Chapter 116 - Have a Candy

Chapter 116: Have a Candy

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Even though she had heard the rumors from the internet, after reading the actual script, Ye Shuang understood why this character was so hard to master. After the elder brother died, the main character practically used every living moment of his life to pay tribute to his brother.

He placed his brother on a pedestal and kept repeating their memories together in his mind. To not forget those memories, to not forget that person, the main character turned over a new leaf because he knew that was what his brother would have wanted him to do. Therefore, he kept improving himself, striving for the top. Even though it would not bring his brother back, but he wanted to do something for the man.

It did not matter whether the real brother was that perfect or not. After all, the script did not have that prequel… but in the main character’s heart, his big brother was the epitome of everything great and good.

There was just a scene missing of the main character kneeling to the greatest idol in his heart. It was why the main character worked so hard after his brother’s death; he refused to accept this result. He refused to believe an accident was how his brother died. He trained himself to the extent of it feeling like torture because he refused to let his brother die in vain.

According to the script, the little brother’s actions were psychologically understandable, but what if this little brother was Luo Mingxin‽

Who could possibly make Luo Mingxin lower his head, debase himself, and treat the other like an idol‽ Even if Luo Mingxin was willing to do that, his fans would not be happy. F*ck, look at that ugly mug of yours, how dare you compare yourself to our precious Mingxin‽

Indeed, the script could always be amended, but only the face was going to be the sole deciding factor. Luo Mingxin had dominated the ranking for every female’s dream guy for multiple years already. Even though this was influenced by other factors like popularity, the man’s looks were the main reason. Other celebrities who were more handsome than Luo Mingxin… before the appearance of Brother Shuang, no one had thought that was even possible.

Some had not enough popularity, others were a different kind of handsome. In any case, no one dared to say they were more handsome than Luo Mingxin… until Brother Shuang’s debut.

“Hmm, this script…” Ye Shuang scratched her chin and looked at the script in her hand meaningfully. Finally, she could not help but raise her brow to ask Director Zhou, “Are you sure the little brother is not in love with his brother?”

After all, the descriptions did make it sound like that.

Please stop kidding!

Director Zhou almost roared from anger, but he turned and saw the expression on his assistant’s face that felt like he had seen the new world. It was as if the door to a new world had been opened, and he had discovered some well-hidden secret.

The script did describe… something similar to a crush! If the blood ties were removed, then the big brother could easily replace the female lead! The real love in the little brother’s heart was his older brother! If that was not true love, then what was‽

“It’s respect and adoration!” Director Zhou tried his best to ignore the hesitance in his assistant’s eyes and explained confidently, “It is because the big brother is so perfect that his death is so regrettable, and that causes a giant rage to form in the main character’s heart…”

“I remember a period drama last year has that plot as well.” Ye Shuang interrupted Director Zhou and gave her own opinion. “The emperor also thought that the original empress was better than everyone else. None of the consorts’ dancing and singing were better than hers, and those who were treasured were because they shared similarities with the original empress…”

“…” Director Zhou struggled to hold his ground. “In any case, this is a pure sibling love!”

“Of course, of course. I’m just saying, I didn’t say I don’t believe you.” Ye Shuang shrugged and lowered her head to continue reading the lines.

But it looked like you are not one bit convinced. All the actors were silenced, and even the assistant director was breaking out in cold sweat. Just as Director Zhou was caught speechless, there was a burst of chuckle that came from the side.

Ye Shuang raised her head to look toward the voice and saw Luo Mingxin standing at the fringe of the crowd with crutches. He was looking her way with interest in his eyes. It felt like he had been there for quite some time already. With his casual wear and lack of make-up, Luo Mingxin appeared friendlier than he was onscreen—he even looked several years younger in age.

His injury was not so serious that he needed a cast. If he did not move about too much, he would have a full recovery after staying in bed for several weeks. Of course, to prevent the formation of aftereffects, it would be best if he refrained from doing strenuous exercise.

“Actually, I also feel like I have a little crush on my brother.” When Luo Mingxin saw Director Zhou and the rest turn his way, he greeted everyone with a smile before wandering over on his crutches. He sat down beside Ye Shuang and turned his head over with a seductive smile. With a tone aimed to charm, he said with his brow raised in a challenge, “Alas, when you were alive, I failed to recognize the feeling in my heart, and after you died, the realization came too late.

“Since it was too late, then why not pretend it did not matter? Since it was too late, why not bury it deep inside my heart? Living forever in my memories… The memory is to be cherished and not violated.”

The cello-like voice was filled with sadness and melancholy like it was lamenting the cruelty of time and fate.

The vicissitude of fate caused loneliness, confusion, and pain. All the emotions suffered by the main character were brought out in these few simple sentences. Those that heard it felt their hearts twitched, and their eyes were stinging with tears.

What else could Ye Shuang say facing this situation‽ No wonder the man was a triple-threat superstar. He could act, sing, and dance.

Luo Mingxin’s eyes exuded melancholy. His slightly lowered head was etched with loneliness, but his body was stubbornly sat upright, like a proud warrior who refused to surrender to the loneliness that ravaged his heart.

In the entertainment industry, Luo Mingxin had a pair of publicly recognized high-voltage eyes. To borrow Director Zhou’s words, his eyes alone could play all the emotions. If a full score was ten, then Luo Mingxin’s eyes alone would have four marks, and the rest of his face taking up the remaining six.

He was in the mood to act, so he managed to bring everyone into the scene in just mere minutes. All the people present could see the little brother who lost the biggest spiritual guidance in his life. The man himself seemed to have slipped into this world as well. He reminisced on his memories and licked the wounds on his body alone. He closed himself off from the rest of the world and deterred others from coming too close. Alone, he guarded this precious memory that he refused to share with others.

Other than Luo Mingxin, the crowd did not seem to be able to see anyone else. However, just as people were going to fall into his charm, Ye Shuang coughed lightly. It was not a loud voice, but it was enough to break the spell that had fallen over the crowd. The crew finally noticed Ye Shuang, and after they turned to him, their focus was unable to be pulled away anymore.

If Luo Mingxin was as brilliant as the sun, then this ‘big brother’ beside Luo Mingxin was as mysterious and graceful as the night. When he sat there quietly, he was patient and accepting, but once your focus fell on this mean, even if he invited you to join him in hell, you would have willingly followed.

His face was flawless, and every line on his body was a creation of absolute perfection, his fingers, his hair, his lashes… The man did not seem to mind the attention the world was paying him. He sat to the side, away from the conflict of the mundane world, looking at it with a pair of detached and cold eyes.

Luo Mingxin, who appeared so depressed and sad earlier, instantly turned into a young boy who was throwing a tantrum. The melancholy that he had displayed earlier now felt like a tool to attract people’s attention. Perhaps he was sulking because his candy was stolen away from him…

“Here, have a candy.” Ye Shuang took out a candy that had come with the set meal on the plane and tossed it to the dazed Luo Mingxin.

Wait, he really gave Mingxin a candy‽

The girls in the crowd almost screamed from pure excitement.

Director Zhou recovered from his shock and then realized that Luo Mingxin seemed to have toyed with him. After taking multiple deep breaths, Director Zhou growled, “Why are you playing along with him‽ I’ve said that this is a pure sibling love!”

“…” Luo Mingxin squeezed the candy in his palm and looked at Ye Shuang with interest. Then he turned to Director Zhou with a face of innocence. “I’m not playing, all the words I’ve said are from the script. How is that wrong‽”

As he said so, Luo Mingxin snapped his fingers, and his personal assistant immediately came forward with a thick script. Luo Mingxin accepted it and flipped to a certain page and pointed out the lines for Director Zhou to read. “See, I’m not lying to you.”

Since it was too late, then why not pretend it did not matter? Since it was too late, why not bury it deep inside my heart? Living forever in my memories… The memory is to be cherished.

Such a line did exist but…

Director Zhou slammed the script down. “That is because the little brother did not want to work hard because he was envious of his brother. After the brother’s death, he understood how wayward he had acted. Why did you twist the meaning‽”

Also, where did the ‘violated’ come from‽ There was no such word in the script!

“I’m Luo Mingxin!” With a roar, the man’s personality switched from deep melancholy to cool and overconfident. He raised his chin and announced proudly, “An experienced and professional actor knows how to use his own perspective to digest the script. I’m not one of those newbies who only knows how to memorize the lines mechanically.”

I’d rather you be a newbie!