum sweet tea seemed to have returned because she picked up the straw and was reaching for the glass. Ye Shuang noticed this and felt like there was something off about her boss, so she reached out to grab An Zininig’s hand. “Wait a minute, I feel like something’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” An Zining was confused.

Feeling the pulse underneath her fingers, Ye Shuang frown. Her hand, which had originally been holding An Zining by her arm, moved to her wrist so that she could feel An Zining’s pulse. “Sister An… Lately, have you been experiencing heart palpitations?”

An Zining was shocked. After some contemplation, she answered, “Now that you mention it, I kinda have been… Wait, you also know Chinese medicine‽”

“Of course not!” Ye Shuang denied it readily.

Such a high-level skill like Chinese medicine naturally would not be part of the memory inheritance, but biological analysis and study, she did know quite a bit. After all, the speed of blood flow and heart rate was something that could be discerned from a touch on the skin.

After pushing the plum sweet tea aside, Ye Shuang raised her head and told An Zining in a serious tone, “I feel like there’s a small problem with your body; I suggest you visit the hospital for a check-up when you’re free.”

A small problem like pregnancy…