Chapter 74 - A Gentleman Around Women

Chapter 74: A Gentleman Around Women

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An Zining’s targeting of Ye Shuang was a bit of a rushed decision. However, no matter what, Ye Shuang was physically skilled, and she had heard from Han Chu that Ye Shuang had a certain level of proficiency in foreign languages. In that case, she could take good care of her daily life and, if necessary, protect her from danger.

The most crucial point, though, was Ye Shuang’s freelancing identity. Those working under Han Chu were known to respect their client’s privacy, and Ye Shuang had proven that at the ball when she was approached by Chen He…

Alas, even though she had already planned everything, the other party refused to follow along.

An Zining thought about it and sighed with a wave of her hands. “Oh well, I should have given this more thought anyway, we can talk about this later.”

There’s still later‽

Ye Shuang was silent when An Zining added with worry, “But all of you have to sign a confidential contract to keep the secret of my pregnancy from the world, and the contract shall be effective even after your period of employment is over. So, please remind Han Chu to send an electronic contract this afternoon.”

“Understood!” Ye Shuang answered naturally as she pulled out her phone to contact Han Chu. It was An Zining who was startled before she realized this man was supposed to take the job as her personal assistant.

Then again, one could not fault her for her inability to make this shift. It was mainly because the current Ye Shuang could not be connected to anything assistant-like. The devilish good looks, muscular and well-toned body, the perfection that could be seen from every inch of his body… this kind of man was someone’s personal assistant‽ That had to be a joke.

An Zining looked at Ye Shuang, who had wandered to the side of the room to make the call, with an incredulous expression. Then she turned to Brother Wong beside her and whispered, “He is really here to take over from Ye Shuang‽ I know I signed the contract, but how come I feel like there’s going to be an additional payment‽”

At least based on the face, that would be required…

“…That is not supposed to happen.” Brother Wong’s voice was also filled with hesitation—Could it be that Han Chu had given an S-rank Fox the wrong mission location‽

No matter how strong the duo suspected it, Han Chu, who accepted the call, was not privy to their suspicions and decided to come personally that afternoon to present the contract. This was not because he valued the confidential contract so much but mainly because he wanted to take a gander at the newbie. Technically, both ‘Ye Shuang’s had signed the contract with Han Chu, but he had only interviewed the female Ye Shuang.

The afternoon was spent having lunch with the client and the workshop members. Ye Shuang felt better after her stomach was filled. During the lunch break, she received a call from Fang Mo, saying that the renovation for her apartment had started. After that, she made a call to Little Brother Ye, asking him to bring her male ID.

An Zining’s mood was affected after she found out about her pregnancy, and the activities on her schedule had been greatly reduced. What remained mostly consisted of napping or talking a walk. Due to Ye Shuang’s inhuman good looks, An Zining felt weirdly uncomfortable ordering him around, so other than when Ye Shuang volunteered to run some minor errands for An Zining, An Zining practically left her high-end personal assistant to his own devices for the whole day.

At 4 pm, Han Chu arrived with the contract. Other than the initial silence and the quick once-over when Ye Shuang opened the door for him, he walked in without any extra comments. He entered naturally and turned to face the client. “Miss An! I’ve brought the confidential contract that you’ve asked for. However, personally, I think it is quite meaningless. After all, when the child is born…”

Looking at the determination on An Zining’s face, which seemed to be say she was not going to change her plan, Han Chu paused. He did not continue but pulled out the prepared contract from his suitcase. As he passed it over, he brought up another issue. “One other thing, we can promise to be silent to other people, but my original client is your cousin, so I have the obligation to inform him about your condition. I hope you’ll be ready for that…”

An Zining frowned and interrupted him with a not so polite tone. “Not necessary! I paid for your service, I signed the contract, so I am your real client. To put it simply, he’s just the introducer, whether I use your people or not is my decision alone.”

That was not wrong either. Han Chu thought about it and said, “Then there shall be another clause added to the contract. We will agree to protect your privacy, including against Mr. Fang, but it must state that it is your additional demand. Please wait a minute while I have the intern make two copies for us.”

After settling An Zining’s problem, it was time to deal with Ye Shuang. Han Chu pulled his gaze back and led Ye Shuang to the balcony. After he sat down on the bench, he opened his laptop to ask, “Your employable skills?”

“…I know everything my girlfriend knows.”

Han Chu raised his head to look at Ye Shuang. “One connection case is more than enough. I accepted your girlfriend to give face to Fang Mo, and I found out later on that she has additional skills in horse training and car racing, but why should I give the same special treatment to you?”

“…” Ye Shuang did not know whether she should be glad or sad. The recommendation from Fang Mo was supposed to be for ‘Brother Ye Shuang’, but it just so happened that when she received Han Chu’s call that day, she was in her female form. Even though that had solved the working problem for one of her identities, what about the other‽

There was no way she would be able to showcase her horse training talent, but car racing was technically doable. Ye Shuang believed that this additional info had been provided by Miss Chef.

Ye Shuang thought about it and asked, “How about going for a drive now‽”

“…” Han Chu, who had managed to get his hands on the traffic footage on the day of Ye Shuang’s high speed spree, felt his lips twitching. If this man’s racing skill was at the same standard as the female Ye Shuang, then this examination would definitely land him in hot water.

The life-threatening high-speed activity aside, even normal speeding was outside of the law. Plus, he had heard from a little bird that neither Ye Shuang had an actual driver’s license.

Han Chu, who planned to set up some devious plot for Ye Shuang after realizing that he had accepted the female Ye Shuang too easily, choked on his words.

Since Han Chu could not create trouble the rational way, he decided to go about it the irrational way. Lowering his head to the laptop, he typed something on it before turning it around to show Ye Shuang. “Your examination shall be procurement of approval. Get a letter of recommendation from each of these three people on screen within one week, and you’ll be able to receive the same treatment as… the other Ye Shuang.”

Ye Shuang took a gander at it and felt a headache coming. This test was specially made with the skills that she had given as a female in mind.

A part-time racer, a Taekwondo dojo’s instructor, an officer at the foreign affairs office… We’re all just trying to find a way to feed ourselves, do you need to be so cruel‽

Could it that there is really natural competition between members of the same sex‽ He accepted me so easily when I was a girl, so why is the treatment so drastically different when I’m a male?

Han Chu smiled as he used his forefinger to tap on the screen of his laptop. “Why, not feeling confident‽ This is not even asking you to win the first place of some random competition; all you need is ‘approval’. Since you said you know all the skills that your girlfriend knows, then getting these letters of approval should be no problem.”

“…You’re right.” Ye Shuang sighed after holding in her breath for a long time. Gaining their approval was indeed not difficult; the key difficulty came from the issue of time limitation. Starting from today, she technically only had four days to complete the mission. Minus the last day, which should be considered the day of submission, she really only had three days.

Of these three days, only the Taekwondo dojo would be open at all times. She could get that approval easily, but the foreign affairs office would not be so easy. She would be expected to at least serve a foreign costumer first. Racing would be even worse. From the information listed on screen, the day of the race inadvertently fell on the day she was a woman.

“With regards to the task, you only have the right to accept or deny; you do not have the right to complain about the content,” Han Chu added. “Our job is to fulfil the client’s various needs; there is no client that will be handing out mission based on your needs. So, all you need to do now is say whether you’ll accept this mission or not.”

You’ve already put it that way, do you expect me to shake my head‽ Ye Shuang gritted her teeth and forced a smile. “Of course! Just wait and see.”

“Perfect, I’ll definitely wait and see.” Han Chu’s smile was much more gentlemanly than Ye Shuang’s. Then again, he had the advantage, so how could it not be?

Turning back the screen to face himself, Han Chu typed on the keyboard and said, “Give me your email address. I’ll send you the information of these three people…”

“It’s okay; I’ve memorized them already.” Ye Shuang stood up as she rejected the kind offer, she nodded at Han Chu. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll return to my work. I’ll contact you after I get the letters of recommendation.”

Han Chu did not say anything as he watched Ye Shuang walk back into the house. A few seconds later, he lowered his head and added a note to Ye Shuang’s information.

‘Photographic memory.’ After some thought, he added a bracket—’Unverified’.

When Ye Shuang sat down on the sofa, he met Brother Wong’s eyes that were filled with pity as she raised her head. Brother Wong did not seem to mind that Ye Shuang knew he was watching him . In fact, when Brother Wong saw the confusion in Ye Shuang’s eyes, he wandered over to whisper, “Harsh time dealing with Brother Han?”

“…How did you know?” Ye Shuang asked with disbelief.

Brother Wong sighed, his initial envy completely dissipating due to sympathy. “Brother Han is quite the gentleman around the girls, but he’s different when facing us guys. In any case, you’d better be prepared if you want to continue working under Brother Han!”

Then he patted Ye Shuang on her shoulder with a face of sadness.