Chapter 451 - Where Is the Love?

Chapter 451: Where Is the Love?

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One could get a lot of information at night clubs; that was not wrong. But it was not easy to get such information. This was something that Ye Shuang had just discovered.

“The two of you have drunk three bottles already. Looks like the young man is more capable than he appears… but wait, that is not the point.” While the male host with the dimples went to use the toilet, Sister He lowered her lashes to look at the three empty bottles on the table. “After all, he is in this business, and the ability to push alcohol should be his main requirement. Isn’t it just wishful thinking for you to expect him to come out with the truth after being drunk?”

Ye Shuang’s gaze was dim as well, but she kept her gaze on the queue going to the toilet. “It’s fine. I feel like he’s about to reach his limit. As long as I am given enough time to use the toilet…”

“Even if you use the toilet, you have to find time to digest all that alcohol, right?” Sister He had dark lines on her face. “Furthermore, what if the man does not wish to speak? To work at a place like this, one’s drinking attitude is a very important thing. Or else, if they started to act crazy in the company of clients, who would be the victim?”

“Don’t worry, he’s definitely the victim!” Ye Shuang claimed confidently.

Sister He was even more worried.

The two who emptied their bladders continued their battle. After another half an hour, Ye Shuang had to admit that sometimes things would not go the way she swished. The young man with the dimples was crushed by Ye Shuang; the latter won with an easy landslide.

However, even in such a situation, facing an opponent who was about to collapse, as brilliant as Ye Shuang was, there was nothing she could do. Sister He, who had been watching the whole process, did not know whether she should be in awe or speechless. She snuffed out her cigarette and picked up the last glass of red wine left behind by the young man. She tossed it back in one go. She licked the wine that remained on her red lips and chuckled at Ye Shuang. “I told you so.”

Ye Shuang nodded and angrily murmured, “All that for nothing!”

Facing such an innocent girl who thought she could run through a high-class map like Luo Bei Village easily, Sister He felt extra speechless.

Sister He sighed, thought about it, and decided to offer help. “How about you tell me what you wish to know? After all, I’ve been here a few times already and I do know some things.”

Su Zheng had been captured. Out of concern and loyalty, Ye Shuang could not just ignore this. Initially, she did not wish to trouble others and did not wish for more people to get involved in the mess in San Lin City. But timing was important to save a hostage. So far, no one had gotten in touch with them, so it was impossible to tell the other party’s purpose. If she wasted too much time, what if something irreparable happened?

She thought for less than half a minute before quickly standing up and taking out her phone. “Give me a moment.”

Then she walked into the toilet. She closed the door and called Han Chu, updating him on everything that had happened. After getting his opinion, she decided to tell Sister He everything.

“Sister He, I do have something that I need your help with.” Ye Shuang came out with it. “But let’s change place to talk.”

After the two guests left, people soon came to clean up the room. The server who was responsible for cleaning up the place wanted to carry the young man with the dimples out, but his hands had just fallen on his body when the latter’s eyes flew open.

“Hmm, get me a glass of fruit juice.” The young man held his throbbing head and sat up with the help of the shocked server. After a while, he accepted the glass of fruit juice and finished it in one gulp. The cold liquid slid down his throat to his stomach, and his blurry head felt slightly clearer.

The young man moved his head around. He held the hand of the server who was busying wringing the towel that he had brought from the toilet to ask, “Is the boss here? Two uninvited guests from a serious background seem to have arrived at our village.”

In a drunken state, a person’s breathing and blow flood had a big difference compared to normal. Because of that, Ye Shuang did not realize that the man who looked like he had fainted from the drinking was actually playing dead. People who worked at night clubs had their own specialty, and the most basic was being a good drinker, good at faking drunkenness, or good at pushing the drink around. As the leading host, even if he looked innocent and young, the young man was not a harmless character. Just as Ye Shuang and Sister He switched places to share the information, the boss of the casino who could be considered one of the most important people in Luo Bei Village received the report from the young man with the dimples.

“Good gracious, two ladies coming alone to investigate our Luo Bei Village?” The boss was playing cards with his friends. After hearing the report, he laughed with interest. “Just ignore it. After all, there have been people like this in the past. This is nothing to worry about.”

The young man blinked. He did not leave and stood where he was.

“Pair of 2s!” The boss’ friend dropped his cards and then lifted his eyes lightly to look at the young man. “Looks like things are not so simple. Is there something else?”

The boss’ friend was not a simple character. He had constant interaction with the boss, and many things in the casino were taken care of by this friend instead of the boss. People at the night club knew about this, so the young man naturally did not hide the information. “Sister He is okay; she’s here to support a dancer. It’s the newcomer who is interesting. This should be her first time here, but she directly went for the VIP tables at our village’s casino. Her movement is a bit too direct and targeted.”

The boss guffawed, still in a good mood. “Damn banana sure has lots of enemies.”

“Stop joking. Even if you don’t like him, he is one of our people.” The friend glanced at the boss with a helpless expression and then told the young man, “Don’t tell anyone else about this. Find someone to follow that newcomer. Try to find out what she’s up to.”

That was the order, but was it so easy to follow Ye Shuang?

Ever since her ability to read micro expressions had been unlocked by Luo Mingxin, Sister Shuang had been carrying that buff with her. Even though she was unable to read a person’s family history from first glance, at least she could tell who was on her tail. Therefore, one person was dropped, two people were dropped, and a whole group of people were lost. Initially, they might not have realized it, but after everyone came back reporting that they had lost their target, things were obviously not because of carelessness or just a coincidence.

“She’s so good?”

The boss was still playing cards with his friend. When his people stood guiltily before him, he had to admit that he had underestimated this newcomer. The friend dropped the cards slowly. Under the boss’ unwilling gaze, he collected the pile of cash that he had just won and then uttered, “Bunch of idiots!”

“…” The group wanted to cry. After all, they had been working for the two for so many years—that should have accounted for something, right? Where was the love?

The boss did not care about his people’s fragile feelings. He nodded in agreement. “Yes, idiots. Can’t even follow two women!”

Some of them could not stand the insult. “Boss, those women are not normal women!”

It’s not that we’re too weak; they’re too strong!

“What do you mean?” The boss huffed.

“At least I think it proves that she’s not normal when she can compete with Xiao Bai in drinking.” The underling thought about it and provided this example.

Then again, he was not wrong. The nightclub had been in business for many years already. The young man with dimples looked harmless, but he was a very good drinker. Many people were tricked by his looks before and collapsed under the table. The boss thought about it. “That is not important anymore. Since you can’t keep up, should we inform the village master?”

They did not have enough power, and it looked like all they could do was utilize the advantage of numbers. Who had the power to summon so many people? Naturally, the leader of all leaders.

Therefore, the master of Luo Bei Village soon received the news. Then the reply came soon after that the two women from the night club had finally showed up at a booth in XX café. Unfortunately, this information came too late. When people arrived at the address, just three minutes ago, the suspicious newcomer had gone to the toilet and disappeared into thin air. No one saw her leave, and they could not spot anyone like her in the corner of the café. She simply vanished.

“Handsome man, you need a company?” A woman in thick make-up was making business on the street. Her eyes were shining, her cheeks flushed. A flash of anticipation appeared on her overly made-up face.

Ye Shuang pulled on her collar. She still thought the clothes that she had found did not fit her all that well, but nothing could be done about that. Things had happened too suddenly. She had whacked a random drunkard out in the toilet, so she did not have the time to choose. Looking at the night sky, she sighed. Ye Shuang turned around to smile at the woman. She replied in a polite yet gentlemanly tone like a lord meeting a lady in a medieval setting, “I’m sorry, I have things to do. I’m not here to play.”

The woman did not seem like she was going to let the big fish go just like that. She was in love with Brother Shuang’s face. After a moment’s hesitation, she called out bravely. “I won’t charge you!”

“I’m really sorry.” Ye Shuang did not have time to waste on her. With difficulty she pried her hands away from her sleeves. She used her force… but failed. She lowered her head to look. Very good, the knuckles were white. It looked like, unless she broke the woman’s fingers, she was not shaking her loose that easily.

“…” Ye Shuang.

Nowadays, not only were men weak to sexual seduction, women were too.

The woman still recommended herself very heavily. “It’s okay. If you don’t want to play with me, I’ll take you around to play with other things. I’m very familiar with this place!”