Chapter 72 - Perpetual Utility Man to the Rescue

Chapter 72: Perpetual Utility Man to the Rescue

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

The perpetual utility man, Little Brother Ye was summoned to rescue Ye Shuang once more, and it was obvious from the frown on his face that he was not happy with such a role.

Actually, this was to be expected. Who would enjoy being woken up in the middle of a wonderful dream, summoned out of the house in the chilling night just to bring some clothes? In any case, Little Brother Ye realized that the biggest victim of this DNA inheritance fiasco was actually himself.

Using the information available on the phone message, Little Brother Ye soon found his way to the KTV’s male bathroom. As he pushed the door open, he phoned Ye Shuang’s number. When he heard the familiar ringtone drift out of one of the cubicles, Little Brother Ye ended the call and dangled the bag of clothes over the door. “Delivery!”

“Thank you,” a familiar magnetic voice said from behind the door. Little Brother Ye felt the weight of the bag lighten, like someone was holding it from the other side. He let go, and the delivery was thus completed.

While waiting for Ye Shuang to change her clothes, Little Brother Ye leaned against the sink, playing on his phone while yawning occasionally. There was another customer using the sink who witnessed the whole delivery process, and he couldn’t help but comment with some sort of banter. “I’ve seen friends come into the toilet to deliver toilet paper, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone coming in to deliver clothes.”

“Some drunk vomited all over my big brother, so he needed a change of clothes,” Little Brother Ye rambled in response.

The man shook the droplets off his hands before carefully setting his hair as he faced the mirror. “He could just go home after wiping it off. After all, who is going to pay him any notice? It’s the middle of the night.”

“Well, a handsome man has to look after his image,” Little Brother Ye continued to ramble with a smile.

The man scoffed and was about to say something when Ye Shuang, who had finished changing, walked out of the cubicle. The tapered fingers were holding the bag that Little Brother Ye had brought. The bag was being folded carefully in two, so people would not be able to discern the contents easily. It was a normal bag from the market, but for some reason, clutched in Ye Shuang’s hand, it looked like it came from some high-end designer label.

The man was speechless, and when he recovered, he understood what Little Brother Ye meant by a handsome man has to look after his image.

This face, this body, this height… Instead of staying home, you just had to come out to attract every man’s ire! Can you really blame the drunk for vomiting on you‽

After cleaning up, Ye Shuang hesitated, holding the bag in her hand. It does seem rather impolite leaving just like that…

Even though the group of socialites would not have minded if she left like that, respect in a relationship went both ways. If she really did so, it would only leave a bad impression in people’s mind.

Before Ye Shuang could come to a decision, someone who was wondering down the corridor made the decision for her already.

“Xiao Ye?” Fang Mo was startled when he saw the tall figure standing in the dimly lit corridor. He was unable to confirm due to the distance, but as he walked closer, he was surprised to realize his suspicion was right; it was indeed his friend.

Fang Mo walked closer to the two and looked Ye Shuang up and down before adding with a surprised smile, “Why are you here? Picking up your girlfriend‽”

Ye Shuang caught onto the situation fast and nodded with a smile. “Yes, her family is worried that she hadn’t come home even though it’s already so late, so they had me come to fetch her. We came across some drunks fighting at the door. Afraid that she might accidentally get involved, I had her wait for me by the taxi first.”

Little Brother Ye greeted him politely. “Hello, Brother Fang!”

Fang Mo nodded. “Ye Feng is also here. Looks like Auntie and Uncle Ye are truly worried about her.”

Then, he turned to explain to Ye Shuang, “Actually, this is all my sister’s friends’ fault. They insisted on bringing Ye Shuang to join them. They got a little carried away, but they meant no harm. I just received a call saying your girlfriend was here. Even if you hadn’t come, a few minutes later, I would have helped send her home…”

Fang Mo indeed had the intention of coming to save the damsel in distress. After all, the group of socialites had their private drivers watching over them no matter how late it was. Furthermore, the establishment would look after them in case something happened to them while they were patronizing the place. However, it would be different for Ye Shuang, a commoner. Even if everyone had the intention of looking after her, no one could guarantee that nothing would go wrong, especially if alcohol was involved.

It was why Fang Mo had accepted the invitation. On the surface, he was giving face to Ruan Yuan, but actually, he was there to take Ye Shuang home. He knew the attitude of this bunch of socialites. The peaceful and respectful relationship was just a front—that was how the rich and famous interacted with others after all.

In other words, things could have changed at any given moment because she had not gained their approval and they did not considered her on the same level as the rest of them… unlike Fang Mo, who was saved once by Ye Shuang.

“I know, thank you.” Ye Shuang smiled awkwardly. To put it simply, she also knew the only friend she could count on among this circle was Fang Mo—the others could only be considered her acquaintances. “Even so, I’d better go inform them. After all, I have to say something since I’ve already taken her away.”

Fang Mo originally intended to relay the message on his behalf, but having Ye Shuang explain the situation in person would be better, so he nodded. “Then, let us go. I’ll take the three of you home later.”

Thanks, but no thanks! Ye Shuang almost cried from the kindness of her friend. With a surreptitious wipe of her cold sweat, she rejected him politely. “That won’t be necessary, I’ll have my little… I mean, my girlfriend’s little brother take her home. I’m afraid her parents will worry if we stay any longer.”

Before Little Brother Ye had any chance to counter, a bag of clothes was shoved in his hands, and he was half-pushed and half-dragged toward the entrance with his brother , who whispered, “You have class tomorrow morning, and your sister needs to report to work… So quickly send your sister home, don’t go loitering outside anymore!”

In other words, get lost so other people won’t see you.

What, you’re chasing me off after you’ve used me‽

Fang Mo sighed with emotion watching Little Brother Ye’s indignant departure. “You and your girlfriend share such a close relationship!”

No matter how many times he had seen it, the fact that Ye Shuang managed to interact with his girlfriend’s family like he was treating them as his own impressed Fang Mo greatly.

“It’s nothing, someone has to keep a constant eye on him or else he will be up to no good, that’s all.” Ye Shuang smoothed down her shirt and was about to follow behind Fang Mo when she frowned, and her footsteps halted. She raised her arms to massage the bridge of her nose and continued moving before Fang Mo realized something was wrong.