Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Since Ye Shuang had been named, she stepped forth from behind Fang Mo directly and said, “Sister Chen is it? If you don’t want to sell me this apartment, then the person who stands to gain is only her.”

Ye Shuang pointed right at the mistress who thought she could fade into the background.

The mistress was startled; she had been trying to find ways to lower Mrs. Chen’s anger level, hoping that Mrs. Chen would eventually let this go… Honestly though, it was not uncommon for the mistress to gang up with the husband to usurp the spot of the first wife, but that was not going to happen in the Chen household. Mrs. Chen came from a loaded family background, so while she might not be able to do much to her husband, Mrs. Chen was definitely powerful enough to end the life of a C-list celebrity.

If not for the fact the place was heavily surrounded by Mrs. Chen’s men, she would have escaped from the scene when given the chance. Therefore, the only thing she could do was remain as silent as possible to move the spotlight away from herself.


Mrs. Chen glanced at the mistress out of the corner of her eye. The latter froze as Mrs. Chen turned back to look at Ye Shuang. She scanned Ye Shuang suspiciously up and down before asking, “What do you mean by that?”

“Mrs. Chen, I’m sure a person of your caliber will have many things to deal with in your life. After this incident blows over, I believe you won’t want to waste much of your time to follow up on the sales of this house.” Ye Shuang smiled. “Even if you do, how can be sure the so-called buyer isn’t another part of the conspiracy? If that happens, at the end of the day, the apartment will still return to its current owner.”

F*ck! The husband instantly wanted to curse. Throughout the commotion, his mistress had given a praise-worthy performance; she didn’t complain or counter Mrs. Chen’s claims. She had simply stood there quietly and let the blows fall on her.

Initially, the husband’s plan was indeed to wait for Mrs. Chen’s fire to cease burning and find a friend to purchase the apartment from his wife and gift it back to the mistress as a prize for acting so obediently today. Who would have thought this woman who had come along with Fang Mo would ruin his devious plan?

Mrs. Chen twisted her head to give her husband a side-eye. She was very familiar with her husband’s personality, and the man’s face might as well have had ‘got caught’ written on it. She roared angrily at him, “You think you can pull another one over on me‽”

Mr. Chen, of course, denied it instantly. He exclaimed with confidence, “Of course not! She’s just making up stories!”

Naturally, he couldn’t admit he was planning just that.

Ye Shuang chimed in, “Actions speak louder than words. The best method to prove your innocence is to sell the apartment to me to get rid of it.”

Damn woman! Have you not done enough damage‽ Mr. Chen’s eyes were practically burning as he imagined tearing Ye Shuang into pieces. Fang Mo took a silent step to shield Ye Shuang. If something really did happen to Ye Shuang, he didn’t know how he would answer to his friend…

Mrs. Chen scoffed. Even though she didn’t trust Mr. Chen, it didn’t mean that she trusted Ye Shuang implicitly. “Why should I sell it to you‽”

“Why not? We both stand to gain from this transaction!” Ye Shuang tried to plead her case. Rich people wouldn’t mind small change. If Mrs. Chen wanted to get rid of this apartment as soon as possible, Ye Shuang had to make sure she benefited from it. “Even though I’m going to pay it via installments, going to the bank will take some time. As long as Sister Chen gives me an appropriate price, I’ll pay the instalments on time every month…”

“Installments‽” Mrs. Chen gasped with surprise as she tossed Fang Mo a meaningful look.

Fang Mo was silent. He understood the meaning of this rather interesting look. Even Ye Shuang caught it.

Fang Mo was silent for a half a minute before explaining, “Miss Ye is really my friend’s fiancé; she has no dealings with any people around me.”

Knowing that Ye Shuang valued this opportunity greatly, Fang Mo helped her out. “After all, Mrs. Chen, you’re going to sell this apartment. Instead of waiting for the real estate agent to find a buyer, why not give me face and sell it to my friend? It’s convenient for you and can help Miss Ye save some expenses.”

Mrs. Chen was slowly convinced. Fang Mo had stated everything clearly, so the woman’s identity probably wasn’t as complicated as she had thought. After all, the girl did point out her despicable husband’s ploy; she didn’t have to do that if she was there to side with Mr. Chen.

Ye Shuang added, “That’s right, Sister Chen. Yes, I’m profiting off your inconvenience, but you want this thing to wrap up as soon as possible, right? We both stand to gain from this arrangement.”

Mr. Chen finally lost his patience. Ignoring the fact that his wife was standing right there, he wouldn’t be able to sleep that night if he didn’t say something to this annoying woman. “Why should I let you profit off my house‽”

“Your house or your little vixen’s house‽” Ye Shuang didn’t care about making an enemy. After all, it was obvious that she had to find a side to lean toward, and of course, she aligned herself with Mrs. Chen.

That was the push Mrs. Chen needed. “Chen He, you shut up! Come with me, I’m selling you this house; we’ll go to the bank right now!”

Fang Mo sighed in relief. This result was not bad. At least he extricated himself safely from the conflict, and Mrs. Chen didn’t seem to take any offense toward him. Then, he noticed Ye Shuang had been staring at him with her wide eyes.

“…What’s wrong?” Fang Mo whispered.

Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly. “Brother Fang, we haven’t been paid for the advertisement yet…”

In other words, she couldn’t produce the down payment.


“I mean, can you pay me in advanced‽”

Just as Ye Shuang was pleading with Fang Mo, the mistress finally lost her temper to glare at Chen He. You’re going to let your wife sell the house that I deserve for accompanying you for months just like that‽

Mr. Chen was also at his wit’s end. He took a step forward angrily and yelled… not at Mrs. Chen but at Ye Shuang, “You…”

Before he finished, his voice was swallowed by a loud scream.