Chapter 75 - Fast Progress

Chapter 75: Fast Progress

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With the knowledge of her pregnancy, An Zining maintained a low mood for the rest of the day. Ye Shuang considered going over to console her, but…

Before he left yesterday, my gay friend… No, wait!

I mean, my good friend, Fang Mo… before he left yesterday, he did warn me about meddling in the business between An Zining and her ex-husband.

Therefore, even though Ye Shuang did not know what An Zining was really thinking, she suppressed her curiosity and continued her work like she did not know any better. After all, she was getting paid to work as a personal assistant; there was no need to find out more about the client’s situation beyond that. After all, knowing or caring too much would not get her a raise anyway…

But her curiosity continued gnawing at her. For example, why would An Zining have the baby oversea to hide it from her family? What was An Zining thinking about sitting alone on the balcony with her thoughts? That had nothing to do with her; after all, the baby in An Zining’s stomach was not even hers to begin with!

Her colleagues like Brother Wong had probably been reminded by Han Chu or they were professionals to begin with, but from how Ye Shuang saw it, everyone, even the intern, turned a blind eye to An Zining’s situation.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil… After all, they were only responsible for her safety and security; the matters of the heart were not part of their job scope.

Following their example, Ye Shuang successfully finished her first day of work after the sex shift. Little Brother Ye had no school that day, so he was already waiting at the entrance when Ye Shuang left An Zining’s place. After handing Ye Shuang her identity card, he yawned and considered it mission accomplished, so he happily returned home to play games. Ye Shuang silently counted the missions that had been given by Han Chu and realized that if she wanted to finish them on time, she had to complete at least one mission each day.

Car racing… I can’t start that yet. There could be some technical problems at the foreign affairs office, and after checking on the internet, the Taekwondo dojo should be open until 9 pm. So, I’ll go and sort out the mission at the foreign affairs office first before completing the mission at the dojo. Then I can return to search for a hotel.

To get close to someone, one had to find the location they would normally appear at. For example, if one was looking for someone tall, rich, and handsome, then walking through the night market would get you nowhere unless the person was the type of idiot that could only be found in romance web novels. Normally, such high-end boss would not appear in such a low-end map.

So, if one had the Cinderella dream but did not have the budget to access the high-end map, then five-star hotels’ buffet and high-end gym’s membership card… these expenses should be affordable, right?

If anyone with such a dream was too stingy to pay several hundred dollars for a meal or membership money, then they ought to get that Cinderella dream out of their mind. Nowadays, everything moved with investment and reward, including love. Otherwise, given that there are so many people in the world, why would God place a tall, rich, handsome person before you for no reason?

For another example, Ye Shuang now needed a letter of recommendation from the director of the foreign affairs office to approve of her translator skill. The natural requirement would be for Ye Shuang to showcase her foreign language skills by serving a foreign dignitary. The smooth conversation would be able to prove that Ye Shuang did have a mastery of foreign languages.

Naturally, the director would not let those foreign dignitaries interact with Ye Shuang so easily. If following the normal procedure, Ye Shuang would have to be observed for a few days first to confirm her standard lest she brought shame to the country. So, since she did not have time to run the normal procedure, she would have to rely on an abnormal procedure.

If the question was, what map would have the highest appearance rate of foreigners? The answer was definitely the airport…

Using her phone to check the time of the latest plane that would land at the local airport, Ye Shuang realized that she still had one hour left. Ye Shuang hopped onto the bus to get to the edge of the city before getting into a taxi, the smaller the distance that was covered by the taxi, the cheaper the pay. Even though she had earned quite a bit lately, she had spent quite a lot as well. She needed to skimp whenever she could, and there was no telling when she might need emergency funds.

She was lucky that day because the highway heading toward the airport was practically deserted. After reaching the place and paying the taxi driver, she looked at the time.

Perfect, I still have ten minutes to prepare.

Using the large window to set her hair and fix her image, Ye Shuang was quite satisfied with the result. Even though the gender shift had been a bit hard to get used to initially, Ye Shuang knew her male form’s natural advantage. Perks like getting discounts at the market aside, the best advantage was, if she pretended to be calm enough… or commonly known as pretend to be a show-off… then based on her natural good looks, Ye Shuang could pass herself off as part of the high society without problem.

Mysterious, graceful, elegant, brilliant… To be fair, as long as you are handsome or pretty enough, the crowd will naturally attach those labels to you. Don’t believe it? Try to find an ugly person to do the same thing; people will not think that was some CEO on holiday but a pompous boob.

Putting the laptop that she bought on the way there on her knees, under the surreptitious scrutiny of the crowd, Handsome Brother Ye was gracefully… watching anime on the laptop!

The pair of eyes that were focused, the perfect profile, the ease with which he sat… The aura radiating off Brother Ye was majestic and impressive; with just one glance, one would have the impression he was some kind of CEO working on an important deal while waiting for his flight.

After finishing two episodes of a certain famous anime on the laptop, the arrival of the flight was announced on the speakers. Ye Shuang pulled her eyes away from screen as she closed the laptop. With more than a few female passers-by looking on, she stood up and headed directly toward the exit terminal.

Not long after that, tourists lugging their suitcases continuously headed out from the terminal, their eyes and hair a sea of colors. For the sake of her remaining missions, Ye Shuang very quickly locked onto a blond beauty in a business suit. Without looking at her, by just listening to the sound of her high heels, when she was close enough, she turned…

“I am so sorry!”

The perfect American accent escaped from Ye Shuang’s lips. The beauty who was knocked off her feet by Ye Shuang was about to glare and scold her when an Eastern face shrouded in mysterious allure appeared before her eyes.

“Err…” the foreign girl stammered. When Ye Shuang helped her get up, she was still in such a daze that she replied in her mother tongue, “It’s alright.”

F*ck! What country’s language is this‽ Ye Shuang did not show it on her face, but her heart was a nervous wreck.

Thankfully, the beauty recovered quickly. Remembering it was English that was being uttered by Ye Shuang earlier, she changed her language to converse with the handsome man. “Sorry, I was speaking French earlier.”

Looks like I’ll be luckier with another candidate… Just as Ye Shuang was considering looking for another target, the beauty smiled at her and used her eyes to stop her personal translator and assistant from getting close. She used English to naturally converse with Ye Shuang. “Are you waiting for someone? If you don’t mind, can you help me pick up my luggage?”

Ye Shuang, who was hooked in return, quickly came to. Even though this was slightly different from the script in her mind, as long as the effect was similar, it would be fine. After bending down to help the beauty pick up her luggage, Ye Shuang flashed an apologetic smile. “The person that I’m supposed to fetch seems to have missed his flight. As an apology, how about I help you register at our foreign affairs office?”

Then with the face leading the away, everything else was easily explained.

When they reached the office, the place was already closed, but since Ye Shuang was there for a personal mission, following the normal procedure had not been part of her plan to begin with. Therefore, she called the director on his phone, explaining that she was there on Han Chu’s orders and added in the detail that she had someone with her who needed to register.

It was unknown whether Ye Shuang was that good with her eye or she was that lucky because when she mentioned the foreign beauty’s name, the originally annoyed director immediately changed his attitude. He suddenly became more than willing to welcome the foreigner. Even though she would have to wait until tomorrow for registration, the least he could do was help her find a place to stay!

Ye Shuang, who had accidentally caught herself a big fish, was more than satisfied. The foreign beauty, who actually had her own team of assistants and translators to deal with all these procedures, was satisfied as well. She probably thought Ye Shuang was someone important since he could summon the director of foreign affairs office after working hours. The combination of Ye Shuang’s looks and background filled her with anticipation and curiosity.

This was such a beautiful misunderstanding.

When Ye Shuang parted with the unwilling foreign beauty, the latter slipped a name card into his hand, asking him to show her around the city when they were both free.

The director with balding hair looked at how Ye Shuang elegantly interacted with the beauty with a face that felt like he was constipated. Later, I’ll need to tell that Mr. Han from the capital to stop shoving these strange characters my way!

The first letter of recommendation was thusly successfully obtained. Technically, it was not because the director was that impressed by Ye Shuang’s ability but simply because he had to give face to the foreign beauty.

In any case, Ye Shuang was happy to have finished the mission. Since she still had time left, she hailed a cab to go to the dojo. After shoving a few people around, she successfully won her second letter of recommendation.

She then found herself a hotel to stay for the night. Lying in bed, Ye Shuang started to plan for her third letter of recommendation.

Can I convince the racer before tomorrow night‽ Difficult but doable!