Chapter 27

Chapter 27: A Test in Disguise

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Little Brother Ye, who had just come back from running an errand, was speechless when he overheard this secret conversation between the two Luo family spies. Admittedly, he was slightly envious of the giant charm boost that Ye Shuang had received, but when he heard someone using Ye Shuang’s good looks as a point of detraction, he felt the world had become quite weird.

“Xiao Feng, you’re home‽” Grandmother Luo noticed Little Brother Ye standing at the door. With a glow in her eyes, she waved him over. “Come over here, tell your grandma, how long has your sister been with that boy already?”

Since he had been named, Little Brother Ye had no choice but pointed at the picture of cartoon monkeys on his shirt and shrug. “How would I know? I’ve always adopted a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude regarding that sister of mine.”

Uncle Luo swiped him on the back of his head. “Would you care a bit more about your own sister!”


Before they arrived, Grandmother Luo and Uncle Luo had gathered some basic information from Father Ye and Mother Ye. They were quite satisfied with what they heard, so they didn’t think much of this future addition to their family. However, when they saw Ye Shuang in person, they finally realized what Mother Ye actually meant when she said he was “a rather handsome young man.”

If Ye Shuang had a normal level of charm, then they wouldn’t have said anything; after all, no one would like to pollute their eyes with ugly objects. However, if the level of charm had overshot normal human level, then things would be different. First and foremost, why would someone so handsome pursue this relative of theirs‽

Since Mother Ye knew that both ‘Ye Shuang’s were one and the same, she wasn’t that guarded around the more attractive Ye Shuang, but Grandmother Luo and Uncle Luo didn’t see it that way.

When Ye Shuang was helping in the kitchen, the two elders from the Luo family captured Little Brother Ye to interrogate him for information about Ye Shuang. Thankfully, the Ye family had prepared for this beforehand, so Little Brother Ye didn’t blurt out anything harmful to their operation.

Noticing the worry on his grandmother and uncle’s face, for the sake of everyone, Little Brother Ye silenced his conscience to heavily praise hisbrother-in-law , from his talents to looks and educational background. He left no stone unturned and no quality unpraised until Mother Ye in the kitchen came to his rescue and called him into the kitchen. It was then that Little Brother Ye left feeling accomplished.

Grandmother Ye and Uncle Ye, who were left in the living room, shared a look, and they became even more worried.

“To be able to blind Xiao Feng so loyally to his side that he wouldn’t say a bad thing about him, the boy is even more calculative and manipulative than we thought,” Uncle Luo observed worriedly. He believed his sister’s family of four had already been KO-ed…

Looks like we won’t get any real information from them.

Grandmother Luo, however, was at least willing to think on optimistically. “It’s still too early to come to that conclusion. Even though the boy sounds like he’s a bit too good to be true, it doesn’t mean that he’s insincere toward our Shuang Shuang. After all, if he’s really scheming, what is there for him to gain? Money? Looks? Shuang Shuang has neither of those, so this might be true love!”

“…” Uncle Luo. Mom, can you not… I don’t know what to say to that…

The Ye family hadn’t envisioned the possibility that Ye Shuang’s overly impressive qualities would cause Grandmother Luo and Uncle Luo to worry. After finishing the dinner that they thought had been successful, they chatted until the night darkened, until it was time for Grandmother Luo to rest.

Mother Ye naturally shared a room with her mother, Father Ye would bunk with Uncle Luo, Little Brother Ye stayed in his room, and Ye Shuang… Ye Shuang was forced to leave her home and register in a hotel.

F*ck my life! I have to get myself a safe house as soon as possible. Who can survive this kind of lifestyle‽ Staying at the hotel every two days even though I have a home, the expenditure aside, it’s hella inconvenient…

Ye Shuang stood up to excuse herself. When she was at the door, putting on her shoes, she was called by Grandmother Luo.

“Xiao Ye.” Grandmother Luo didn’t think it was appropriate to call him Xiao Shuang; it would make her confuse him with her actual granddaughter. “If you’re free tomorrow, do you mind accompanying your grandmother for a walk around the city?”

At that moment, Ye Shuang seemed to discern a flash of cruelty in her grandmother’s kind face. She answered, “…Tomorrow morning, I have to help my friend shoot a commercial, but I’m free after that.”

This was her own grandmother, so how could she say no? Ye Shuang felt a heavy weight on her shoulders; she knew ‘the walk’ was a test in disguise, but she couldn’t say no…

Grandmother Luo nodded with satisfaction. With Mother Ye looking on with worry, Grandmother Luo finally allowed her to go.

After leaving the residential area, a night breeze picked up, and Ye Shuang felt chilled on her forehead. She wiped at it and realized it was covered with sweat. That had been even more nerve-wrecking than being called into the principal’s office.

After some thought, Ye Shuang pulled out her phone to make a call. She needed to double-check the schedule with Fang Mo. “Brother Fang, you mentioned the commercial will capture images of a couple’s living situation, but will it have sunset or night scenes?”

Fang Mo was watching television with a sulking Fang Fei. When he saw it was Ye Shuang who was calling him, he glanced at Fang Fei before standing up to go into his own bedroom to answer the call.

Understanding what was left unsaid, Fang Mo answered, “There are some sunset scenes, but with some post-editing, we can lower the lights and shoot those scenes in the day… why? You have other commitments tomorrow‽”

Fang Mo didn’t reveal the fact that this would require additional cost on his part because he didn’t think it was something worth pointing out. After that, he heard the rather annoyed voice of his new friend on the phone. “Hmm, it’s nothing but… I promised I will accompany my girlfriend’s grandmother on a tour around the city, and since I’m leaving the day after tomorrow, it has to happen tomorrow afternoon.”

Fang Mo also felt slightly miffed. If he had known this was the reason, he would have denied the request. After all, why would he burden himself with a higher expenditure to create time for his sister’s crush to ingratiate himself to his in-law‽

“But, if it’s too much trouble, I’ll return to the city again next Thursday, how about we finish those afternoon and night scenes then‽” Ye Shuang felt troubling the boss with her own private issues was a bit too much, so she offered another solution.

Fang Mo was silent as he thought about it. Instead of rushing the product, why not push everything to a later date? Plus, it’ll give Fang Fei plenty of time to recover from the shock and sadness she received today.

“…How about this, we’ll cancel the shoot tomorrow and move it directly to next Thursday instead?”

After the details were hashed out, they chatted for a little while longer before the call was ended. When he walked out of his bedroom, Fang Mo raised his head to see his sister’s eyes locked onto him. “Big Brother, was that work calling?”

“No.” Fang Mo smiled. He sat back down on the sofa and said, “Tomorrow, I have something else to do, so the commercial shoot will be delayed until next Thursday.”

What does that have to do with the commercial? You’re not in the commercial, are you‽

Fang Fei who took this as a kindness on her big brother’s part glanced at him before returning to look at the television. She pouted and replied, “Sure, it’s your commercial after all.”