Chapter 252 - Play Dead

Chapter 252: Play Dead

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There are truly surprises everywhere.

Zhou Yue’s coincidental appearance at the restaurant meant that Ye Shuang could only respond with… nothing.

San Lin City was really too small, and this was Ye Shuang’s territory. After she got to know so many people, running into an NPC when she was out working was something normal. However, that day, Ye Shuang really did not have time for someone else—she was only there for Xu He.

Zhou Yue enjoyed the scene like a hero saving a damsel in distress, but that damsel was feeling quite resentful toward him.

Fine, since he’s already here, even though it might affect Xu Jian getting Xu He’s approval, at least the commotion created by Zhou Yue is guaranteed to be big…

Thinking so, Ye Shuang crossed her arms and watched Zhou Yue show up and show off.

“Apparently, it’s some kind of high-end restaurant, but once I arrived, I saw a mad lady.” It was little wonder that Zhou Yue had the name of being a mad dog; the way he acted fitted a street ruffian perfectly. “You want to conduct a body search while people are having lunch? Don’t think simply because you’re so fat that people have to give you face.”

“You f*cker, who are you‽” the woman screamed.

The people of the high society might not know everyone. If they came from different business backgrounds and had no similar interests, even if they had appeared at the same event multiple times, they would not know each other.

Zhou Yue did not know the woman, but then again, it would not have changed how he acted even if he knew her. The woman was not from the real upper echelon of the society. She had two bars and came from some money, but she was not familiar with the relationship of the society, and her attitude was not so good. Instantly, she got into a war of words with Zhou Yue, who did not give her face.

One was condescending, and the other was angry. Soon, they managed to grab the attention of the whole restaurant. The manager barely had time to wipe away his sweat. He tried to break up the fight, but it was to no avail. He almost got down on his knees. They were a high-end restaurant, not a roadside stall. Some decorum please!

Even though Xu Jian was not the thief, he was feeling guilty. He kept glancing at Ye Shuang, feeling afraid that the chaos might grow too big until they could not handle it anymore. However, Ye Shuang was unfazed. Since it was not the time for her to shine, she took out her phone and started chatting. “Xiao Xia, why would you think about calling me? Ha ha, it’s fine, there are people fighting next to me… Yes, people without quality… Huh? You want to come to San Lin City? It’s fine, I’m going to Shanghai soon; you just wait for me there. Actually, I just got to know a new friend in Shanghai. If you’re bored, you can call her. Her number is 1398XXXXXX, and her name is Su Zheng…”

The manager finally remembered the cause of the altercation, which was Ye Shuang, who still standing to the side, so he turned to her with hope. However, when he saw Ye Shuang talking on the phone with such leisure, he felt like dying. He walked over with a saddened face—he had not met such a shameless person before.

He wanted to stop the fight, but he could not. The restaurant valued both the woman and Zhou Yue as clients, but he had to stop them somehow because if they were allowed to continue, the name of his restaurant would be ruined. Therefore, the manager could only come over to plead with Ye Shuang. “Miss, do you know the gentleman that just arrived?”

The way he saw it, they did know each other, otherwise the man would not have come to her aid without reason.

Ye Shuang hung up the phone calmly and nod. “Yes.”

Perfect! The manager wiped at his sweat. “Then, do you mind if you help…”

Before he could finish, the main character, Xu He, finally showed his face. “Huh, isn’t this Xiao Jian and Miss Ye‽”

Ye Shuang was satisfied and glanced at the manager. “You want me to get them to stop fighting? No problem.”

Since Sister Shuang was satisfied, naturally, she could make other people satisfied.

First, she picked up Zhou Yue to stop the argument and personally came out to negotiate with the man. During the negotiation, the male partner of the woman suddenly went down on his knees and collapsed on the woman. Then the missing diamond used an unreasonable way to show up as it toppled out of the woman’s pocket…

After moving to a private room that the manager provided, the few people started to take their seats. Ye Shuang not only got her wish of running into Xu He, she even brought along a Zhou Yue and his lackey.

“That was such a crazy commotion earlier, but that woman sure is something else. The item was on her all this time, and she had no idea.” Xu He tutted as he commented on the event. Then he turned to look at Zhou Yue with surprise. “Mr. Zhou, are you also Miss Ye’s friend?”

Zhou Yue huffed in greeting and then looked to Ye Shuang gloatingly. His expression was saying, I have just saved you from an awkward situation, aren’t you going to thank me?

Ye Shuang smiled and pretended to not see anything. With a particularly soft voice, she said, “Yue Yue, it has been so long since I last paid a visit to Uncle Zhou…”

“You sneaky woman, what are you up to this time!” Zhou Yue exploded instantly and slammed his hands on the table. Speaking of the history between Zhou Yue and Ye Shuang, it was truly a dark history. In terms of acting, Ye Shuang was definitely better than Zhou Yue—she had worked together with the best actor, and when she was new to the world of lying, she had managed to swindle the entire private clubhouse at Jing Hu City. Zhou Yue was nothing for Ye Shuang.

In terms of achievement, with just the identity of a professional Go player, Ye Shuang had managed to win over the heart of Uncle Zhou. In terms of physical prowess… you still remember what happened during New Year’s Eve, right?

In conclusion, Ye Shuang was steadily beating Zhou Yue in every possible respect. Ever since the childhood friendship relationship between Father Zhou and Mother Ye was revealed, it had been destined that there had to be a shaky peace between Ye Shuang and Zhou Yue. At the very least, they would not have greeted each other with punches. Therefore, in most situations, they had to maintain this surface peace, and during this process, who had the upper hand depended on that person’s capability.

It was understandable that Ye Shuang was always the one who had the upper hand. Be it underhanded tactics or straight forward complaints, with her unrivalled acting skills and impressive physical prowess, Zhou Yue had never once gotten the upper hand. He had lost many times and would often get scolded by his father because the sneaky woman would tip his father off. This was why his guard went up so naturally when Ye Shuang mentioned that she was going to pay his father a visit.

However, no matter what, the relationship between the two was improving through their constant fighting. ‘There’s no fight without love’ was the best way to describe their relationship, even though, in Zhou Yue’s eyes, this was a fight that would one day cost him his life…

Of course, no matter what, to be aggressive once they met was already a habit for them. Xu He saw how the two acted and tossed a meaningful gaze to his nephew as if saying, Why would you let someone like this steal the attention of your girlfriend?

Xu Jian played dead.

Thankfully, Ye Shuang knew how to read Xu He’s concern. After dealing with Zhou Yue, she turned to pour water for Xu Jian and said in the calm tone of a powerful woman, “Don’t just focus on eating, have something to drink.”

Like a husband looking after his wife.

Xu Jian continued to play dead. With the curious gaze from the whole table, he picked up the glass of water to drink.

This doesn’t feel right… Zhou Yue felt like he had come at the wrong time. This scene was so wrong that he could not suffer it anymore.

This is wrong… Xu He started to get nervous as well. His plan was for his nephew to seduce Ye Shuang to get into the upper society at San Lin City, not to let his nephew get sucked into the Ye family.

Ye Shuang ignored their thoughts and started to chat with Xu He. “It’s been so long, Uncle Xu. I’ve heard so much about you, but there hasn’t been a chance for us to meet in person. I hear my little brother has gotten plenty of help from you.”

Xu He thought about when he had pretended to be the kid’s parent and laughed. “Back then, you and Xiao Jian were still so young, and I didn’t have such a big company. So many years have passed in the blink of an eye. But now, thinking back, one should really focus in class. Things become a lot easier if you have some knowledge in you… Anyway, let’s not talk about that anymore. Let’s talk about you and Xiao Jian. It’s surprising that after so many tosses and turns, you two have ended up together again.”

This ‘ended up together again’ was rather vague; it could be together again as a couple or just together again as friends.

If she explained it seriously, then she would fall into the man’s trap, but not explaining it would lead to a misunderstanding. Therefore, Ye Shuang acted dumb and smiled. “I also did not expect to run into an old friend. I hear Xu Jian is now working at your company, Uncle Xu.”

Xu He found himself unable to read Ye Shuang’s thoughts, but this did not stop him from speaking good words about his nephew. “It’s actually not my company; I’m just the manager of the branch here in San Lin City. Xiao Jian has good working experience and is quite capable. He has helped me a lot… Hmm, recently the main company has been considering promoting Xiao Jian to become a department manager.”

“Oh? That’s wonderful news.” Ye Shuang nodded and stopped there. Xu He was confused because he did not get the expected response.

Is this good or bad?

Since there was outsider there, Ye Shuang did not do much. After the lunch was done, they parted, and Xu He noticed that it was the girl who drove the guy home. It looked like there was a reason why his nephew had been failing to grab the girl’s attention. Everyone appreciated a man with a good shoulder, but at the very least, he should not be worse than the girl.

With no house, no future, and no car to fetch the girl, how was he going to succeed?

If this was another target, Xu He had confidence in his nephew’s power—the case with An Zixuan was the perfect example. However, this was Ye Shuang, who had connections with Yao Zhixing and Zhou Yue—either one of them was better than Xu Jian.

Thinking back to what had happened at the dining table, Xu He made a call with a frown. “Hmm, this is Xu He… Can you adjust the power of my nephew at the company?”

A normal department manager at the Xi Hwa Organization might not be something big, but with the added blood relationship between Xu Jian and Xu He, this was something else. For example, when other managers realized something was wrong, Xu He could just not explain and give out his orders since he was the superior party; however, when it came to Xu Jian, he had to give some detailed explanation.

If he blew him off too often, then he might turn. Therefore, if Xu Jian wanted to continue his upward journey at the Xi Hwa Organization, he needed to be a real supporter, a supportive relative.

With his previous experience at An Corp, the people at the Xi Hwa Organization were still quite welcoming of his return. Therefore, after Xu He sent in his request, the reply soon came. Before Ye Shuang returned to Shanghai, she heard from Xu Jian that he had been promoted to the manager of the PR department.

“What, the type that goes out to drink with a client every few days?” Ye Shuang laughed and mocked him. The plane landed, and before she left for her taxi, she ran into the male toilet and changed into the female voice to toy with Xu Jian.

Xu Jian chuckled bitterly. “That might be true for other companies, but it is one of the most important departments here. My uncle said that he will bring me to go meet some people soon, so you’ll probably get some breakthroughs then.”

“That’s a good thing as well. The earlier we resolve this, the better…”

After hanging up, Brother Shuang arranged his clothes and exited the cubicle. The thing that welcomed him was the strange gaze from a man standing at the urinal.