Chapter 35

Chapter 35: A Flower Pot

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Adultery. With the proliferation of knowledge, most people already knew of its typical occurrence. The possible course of action that might happen at the crime scene included beating, scolding, and thrashing. Among them, beating and scolding were single-target skills while thrashing was an area of effect skill…

Dare to seduce my man‽ This house is what you aim to get from my man‽ Then, of course, I shall thrash the damn place! Therefore, the party formed by Mrs. Chen naturally knew what to do. With the power of numbers, as they chased the shamed couple out of the house, Mrs. Chen’s party members had already thrashed the stuff inside the house. In this highly aggressive activity, an uncontained chaos was expected due to the rise in adrenaline.

It was amid this chaos that Mr. Chen and his mistress were dragged into the street, Mrs. Chen and her men yelling and cursing along the way, attracting the attention of a passer-by… In any case, no one had noticed that, just above everyone’s heads, sitting unsteadily on the balcony of the sinful apartment, was a flower pot. While they had been trashing the apartment earlier, someone had knocked the pot outwards, causing it to teeter dangerously on the edge.

The flower pot finally lost its balance and fell from the third floor. The clay pot was filled with compact dirt. Combining both its weight and the height it had fallen from, it could very well turn this into a murder scene.

As the crowd heard the sound of whipping wind, they turned unconsciously to see a giant flower pot falling from the sky. By then it was less than one meter away from Mrs. Chen and Mr. Chen. This meant that neither Mrs. Chen nor Mr. Chen would be able to escape this unscathed….

Fang Mo’s face darkened. If something bad happened to the Chen couple before his eyes, even if he was merely an innocent spectator, he would be roped into the ensuing trouble. That was if it was only an injury; if someone’s life was lost, Fang Mo shivered just thinking about the possible outcome.

Right at that moment, Fang Mo felt his eyes blurred as a shadow shot out from beside him. What happened next gave Fang Mo the impression that he was dreaming. With an incredible speed, Ye Shuang practically teleported to appear between Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen. With everyone catching only a flash of the action, Ye Shuang grabbed Mrs. Chen perfectly trim waist. Mrs. Chen felt someone’s hand on her waist and the next second she was lifted in the air.

In the same movement, Ye Shuang extended her leg to kick Mr. Chen away. She used her other leg to kick at the floor, using the reaction force to leap a fair distance back. The series of actions was as smooth as water. By the time the flower pot crashed with a thundering sound, Mrs. Chen was already standing quite far away. The passer-by turned dumbly toward Ye Shuang; they looked at her as if they were staring at the world-saving Superman.

“Sister Chen, are you alright?” Ye Shuang quickly helped her investor up, ignoring the gaggle of eyes on her… Thank goodness, my precious gold mine isn’t hurt! Nothing is allowed to happen to you until I have the house!

Fang Mo glanced at Ye Shuang and suddenly felt this young woman matched his friend quite well.

Mrs. Chen was still in shock. “Huh? Yes… I’m fine…”

Now she fully believed that Ye Shuang wasn’t someone’s mistress. Who would dare to keep someone with this kind of kung fu master as their mistress‽ If, one day, the young lady found out she had been lied to, she might just end the man’s life herself.

The more Mrs. Chen thought about it, the more convinced she became. After finding her footing, she glanced at her husband, who had also been saved but was crumpled on the floor, and her mood couldn’t have been better.

She patted Ye Shuang happily on her shoulder and promised easily, “You’re not bad! Sister Chen will remember what you’ve done for me today. To thank you for saving my life, I’ll gift you this apartment!”

After all, she would rather gift the house to someone than allow it to fall into the hands of her husband’s mistress. With the martial artist holding the fort, she would like to see if the little vixen dared to create any trouble.

Ye Shuang’s eyes glowed with unbridled joy. “Big Sister, are you serious‽”

With the giant prize dangling before her, even the term of endearment had changed.

Mrs. Chen nodded and waved her hand. “Of course, come, let’s go sign the papers now!”

Right then, she suddenly thought of Fang Mo; she glanced at him and huffed, “Xiao Mo, be thankful that you’ve brought along a virtuous friend this time!”

This meant that she was willing to overlook the offense of him selling the house to her husband’s mistress.

Fang Mo nodded wordlessly.

Then Mrs. Chen turned, following behind her was Ye Shuang with her tail turned up happily in the air, not unlike a merry feline. The crowd parted like the Red Sea for Moses, allowing the two women to walk through. Even Mr. Chen, who was still on the floor, was too shocked to say anything to stop them.