Chapter 251 - The Star of XX

Chapter 251: The Star of XX

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Of course, Ye Shuang would not be giving up her own face. Even though it was a bit shameless, when one of the parties needed to give up and take the blow for the team and she had to make the choice between others and herself, Ye Shuang had quite the selfish heart. Sacrificing others was something that she would do without hesitation and without guilt. Of course, she still would not do anything that was way over the line.

After pretending to ask the waiter for the location of the bathroom, Ye Shuang stood up from the table and walked in that direction. When she did, Ye Shuang walked naturally and did not look around the room. This confused Xu Jian, who thought that she would be pretending to get lost inside the restaurant. Then Ye Shuang made a turn behind the screen. She returned three minutes later. Until she took her seat back at the table, Xu Jian still had no idea what she was up to.

“Didn’t you say you want to go confirm my uncle’s location?” the befuddled Xu Jian asked Ye Shuang, who resumed enjoying the lunch.

“But as I said earlier, since you think the idea is not practical, then we will have to create a commotion, making your uncle discover and come to us on his own.” Ye Shuang picked at the roasted pigeon and chewed on it slowly. Then she asked in return, “Or have you suddenly decided you’re willing to commit to this sacrifice?”

Only an idiot would be willing! Xu Jian frowned in confusion because he still had no idea what Ye Shuang was planning to do. However, that would change soon enough because the rich lady at the table next to them suddenly screamed and said, “Where is my diamond?”

Diamond‽ Almost instantly, as if he was acting on instinct, Xu Jian turned his gaze to look at Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang raised her glass to give a toast to Xu Jian, and she put on a charming smile. Instantly, the presence of a cultured young lady filled up the air.

What in the world are you doing?

Xu Jian gritted his teeth. His eyes twitched, looking at Ye Shuang’s overly calm reaction, and the bad omen in his heart was about to shoot through the roof. Trying his best to keep his voice low, Xu Jian resisted the urge to stand up to walk to Ye Shuang’s side of the table. “Did you do it?”

Ye Shuang gasped in shock. “How did you know?”

It really is you! Xu Jian almost cried. Even though the reality had proven the accuracy of his speculation, this was the first time that he did not want to be correct.

The woman on the next table had been gloating about her wealth, position, and background to her male partner. Among the things that she had been gloating about, one of the things being mentioned often was the diamond called the Star of XX that was hanging around her neck. Everyone knew about these jewels that had the name of the Star of XX. Their history was usually quite sad—either the original owners had all died, or they had gotten into bankruptcy and had to sell it. In any case, there was no good ending. However, for some weird reason, these legendary stones would procure a very good price at the auction.

Have the rich all lost their mind‽ Ye Shuang did not quite understand it, but she did not need to understand these details. She only needed to know that the woman valued the diamond around her neck deeply.

It was unclear whether the male partner was the woman’s friend or old flame, or perhaps just a person that she was trying to impress. In any case, from the table away, Ye Shuang noticed it was the woman who had been dominating the flow and the atmosphere of the conversation as if the woman was very hopeful that she would be able to get the approval and adoration of the male. Therefore, once the diamond that she had been gloating about disappeared, other than the loss of money, it was also a giant humiliation to the woman’s sense of pride.

Listening to the curses and the screams from the woman, the restaurant manager was quickly called over. He promised to help the woman find her missing diamond. When Xu Jian heard that, he could not help but get worried. He practically had to move the muscle on his face to force a smile. “You have to be kidding me. How did you manage to steal a diamond around someone’s neck?”

He hoped desperately that this was just a joke that Ye Shuang was playing with him. Even if you want to create a commotion, not like this!

Ye Shuang shook her head. “Well, there are experts all over the world. You might not be able to do certain things, but that doesn’t mean that other people would have similar limitations. Recently, I happened to meet a rather interesting girl… Hmm, this drink is not bad. I hear it is a special blend of the restaurant.”

“It is really you‽” Xu Jian wanted to cry. “Now is not the time to discuss the drink! How did you do it? Never mind, that is not that important now! What were you thinking? What if you’re searched later? Do you know that you’ll get both of us in jail!”

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t keep the stolen good on me.” Ye Shuang sighed. Seeing how Xu Jian was so close to exploding and dying on the spot, she tried to console the man. “Xiao Su has told me the rules of the street. Profiting privately from an official business is a big no no. At most, I will only use this skill to create convenience and support for myself during a mission… Don’t be nervous. If I am dragged away for interrogation, remember to make this as big as possible. I swear that will lead Xu He to us somehow.”

Do you need to do this just to lure him out‽ Also… who is this Xiao Su that seems to drop out from nowhere? Why didn’t she teach you something good‽

Xu Jian wanted to cry, but he had run out of tears. Just as he was wrought in sadness and helplessness, the restaurant manager who had talked to the waiter was walking their way. The manager asked politely, “I’m sorry, miss, but did you go to the bathroom earlier?”

Ye Shuang raised her eyes lightly to glance at the manager. She put her chopsticks down and leaned leisurely on the table. Her every motion, even the smallest one, expressed the grace of a cultured young lady perfectly. “Yes, that’s true.”

The manager frowned. After seeing Ye Shuang’s reaction, her especially aura, he really did not want to disturb her anymore. From his experience and analysis, this young lady was probably someone who came from a stronger background compared to the guest who lost the diamond. However, one of his guests had lost an important jewel that was worth more than several millions in his restaurant. No matter which establishment this was, this was not something that could easily be swept under the rug. If he just let it be simply because he was afraid of offending certain customers, his restaurant would face closure sooner than later.

After a silent sigh, the manager forced a smile and said, “The lady next to your table has lost a valuable diamond, and I heard that only you passed her table when you went to the bathroom.”

Ye Shuang frowned. “You’re suspecting me?”

The indignation was thick in her voice. She narrowed her eyes and studied the manager quietly. Ye Shuang’s fingers tapped the surface of the table lightly, following the beat of her heart.

With the influence of the environment and the threat of her voice, the manager’s heart slowly matched up to the rhythm. Then, as the rhythm subtly picked up pace, the manager’s heart beat also increased, and sweat started to form on the man’s forehead.

When she tapped her finger heavily on the table, the manager even felt like his heart jump violently for that one time. Then, he saw the woman who brought him incredible pressure pull back her gaze and denied his request. “I have no obligation to cooperate with your investigation. Clause thirty-seven of the law… Go and take a look at it before deciding whether I need to cooperate or not. I will not allow any random person to slander my name. If you want to search me, then give me some evidence.”

“…Then do you mind staying here a little wonder to enjoy the meal? To show our apology, the payment of your food will be on the house.” The restaurant manager had now confirmed that Ye Shuang was someone whom he was unable to offend. After some hesitation, he decided to delay this for now and see if he could come up with another way to find the diamond.

“Of course.” Ye Shuang nodded with a shrug. Then her slender hand pointed at the banner near the door. “Since it’s on the house, get me a serving of your famous dessert.”

“…” The manager.

After resolving the issue at Ye Shuang’s table, the manager prepared to leave with cold sweat. The woman at the next table finally lost it. “Why didn’t you search her? She was the only one who walked past me earlier! Do you know how much I spent at the auction to get that diamond? Do you know who I am? You…”

The woman’s loud voice naturally attracted the attention of all the other customers. This was the effect that Ye Shuang had been hoping for. She wiped her lips and wanted to say something when a familiar that did not belong to Xu He or Xu Jian suddenly piped up “Shut up!”

Ye Shuang turned around in shock and saw Zhou Yue, in an outfit of a rich ruffian, walk into the restaurant. With a condescending tone, he scolded the lady.

“Yes, I’m talking about you, you fat lady!”