Chapter 452 - Déjà Vu

Chapter 452: Déjà Vu

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Very familiar with the place? That was a good thing. That was the kind of person whom Ye Shuang needed at the moment. After the woman mentioned that, Ye Shuang, who did not have any interest initially, finally turned to face the woman. In three seconds, she swiftly assessed the woman’s fighting ability, and after confirming that she was unable to force herself on her, Ye Shuang’s lips curled into a smile, and the smile that could even light up the night sky bloomed. “Then, I have no choice but to trouble you.”

The woman could not resist. She smiled in satisfaction and tossed a gloating glance down the other side of the street. Brother Shuang followed her gaze and then realized that there were three similarly dressed women standing there. They were as heavily made up as this woman before her. As if they saw that Ye Shuang had accepted the woman’s invitation, the three grabbed each other’s arms in agitation and tossed their gazes there, gearing up to toss their names in the hat.

“Let’s go!” The woman grabbed Ye Shuang’s arm and very quickly dragged her away. Luo Bei Village’s nightlife was livelier than daytime. The population at least tripled. Some drunkards took each other’s arms and wailed, some couples stuck to each other like glue on the streets, and there were people who were in bad mood, pulling on each other’s sleeves, screaming, eager for a fight. Of course, the last type of people were quickly dragged away by the police that seemed to materialize from thin air. After all, Luo Bei Village had to maintain a festive atmosphere for its guests. Therefore, from a certain point, their need to maintain rules was more important than in other cities.

“Handsome man, what are you in the mood for?” The woman introduced the many hotels around; her aim was clear. “The hotels here are not bad, and there are a few themed ones where there are many things to play.”

Ye Shuang had her head lowered, messaging on her phone. She had left in a hurry earlier, so there was still Sister He that she needed to deal with. She could not just dump her at the café. Of course, she could not return to explain herself either. She needed to come up with an excuse. Thankfully, Sister He knew that Ye Shuang was in Luo Bei Village on a mission, so she did not ask for details.

“It’s not often that I come to a place like this. I wish to have a look around.” After sending the message, Ye Shuang placed the phone back into her pocket. She lifted her head to smile. “How about you tell me what kind of fun places there are in Luo Bei Village?”

The woman tried her best with the introduction albeit it was mixed with a few of her intimate suggestions… like most of her introductions were the hostels and hotels… but she still managed to introduce the overall sights around Luo Bei Village and its uniqueness. Ye Shuang had already heard some of that from Han Chu, but she was patiently listening to it now to fill in the blanks. After the woman took a pause, Ye Shuang looked at the few who were dragged away by the police and commented with a smile, “I hear the security here is not bad, is that true?”

Having good security was another specialty of Luo Bei Village; the culture there was extremely lawful and unlawful. Unlawful because you could find all sorts of illegal activities here, lawful because other than those that were registered, all the other illegal means would be heavily scrutinized. To be able to accomplish this was not easy. Even though the locals had the absolute advantage, there were a few foreigners who might want to come and try their luck. Yet, without some backing, one would have a hard time finding a place in Luo Bei Village especially when one considered how long the law enforcement had been around. Just based on that alone, Ye Shuang could tell how deep the background of the village’s law enforcement went.

The woman looked at the police and reflexively pulled her head back like she had had a bad experience with them before. “Hmm… Menial crimes are not allowed here, like faking an accident, stealing, forcing a sale, and so on… We are civilized.”

Technically speaking, if the woman had continued to bugger Ye Shuang after she showed a lack of interest, she would have gotten in trouble with the police. After all, with Brother Shuang’s appearance, even if the woman had a license, it was hard to tell who would be paying whom after they entered the hotel.

Civilized… Ye Shuang was speechless and suddenly felt that the word was so unfamiliar.

“Is everyone so willing to go along with this?” Adjusting her mood, Ye Shuang acted like she was still interested in this topic. “There shouldn’t be too many who come here that will follow the laid down rules.”

“The big boss here is powerful.” The woman this time did not wish to go into details. She laughed and changed the topic. Ye Shuang chatted with the woman as they wandered down the street. She looked like she had not found any place that interest her.

She listened to the Bluetooth earphone where Han Chu was updating the live situation for her. “Looks like the police there have real power. I wonder if they are the ones who manage the casino or the casino has their own security—how about you go and find out?”

How could she find out? Naturally, by making trouble.

Showing her skill at the table had been done in the morning, but it looked like the casino did not care how much the guests had won. Even if she crossed the line, Ye Shuang would have been invited by the people to ‘go back to the hotel to rest’, and the plot would have ended there. Unless Ye Shuang decided to get into a fight with the people there. Since she could not draw the people out with her skill, the best solution was to find a few scapegoats. This was not that easy to do, but it was not too difficult either…

At the same time, the woman probably thought that she had spent too much time. If she could not get the man, after a little longer, she was going to get back to her corner already.

“Handsome man, have you figured out what you wish to do?” the woman asked.

Ye Shuang was ready with an answer. “How about the casino?”

With a destination set, it was the same as the plot that afternoon, but this time, Ye Shuang brought female company with her. After finishing the physical examination, exchanging the chips, and putting the Bluetooth earpiece and phone into the box provided by the casino, Ye Shuang gentlemanly offered the prideful woman her elbow. Then she strode into the lobby of the casino. Due to her looks, along the way, Brother Shuang gained more attention compared to when she came that afternoon. Even though most of the guests there were male, it did not mean that people would not bring their female company in with them.

Under normal circumstances, women in special careers were allowed to enter casino. After all, they were good with words, and it was proven that males were more willing to be generous when around female company. In other words, this was a win-win situation.

Ye Shuang did not mind that she was there to help gain face for the woman next to her. She picked a few betting tables and played a few rounds. She was paying more attention to scapegoats that she could use.

She needed people from some background who would not be suppressed when the conflict started. Best if they were not that intelligent…

With that thought in mind, she suddenly felt a tug on her elbow. Ye Shuang turned to look and saw the woman next to her looking in a direction like there was an enemy army coming.