Chapter 453 - Out of Hand

Chapter 453: Out of Hand

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To be able to be treated thusly by a woman could not be anything other than another woman. If there was any difference to be made, it was probably because the newcomer was prettier than the woman currently next to Ye Shuang, and not just a little bit prettier. It would not be a friend, then an enemy? Not quite, this kind of woman would not know anyone from this kind of high-end location. At most, it would be a competition from a certain point, and based on their looks, it would be clear who the winner was. Therefore, this was just the resentment of a long-time loser.

Ye Shuang analyzed the situation in a brief second and then decided to leave. She did not want to get involved in this kind of fight.

Yet, the woman who had Brother Shuang by her side was not going to back down so easily. Probably because she thought that her company was very presentable, it was natural that she felt like gloating. But would gloating cause the bird in her hand to fly away? That, the woman did not have absolute confidence. After all, Ye Shuang had not shown interest in her service before. It was possible that she would trade her for a better service provider, and she would end up in a much more awkward position.

“Run into a friend?” Brother Shuang kindly paused to ask. Being pulled around in public was too embarrassing, and more importantly, it would draw too much attention. The woman hesitated for half a minute before deciding to ignore the other party. “No, forget it.”

Just as she wanted to leave, Ye Shuang was interested in this other woman. The reason was simple—there were two men around that woman.

“Looks like your friend is in some trouble.” Ye Shuang raised her brow in interest and tossed her gaze that way. The woman followed her look and instantly did not know whether to laugh or grit her teeth in anger. The situation could not have been worse! She had spent so much effort to hook this handsome dude, and she was almost throwing herself at him already, but there were two men trying to buy the other girl’s attention.


Although, just from appearance, she was the winning side.

“She is not my friend!” the woman claimed. Then she added in a sour tone, “Handsome, are you interested in Sister Hong as well?”

Why would Ye Shuang be interested in her same gender? But she could not just blow this off. “Yes, I believe so.”

No matter how unwilling the woman was, she had to follow Ye Shuang who wandered over. Of course, she was not there to join the fight but to at least observe it from a close distance. The two men were busy in their fight and did not care that they were creating a huge scene. Ye Shuang listened for a while, and the content was nothing more than slander. Then they would slip in either openly or discreetly that they were the better choice.

This one said that his family had just concluded a big deal; the other said that his family had a more impressive background. This one claimed that he had just bought a new car; the other showed off his newly furbished mansion. The flaunting went back and forth, and the two returned their attention to the source of the competition before them—who could win the attention of the highest paid beauty at Luo Bei Village’s red-light district?

Ye Shuang was enjoying herself. It was not often that she would run into something like this, so she was going to get her fill!

Furthermore, the two young masters were definitely not there alone. Coming to a place like this, would they not take some of their friends with them? Impossible!

Scanning around, the two’s camps were well-defined. Both parties saw the other in a bad light; it was rather similar to Yao Zhixing and Zhou Yue’s fight. In this situation, it would be easy to make things explode. The thing to do was to stop the well-experienced beauty from coming out to be the middleman. The beauty called Sister Hong indeed knew how to read the room. Initially, she did not want to get involved in the men’s fight, but seeing as the fight was about to escalate and the situation was about to get out of control, she was tossed a look from one of the dealers nearby. The beauty got it immediately and knew that things were about to get worse if she did not stop it, so she said, “Liang…”

She only got the surname out and could not finish the rest of the name when someone called out angrily from the crowd, “Who hit me‽”

Ye Shuang shoved her hand back into her pocket and silently turned her face over to whisper into the ear of the woman who was holding her other arm. It was as if the person who took out the box that carried the phone and used the box as a kind of hidden weapon was not her.

“What’s happening?” The woman leaned forward to look at the ‘fun’ with interest.

“Young people and their temper these days.” Ye Shuang smiled and acted as a professional bystander. “Someone probably could not wait to join in the fight.”

The woman’s interest was piqued. “Then we should squeeze in closer! That way, we’ll have a better look.”

The man who made the noise earlier was already surrounded by his friends. His face was bursting with anger, and he held the area where he was shot with the flying box. The other hand picked up the familiar looking box that fell to the ground. “Whose is this?”

His friends instantly knew what had happened. Combined with the offense from earlier, the casket of fire exploded, and things instantly went out of control as expected. The other party who was made the scapegoat did not understand what had happened until one of them gasped in shock as he touched his pocket and said, “That’s my box?”

Phones were banned inside the casino, so everyone was given a box to keep their phones in when entering the casino to prevent them to contacting people outside. When the thing happened earlier, people had only seen the box but had no idea whom the box belonged to. The group that was targeted even thought that this was a plant, but when someone came forth to claim the box, the situation instantly had a categorical change.

The person who was assaulted waited for someone to show up to accept responsibility. The party who ‘threw the box’ though looked around strangely. They stood behind their friend, believing his statement that he was being framed.

If the situation earlier was just a small fight, this time, it was a real brawl. Everyone stood on the moral high ground to point fingers at the other side, believing that they were the innocent party. They even demanded an apology from the other party. They were not going to take this lying down!

The beauty was of no use in this situation. She could only watch the situation escalate to an irrevocable state as shouting turned into shoving and then punching and kicking…

Screams echoed through the casino, and the number of innocents involved increased. Even if the dealer called security immediately, things had already gotten out of hand.

Until the sound of a gun being fired.