Chapter 125 - I'm Your Biggest Fan

Chapter 125: I’m Your Biggest Fan

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Ye Shuang should have known that official fan page could not be trusted. People wanted to get close to their idol but could not accept when their idols were too different from what they imagined, so this was how image management was born.

For example, when an agency launched a new idol, they would come up with his personality and front based on his looks. Then, with that personality in mind, they would choose suitable activities and promotions. The innocent girl on the silver screen might be a heavy smoker in real life, or the cool Casanova might be ridiculously shy.

What they were like in person did not matter—what was important was what their fans wanted them to be.

Luo Mingxin did not need to watch this as closely as other celebrities; his status and achievements meant that he could ignore part of the limitations and rules, but actions that were too beyond his perceived image still had to be avoided. For example, when asked by the reporters about his idol, he could not possibly say that his idol was the greatest liar of the twentieth century, a fugitive in more than twenty countries.

“If you act well enough, people will believe almost anything. That was what Frank said when he was detained and recruited by the CIA.” Luo Mingxin touched his lower lips in thought. “If I’m not mistaken, you should be able to find the book written by Frank on the first floor Area C. In fact, the film Catch Me If You Can is also based on his life. Ignore me if you’re not interested, but if you have any intention of studying psychology, personally, I think understanding behavioral psychology and the greatest mastermind of our generation are crucial.”

Luo Mingxin had his suspicions about that Ye Shuang and his beautiful partner’s working content. Even though he had heard that they were famous headhunting agents, there was no rule that said agents could only assign cases and not take cases themselves. Some cases were legal, but some could not be brought up to the surface. Luo Mingxin naturally would not get close to these things, but it did not mean that he was not interested.

“Wait, Catch Me If You Can by Steven Spielberg? Sure, Leo is so handsome!” Ye Shuang’s eyes glowed. “You think behavioral psychology will help with acting?”

This girl’s focus seems to be rather multi-dimensional, Luo Mingxin thought to himself but did not point it out. “Like you said, the best liar is also the best actor, and when you constructing a lie, behaviors and words can have more influence than expressions.”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuang nodded as she took note of this. She would need to study behavioral psychology after this. Memorizing the different ways people acted would not be that difficult for her. “By the way, what kind of personality do you think a perfect, mature man would have?”

Since Celebrity Luo was already there, she might as well ask him for tips.

“Probably humble but silently proud, gentle but cold at times… Since he is already perfect, naturally, his personality will be different from others, but due to his maturity, he understood the flaw of humanity.” After he answered Ye Shuang’s question, Luo Mingxin scratched his chin and said in confusion, “Why does this character sound so familiar?”

Of course it sounds familiar; it’s your beloved big brother… Ye Shuang flashed a toothy smile. “Don’t mind the details. I’m leaving, do you still want to read these books? If not, I’m putting them back on the shelves.”

“Oh, I still want to read them, just leave them here.”

After waving goodbye, it was as Ye Shuang expected—Luo Mingxin did not ask for them to meet again or ask for her name.

When Ye Shuang’s shapely body disappeared down the stairs, Luo Mingxin flipped through the pages and suddenly remembered somthing. “No wonder it sounded so familiar…”

That character setting is the character her partner is playing soon! F*ck, a celebrity of my caliber still fell to the charm of a woman!

Perhaps the advice from Luo Mingxin did have its uses because Ye Shuang found for herself a new target. Other than acting, how to liaise with people from different walks of life and especially how to garner their trust became more interesting than anything else she had done. Furthermore, this would help her gain potential clients and thus cases.

In terms of theories and knowledge, Ye Shuang already had the memory influx to help her. Combined with the optimization of her physical prowess and the superhuman ability of her computing power and logic, Ye Shuang had recently found the world to be quite uninteresting.

She had mastered cooking in the blink of an eye and managed to surpass Yao Zhixing’s second-in-command by calculating the race car’s motor power and structure at the fastest speed. When many things no long intrigued or challenged her, Ye Shuang naturally lost interest in them.

For example, when a normal person went to a horror movie, it might have been exciting, but for Ye Shuang… Oh, based on that blood’s viscosity, it should be ketchup. The ghost utilizes XXX theory, do you think the viewers are that dumb that they cannot differentiate a human heart and a cow heart‽

However, human emotions and thought were the most difficult things to capture in the world. They had patterns, but they often veered away from the patterns. Different background, environment, and other elements contributed to many different personalities and behaviors. Most importantly, this was not a field that could be mastered with pure talent and logical calculation.

Jing Hu City was one of the nation’s largest cities, so the scale of its private clubhouses could not be rivalled by a small San Lin City. Ever since her DNA optimization, Ye Shuang had not been faced with a challenge as big as this. For the purpose of training her acting skill, she set a goal for herself, which was to enter the clubhouse with no outside help, pretending to be a socialite and not be exposed.

Since that most incredible liar of the twentieth century managed to trick airlines into believing he was pilot with just a uniform and travel to more than twenty countries for free, why couldn’t she‽

Therefore, one week later, Luo Mingxin ran into Sister Shuang interacting naturally with others at the most luxurious private clubhouse in Jing Hu City. One could imagine how shocked he was. The red wine he was holding almost spilled.

“Which socialite Celebrity Luo has seen to cause him to react thusly‽” A local young master who stood beside Luo Mingxin chided him. He was the heir to the company Luo Mingxin was endorsing. Since Luo Mingxin was in Jing Hu City for the movie, it was unavoidable that he needed to interact with his sponsors.

Quickly recovering his composure, Luo Mingxin appeared like the accident earlier was just a minor slip of the hand. The gentleman-like smile returned to his face. “I did catch a brilliant beauty, but I was just surprised that I’ve not seen her here before.”

“Hmm? Which one do you mean?” The young master followed Luo Mingxin’s gaze and soon saw Ye Shuang in a cheongsam. “It’s normal if you don’t recognize her. Then again, I’ve only seen her recently. I hear she comes from a mysterious background, but no one dares to ask what it is…”

Why don’t you people ask‽

“Huh‽” Luo Mingxin smiled naturally, but his heart was quivering. “Then how do you guys know she has a mysterious background and not no background?”

He did not mean this in a malicious manner; Luo Mingxin was not trying to ruin Ye Shuang’s name purposefully, but he could not understand how this little beauty managed to create this impression in others that she came from a mysterious background.

The young master looked at Luo Mingxin with a knowing look. “We can sense when we are in the presence of a kindred spirit. Sometimes, it’s best to not know too much.”

“…Kindred spirit‽” Luo Mingxin’s face was so twisted that it looked like he was constipated. Could it be that this headhunting agent comes from a ridiculous background‽

The young master smiled and raised the bottle of wine from the nearest table to change the subject. “Do you know the year and the place of production for this wine in my hand?”

Luo Mingxin unconsciously wanted to glance at the tag of the bottle, but he stopped himself and shook his head gracefully. “I’m not that familiar with wine.”

“Laffite, ’96.” The young master put the bottle down and explained, “The most recent Laffite are from ’90, ’95, and ’96. This clubhouse has all three of them in stock, and that miss managed to identify them easily with just a sip. That combined with the little habits that she has… Even without an expensive gown, that elegant presence that radiates from her core cannot be mistaken.”

No, it definitely can be mistaken. Perhaps that woman is just a very talented con artist…

Luo Mingxin had a curious feeling facing this young master’s deep conviction. The incident that happened one week ago at the bookstore was like a dream. If not for the fact that he was sure he had not lost his mind, Luo Mingxin might even have suspected that the woman he was seeing then and the woman from one week ago were two different people.

Without any evidence to prove his point, there was nothing Luo Mingxin could do but raise his glass. “To the mysterious lady.”

The young master smiled and clinked his glass with Luo Mingxin’s.

When the glass reached Luo Mingxin’s lips, the voice that he heard one week ago suddenly appeared behind him. The legendary, mysterious socialite had walked over and smiled gracefully at Luo Mingxin and the young master holding a flute of champagne. “Do you boys mind if I join? I’m Celebrity Luo’s biggest fan.”

“…” Luo Mingxin did not know how to describe his feelings in words.