Chapter 117 - What Flavor Candy Do You Like?

Chapter 117: What Flavor Candy Do You Like?

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The public, including Ye Shuang, had always had the impression that Luo Mingxin was a perfect gentleman. However, after meeting the man in person that day, Ye Shuang realized that impression was wrong, or rather, other than the image Luo Mingxin was willing to put forth to the public, the fans had no idea who Luo Mingxin was as a person.

From how Director Zhou and the crew reacted to the man, this superstar seemed to enjoy playing pranks on others. In fact, that might seem to be the thing that brought him the greatest joy in life. He enjoyed watching others being all flustered, using a single word, action, or skit to ruin the tempo others had in mind. He used his charm to trick others as they fell victim to his prepared script.

Ye Shuang was reminded of the fact that Luo Mingxin was a psychology student before entering the entertainment field. Ye Shuang suddenly felt that perhaps this was one of those horrible people who could not help themselves from toying with other people. What perfect gentleman? That’s all a lie!

Then again, this whole debacle with Luo Mingxin was not all bad either—at least Ye Shuang had managed to get herself into character. The sadness, regret, memory, and adoration of the ‘little brother’… all those feelings were present in Luo Mingxin’s acting. In that moment, Ye Shuang really did feel like she was the idol her little brother had been looking up to.

Luo Mingxin easily dealt with Director Zhou then he turned around with satisfaction. The prankster, with good cheer in his voice, held the candy in his grasp and asked, “Found the feeling?”

Ye Shuang glanced at him. With a magnetic tone, he asked in return, “That was to help me get into character?”

“Acting is no easy feat.” Luo Mingxin pushed the crutches away with some degree of aggression. He tossed the candy up and down in his hand, adding, “Even though you only have a few scenes in the movie, your character is the most important character in the movie. As the main character’s spiritual support and the target he’s working toward, if your character is not powerful and perfect enough, it will not enhance the pain and regret the main character is feeling…

“Whether your character will leave an impression in people’s hearts will also decide whether the film will be a masterpiece or a throwaway project. If your acting is not up to par, the movie is destined to be a typical revenge flick, but if you’re perfection, it’ll be a touching tragedy.”

Luo Mingxin smiled easily as he threw the candy back to Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang raised her hands without even looking, and her tapered fingers caught the candy easily from the air. Luo Mingxin was stunned. However, when Ye Shuang raised her head, the expression on his face had returned to normal. “Director Zhou has prepared two endings. One is a typical ending where I win everything, and the other is where you appear in dream to pat me on my forehead when I am having an afternoon nap. Whether this’ll end up a commercial flick or a winning film depends on you.”

With Luo Mingxin’s background, he no longer cared about the ticket sales. Other than the prize of best actor, he had no need for anything. If not for the importance of the ‘big brother’ character, he would not have found time to teach a newbie acting, no matter how handsome the newbie was.

His personal assistant then wandered over to remind Luo Mingxin that he needed his rest. Luo Mingxin pouted as he grabbed his crutches to stand up. He then waved goodbye. “Have fun with your filming. I’ll be back when the scene requires me. By the way, I don’t like fruit-flavored candy; I prefer peanut snacks.”

How is that related to me? Ye Shuang waved back silently and shoved the candy back into her pocket. Then she turned to tell Director Zhou, who was looking at her with anticipation, “I love peach-flavored candy.”

I’ve already removed the cap on the camera lens and you’re telling me that‽

The first day was for the crew and actors to get used to the situation. Everyone knew that Ye Shuang was a new actor, but that face was hard to ignore. In any case, they did not have too high an expectation.

Similar to the commercial she did, the first day was to capture some living scenes like working at the desk, reading the newspaper… In any case, these did not require real acting skills; she just had to act normal in front of camera. The heavy hitters were the scene with her ‘little brother’. Some of the scenes required a close-up, and this seriously tested Ye Shuang’s acting skill.

After an afternoon nap, Luo Mingxin returned downstairs to play. He play-acted alongside Ye Shuang as a joke and realized that the man was really a newbie with zero experience. Ye Shuang’s acting could not have been more awkward. To help her, Luo Mingxin once again reminded her, “Do you have a little brother?”

“Why?” Ye Shuang could not admit it easily. After all, she was not related to anyone when she was in her male form.

Luo Mingxin raised his brow. “Like this part…”

He pointed at the part of the script where the elder brother was trying to teach his brother the secret of his business after having a premonition in his heart. However, the little brother refused to listen to him due to a lack of confidence.

“Think about it, if you’re in a crisis but still have to deal with a resisting brother who couldn’t understand where you’re coming from, what would you do?”

It was the conflict of worry and anger, the hesitation of anxiety, and the reluctance to break the other’s dream. The worry, anticipation, anxiety, and the wish that the bird under his wing would grow up overnight…

After placing Little Brother Ye into the situation, Ye Shuang felt the emotions within her, and her face fell as she hissed, “Beat the crap out of him!”


“Looks like you think I shouldn’t have done that?” Ye Shuang tossed him a side-eye.

Luo Mingxin looked at Ye Shuang patiently. His fingers massaged his temples. “…Don’t you think family violence is a bad habit?”

Ye Shuang tutted and closed the script gracefully. “This means that you don’t have a little brother in real life.”

Any parents with a child would know that kind advice only went so far. When the unruly child was acting up, the fist was the best solution. Because if one tried to reason with the child, one would only end up angering oneself.

Luo Mingxin was silent. “In any case, everyone has a different way of dealing with the same situation. The character you’re playing loves his brother to the point of spoiling him, so he definitely would not harm his brother. Sigh… I’ll leave you to think about it.”

Any more conversation, and Luo Mingxin had a feeling that his understanding would be influenced by others, so he chose to leave. After Luo Mingxin left, Ye Shuang’s phone vibrated. At the film set, everyone would turn their phone silent. Even though Ye Shuang did not know the rules, that did not mean people would not tell her.

Her eyes twitched, and when she saw the caller ID, she knew it would not be something good. After she answered the call, Little Brother Ye’s voice appeared on the phone. “Big brother, are you currently in Jing Hu City?”

“Get to the point!” Ye Shuang warned.

Little Brother Ye was overjoyed after he confirmed his sister’s location. “Remember to get me some presents when you come home!”

After dealing with what he thought was the most important, he carried on to the purpose of his call. “Also, mother wants me to remind you that if you’re going to do the movie, remember to look after Cousin Luo Ce. He’s also in Jing Hu City. It’s one thing if your schedule cannot line up but to not even say hi to him when you’re at the same city, Sister Qianru would never forgive you… and my sister.”

Little Brother Ye stressed the three last words to make sure that Ye Shuang got the point.

F*ck! I’ve really forgotten all about it! Ye Shuang gritted her teeth. “I know, I’ll message him in a bit.”

Why not just call? Because the male Ye Shuang had no relationship with Luo Ce, and forgetting about him did make Ye Shuang feel guilty. After all, Ou Qianru had purposely reminded Sister Shuang about this.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shuang measured her tone and sent a message to Luo Ce. She explained that she was currently at Jing Hu City for business and was planning to do the favor for Director Zhou. She was free tomorrow, and if Luo Ce had free time, she would like to get together for lunch or dinner.

To start with the actual purpose of helping him with his career was rather awkward. Perhaps Luo Ce did not want her help, or rather, he might not admit that he wanted her help, so Ye Shuang just invited him out for a meal.

During meal, they would chat, and one thing would lead to another. Perhaps Brother Luo could help Ye Shuang deal with some problem with the film crew, and that would bridge the relationship between Brother Luo and the film crew. That was better than Ye Shuang coming out to say that she was there to meet Luo Ce as a favor to Ou Qianru.

The most important aspect of social interaction between Chinese people was face. Ye Shuang was planning to open the door for Luo Ce, but what he made of that opportunity depended fully on the man itself. Things should not be made to be so obvious so that it would not be awkward for everyone involved.

Brother Luo was understanding and was appreciative of the helping hand given by his cousin’s boyfriend. His message soon arrived, and he said that he was in the middle of a casting call for a newbie and would meet up with Ye Shuang when the audition was over.

After reading the message, Ye Shuang pulled on the sleeve of a small assistant who was walking past. “Do you know where Yun Tian Club is?”

The assistant was over the moon at being picked by the handsome Adonis. Her face was red, and she stuttered through her introduction. Luckily enough, the club was not too far from the set. It would only take a short drive.

Out of respect, before she left, Ye Shuang told Director Zhou. Luo Mingxin had informed director Zhou earlier that Ye Shuang would not be able to get into the condition that day, so he let her go. After all, he did not plan to shoot all the scenes in one day, and Luo Mingxin needed a few more days to rest his broken bones.

Ye Shuang grabbed her bag and left the bungalow. She called for a taxi and headed for Yun Tian Club, where Brother Luo Ce was waiting.