Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Affair

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Dignity was something that had no lower limit… After one’s dignity dropped below a certain level, it was not worth struggling anymore… Eventually, one merely surrendered oneself to fate.

Of course, everyone started in a state of dignity, but after getting caught in situations that couldn’t be explained again and again, the only road left to take was to resign to the hopeless situation…

Moments after realizing what the building that she was standing in front of was, Ye Shuang’s expression changed from depression to frustration before eventually turning to resignation as she turned around and admitted without hesitation, “You caught me, things are indeed as you think!”

Yes! I’m an easy woman, what are you going to do‽

Fang Mo was speechless. Actually, he was merely thinking perhaps she was there early in the morning to collect the clothes her boyfriend had left for her at the hotel… but now, things seemed even more complicated than he had expected.

Fang Mo coughed drily to avert the topic of conversation away from the direction it was heading toward and said with a smile, “Anyway, since he’s still coming back to shoot the commercial next Thursday, we can reschedule then.”

“Sure, that sounds perfect.” Of course, whether ‘she’ would still be around then was another matter entirely.

Since the male Ye Shuang wasn’t around, Fang Mo didn’t think it was appropriate to have extended interaction with the man’s girlfriend. Even though he knew they were being absolutely innocent, sometimes vindictive rumors were hard to explain. A ladies’ man who insisted he wasn’t loose and amorous? Who would believe that?

After nodding at Ye Shuang, as Fang Mo turned politely to leave, the phone in his pocket rang. Fang Mo answered it readily. However, after a “hello”, the hurried voice on the other end of the phone hurriedly spoke, following which Fang Mo’s brows involuntarily furrowed, and his footsteps slowed…

The only reason to receive such an urgent call in the morning was because there was something huge that couldn’t be settled easily. Indeed, that was the nature of the call Fang Mo had received.

Technically speaking, the issue wasn’t big, but the people involved in the issue were more than a bit troublesome. Fang Mo’s company dealt with real estate. Other than the public, his company also liaised with his close friends and family, like helping his friend who had recently gotten married to look for a new home, or a relative who wanted to procure an asset in real estate… This was how the foundation of his company’s networking had formed.

The main character of this issue was Fang Mo’s elder’s old friend’s grandson. If Fang Mo was the quintessential hardworking second generation, then this troublemaker was the typical good-for-nothing second generation… Well, that wasn’t completely right because at least he was good at spending his parent’s money.

Fang Mo and the grandson didn’t hang out in the same social circles. However, that didn’t mean that they didn’t know each other. They knew of each other but weren’t close. This was because the elders from both families knew each other, so there were still occasions where their lives would have to cross.

The grandson had gotten himself intertwined with a C list celebrity several months earlier. While their relationship was at its deepest, the celebrity knew this wasn’t a man she would hold onto for life, so for added security, she asked for a studio apartment from the man.

The request was nothing to the grandson, who spent money like they grew on trees. Even though he knew the celebrity’s intention, if the apartment could buy another few months of affection from the girl, he was more than willing to spend this money… Therefore, the grandson contacted Fang Mo’s company to buy a studio apartment, and it was purchased under the celebrity’s name.

Technically speaking, this had nothing to do with Fang Mo. He sold houses, and the grandson had bought one; it was a fair trade. However, there was one important character who hadn’t been introduced yet, and that would be the grandson’s wife, a real tiger of a woman…

Of course, if this wife came from a normal family, Fang Mo could have ignored her because, as uncouth as that sounded, that was how the society worked, but the grandson had married within his means, or rather, he had married someone who came from an equally impressive background…

The wife found out from an unknown source about her husband’s affair. It was unknown whether the whistle-blower simply wanted to see the world burn or they had another interest, because they pulled all of the husband’s friends into the hot water, saying they had all ganged up to hide this affair from the wife…

And that was how Fang Mo was roped into this travesty.

The wife, who was angered beyond belief by this betrayal, assaulted the enemy camp early in the morning and pulled the cheating couple out of the king-size bed. She scolded the husband’s friends for their duplicity, and of course… Fang Mo, who had provided the house of deceit, hadn’t been forgotten…

Fang Mo was silent for half a minute before saying, “Then, what is the situation now‽”

The person on the other end of the phone had tears in his voice. “Mrs. Chen still hasn’t calmed down from her fury. She’s… still scolding the house down. She even mentioned reselling the house; she would rather sell it at a discount than give it to the mistress.”

“Okay, I’ll…” Fang Mo rubbed his temple; he was about to say, ‘Okay, I’ll be there in a moment’ when he felt someone pat him on his shoulders.

Looking around, he realized Ye Shuang had suddenly sidled up behind him. She looked at him with her eyes glowing with anticipation. “Brother Fang, you have an apartment to sell‽ How low is the exact price when the person said it’s being sold at a discount‽ Do you accept payment in instalments‽”

“…” What has it got to do with you…