Chapter 33

Chapter 33: A Shrew and a Vixen

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Ye Shuang’s sudden comment startled Fang Mo. He glanced at the phone in his hand unconsciously to confirm that it was the authentic latest Apple iPhone and not some fake steel box that could be used to crack open crabs. Fang Mo instantly felt confused. How did she manage to hear the contents of my phone call‽

To be honest, Ye Shuang hadn’t meant to eavesdrop on Fang Mo. After the physical optimization, even though the female form wasn’t as impressive as the male form in terms of looks, all the other improvements were similar across both genders and that included super-hearing.

Even though the voice on the phone was soft, it was no different from being put on speaker-phone for Ye Shuang. She had been about to turn to leave when she heard the news about cheap real estate. She couldn’t let go of such a perfect opportunity.

“Brother Fang, I’ve worked for you before, so I can guess the selling price of the apartment,” Ye Shuang said with a smile, fighting for this opportunity. “If this Mrs. Chen intends to sell it at a discount, I believe it will be at around the worker price… Hmm, didn’t Xiao Ye just finish an advertisement? He did tell me to be on the lookout for cheap real estate. If you’re willing to give me this chance and allow us to pay in installments, then I believe his salary from the advertisement should be enough…”

One could say that Ye Shuang was being extremely shameless, but that was how society operated. If one did not take advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself, it would only benefit someone else. After all, the apartment was about to be sold anyway, so why couldn’t Fang Mo just sell it to her‽

Fang Mo thought about it. Even though this was not a new house, it didn’t mean that paying in instalments was not possible. After all, as long as the money was paid, and the seller accepted it, he had no issue with it.

“I don’t think it’s going to be any problem if you want to purchase the apartment; you might also be able to save on renovation.” Fang Mo, who had a good impression of the male Ye Shuang, didn’t mind lending a hand. With a smile, he glanced at the clock on his phone. “If your schedule is free for the rest of the day, why don’t you follow me there now?”

After a few more words of discussion, another problem of Ye Shuang’s was solved, and even Fang Mo, who had just received the bad news, felt much better. In fact, he had the levity of mind to laugh at himself deprecatingly. One type of rice feeds all kind of people. This is not the first time I’ve been dragged into other people’s business, I shouldn’t be serious with such a screw… Perhaps things were not as troublesome as I made it out to be.

Alas, when Fang Mo and Ye Shuang arrived at the ‘crime scene’, Fang Mo realized how wrong his assumption was. A shrew was a shrew because she wouldn’t listen and argue with reason. No matter how innocent one was, no matter how awkward the situation had become, she was going to make everyone pay for any imagined offense against her.

“You dare to bring another vixen here with you‽” Mrs. Chen’s eyes swept over Ye Shuang, who got out after Fang Mo from his car. Before the two could explain their intention, her rage increased several degrees already. When Mrs. Chen heard that her husband and others had all worked together to hide the affair from her, she believed everyone that she saw was against her.

These people shared a laugh and even a cocktail with her at the balls; she had thought they were friends, but at the end of the day, they were merely making a fool of her!

Therefore, Mrs. Chen immediately treated those females that were slightly pretty in the same way as she treated her husband’s mistress. She was not afraid of treating anyone wrongly, after all, those who had come to break up the argument were people that she knew, so those that had come to ‘watch the show’ had to have some kind of hidden motive!

Ye Shuang’s alliance with Fang Mo didn’t help the situation. Mrs. Chen’s impression of Fang Mo was already at its lowest because it was Fang Mo who had helped her husband procure an apartment for the mistress. So, the fact that Ye Shuang had come out of Fang Mo’s car already labelled her as an enemy in Mrs. Chen’s eyes.

Ye Shuang was confused by the enmity that was directed at her the moment she arrived at the scene. Thinking over the situation in her mind, connecting it back to the conversation she had heard on the phone, she gradually understood why.If only the transformation had occurred one day later, if I’d arrived in the male form, perhaps I might have gotten an even greater discount but now…

Knowing whatever she said would only worsen the situation, Ye Shuang glanced with a pout at Fang Mo before silently moving behind him, pushing him to shoulder the attacks that were directed her way.

Fang Mo was also put an awkward position. His friend’s girlfriend had been openly insulted, and it was him who had brought her over… Fang Mo stopped the disapproving frown from appearing on his face and said, “Mrs. Chen, I hear you plan to sell this apartment? This is my friend’s fiancé; they are planning to find a place to purchase to prepare for their marriage, so I brought her along to take a look at the house…”

Marriage… Ye Shuang glanced at Fang Mo silently and tried her best to not speak.

Mrs. Chen turned her cannons toward Fang Mo. “You want me to sell it to her‽ You have to be kidding me, don’t feed me lies, I’m sure that’s also someone’s mistress!”