Chapter 115 - If I Can't Find a Boyfriend, Maybe a Girlfriend

Chapter 115: If I Can’t Find a Boyfriend, Maybe a Girlfriend

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“Reputation has many uses.” Since Ye Shuang had opened the topic of conversation, Director Zhou did not mind going into detail. “No matter the field, there will always be a smaller, more elite circle at the center, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with others. Production, transportation, sales, promotion… only after all the fields are linked together is a market complete. The entertainment business might seem detached, but it is also part of this huge chain.”

Those with reputation were generally public characters. They had to control their actions and words in public because they lived their lives under the gaze of a microscope. Unless the person had gone insane, no one enjoyed being mocked by the public.

There was only one thought in Director Zhou’s mind. Want to be an agent? Then you first need to get into the circle. Want to get into the circle? Then you need to have reputation. Want to have reputation? Then, come shoot the movie.

“The benefit of the entertainment business compared to other fields is that you don’t need capital to start.” Director Zhou continued his persuasion. “Of course, there are legends of those who built themselves up from nothing in other businesses, but those are rare cases; most are in family business.

“However, take a look at the entertainment world. Most A-list celebrities came from a humble background, and these celebrities depended on themselves to reach the status they have today.”

Ye Shuang was indeed intrigued. She had thought about the troubles from overexposure, but she had not analyzed the benefits that she would get from it. After a moment’s silence, Ye Shuang slowly opened her lips. “You’re right, but to be famous and get status in this field wouldn’t be easy.”

“I didn’t say that I can guarantee you’ll be famous.” Director Zhou was director—he merely saw Brother Shuang as suitable for a role he had in mind—but this did not mean that he planned to stick himself to Ye Shuang after the movie was over. “I am merely providing you with the opening you need to enter the business; this is also because I need you to solve my casting problem. After that, whether you wish to continue to stay inside the business or leave after knowing the people that you need to, that has nothing to do with me.”

Ye Shuang used another perspective to understand this. In other words, she was trading a few days of stepping in as an extra for a few invitations to high-end gatherings.

When she saw it this way, it was easier to accept. After all, the reason she visited those expensive private clubs was to expand her circle and sniff out potential clients. So perhaps venturing into the entertainment business might not be such a bad idea. Most importantly, with the accident that happened a few days ago, Ye Shuang suddenly realized there was an additional method that she could use to control her gender swap. There was no need for her to hurry and jump a man. If needed, she could find herself a boyfriend to smooth things out.

As long as Brother Shuang and Sister Shuang’s time of appearance and disappearance wasn’t so regular, the chance of being found out was still very low. If I can’t find a boyfriend, then a girlfriend would… Scratch that! I’d better go search for a boyfriend stat!

After meeting her new employees in person, Miss Bai was quite satisfied. Both Anthony and Lawyer Ding’s professional level was up to her standard, and after an initial interaction, she had faith in the future of her company… even though that company still had no shape nor address.

Director Zhou was satisfied as well. He had spent so many resources to start the online manhunt, but it had come up with nothing. He had been prepared to give up, but a surprise sat waiting for him. For Ye Shuang, since Director Zhou had clearly stated that he was merely inviting her to take on a role and had no interest in cultivating her, she accepted his invitation on the condition of getting Director Zhou to help her make introductions to powerful and influential individuals.

Han Chu’s name was still quite useful. Even though Han Chu did not do much promotion, people knew of him because the quality of his talents preceded him. Director Zhou had no issue with this condition, so everyone was happy with the arrangement.

Before leaving the café, Lawyer Ding and Anthony came over to say goodbye to Ye Shuang. After all, their main focus was Miss Bai, and they did not need to have so many interactions with the agent. They were not even employer and employee, so there was no reason for extended interaction.

Even Anthony maintained a safe distance with a smile on his face. Since his arrival in San Lin City, he had only met Sister Shuang and did not know much about Brother Shuang, who was also an agent. Furthermore, a man who was more handsome than him was indeed annoying. With just one glance, Anthony condemned Brother Shuang as someone who was untrustworthy.

Ye Shuang was free since there were no cases ongoing in San Lin City. Therefore, she returned home to pack her bags, booked a plane ticket, and flew to Jing Hu City the next day. This was the place where the shoot for Director Zhou’s new film would be taking place. Director Zhou had explained the relevant scenes to Ye Shuang, so she could start shooting whenever he was free.

Why? The reason was very simple, the scenes with the main character’s big brother were all taken at home. For this purpose, Director Zhou had rented a bungalow to act as the main character’s home, and the bungalow could be used as a resting place for the few main actors when they were tired. This saved plenty of time since they did not need to rush to different sets…

Unfortunately, due to Luo Mingxin’s injury, the shooting schedule had to be halted. However, the rented bungalow could not be returned, so while they were busy shooting other scenes, the place was left to be used as a hotel of sorts. Since the place was available, Ye Shuang could come whenever she wanted. Director Zhou wanted to finish her scenes within a month. In a way, Ye Shuang was given the treatment of a star.

Director Zhou returned one day earlier than Ye Shuang. After confirming that Ye Shuang would be coming the next day, the moment his plane landed, he called the assistant director to set up the shoot.

“The bungalow? But the schedule has already been set,” the set manager complained weakly. “We’re supposed to be leaving for an outdoor set tomorrow to shoot the conversation between the two main characters at Lin Yin Road and to expose the real culprit. Since Celebrity Luo can only sit down, he promised to do these scenes that do not have much action.”

“If his legs are still injured, then tell him to rest!” Director Zhou waved his hand. “Just listen to my order! Tomorrow, we’ll shoot the scenes with the brother.”

The set manager was scared into silence, and the assistant director said, “But didn’t Director Zhou say we don’t have a suitable actor who can carry this role?”

“What lousy memory you have!” Director Zhou glared at him. “Haven’t we found one‽”

“But that person refuses to show himself…” the assistant director said reflexively but stopped himself mid-sentence before exclaiming, “You’ve found him‽”

Director Zhou enjoyed the admiration-filled gaze tossed his way by both the assistant director and the set manager. He could not have been prouder—who was better than him at recognizing talent‽ Therefore, the schedule was changed overnight. All the main actors were given a call to inform them that they had a holiday while side characters like the butler and maid were called to the set.

In less than a night, the news of Brother Shuang coming to the bungalow tomorrow spread through the entire crew. Whether it was to see the handsome man in person or just to join the fun, basically those who were free… all came.

At this, Ye Shuang only had one thought. Lol…

“…Director Zhou, I haven’t even seen the script yet.” Ignoring the gauntlet eyes that focused on her, Ye Shuang, who had been called to the scene after she checked into the hotel, was speechless. She had to say something to remind this overly excited director. If she was invited to join a movie, she at least had to know the kind of role she was playing, right? She had not been given a basic script, so what was she supposed to do‽

Director Zhou recovered instantly. He tapped his head. “Right, I forgot to give you this!”

The ‘big brother’ technically was just part of the backstory, a plot device to push the plot forward. He only appeared in the main character’s flashback, perfect and regrettable. The main character’s life was separated into two phases, and the brother’s death was the dividing line.

Prior to his death, the main character lived under his wings. He had nothing to worry about because his big brother was invincible. The main character grew up pampered and protected. After the brother’s death, the main character lost the only thing that protected him from life. He lost the spiritual guidance that he had looked up to, and the main character who fell from heaven to hell was tormented by depression and malicious intent that came from all sides.

After losing the bother, he realized how helpless and childish he had once been, and to investigate his brother’s cause of death, he forced himself to grow up fast and strong.

Using his big brother as his goal, the thing that pushed him forward was his memory of those wonderful days with his older brother. That was the only pure thing left after the curtain that shielded him from the ugliness of the world was pulled away.

That man was temporary like a shooting star, yet his brilliance was such that it was also unforgettable. It was because of this that the memory was fresh in the main character’s mind. He missed his big brother, missed his lessons, missed his helpless and pampering smile when facing his rebellious and stubborn little brother, missed the things that he tried to make the main character understand, missed… how important he was to his life.

The endless regret and memory reminded the main character of his past weakness and helplessness. Why… why didn’t he have the power to save his big brother?

“So, a St. Mary type of character.”

After Ye Shuang read the script and lines, she closed the script and only had one thought in her mind. Is the big brother even human if he’s that perfect?