Chapter 455 - Do You Know the Way?

Chapter 455: Do You Know the Way?

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She was being observed from all around, there were cameras replaying the events in slow motion, and she was not carrying any tools that could help her cheat on her. Under those three harsh conditions, to successfully cheat in this round and not be discovered after the fact, how low was the possibility of that? It would be infinitely close to zero, but it was not zero.

During the shuffling process, she instantly captured the arrangement of each card. When this kind of talent was discovered, one had to admit to the person’s expertise. After all, there was no rule that people with insane motion capture ability were not allowed to play cards, right?

That, combined with the adjustment of the arrangement of cards during the shuffle to ensure that one’s cards would have a better chance at winning compared to the other… if Ye Shuang could still lose with such a cheating advantage, then she would kneel and surrender to them.

The owner looked at the cards that he held silently and then glanced at the cards that had already been revealed by Ye Shuang. He folded and said with some hesitation, “I feel like something is not right.”

A person could be lucky, but not that lucky. There were no devastating combos, but each of the card was higher than his. There had to be something wrong!

It was not that the owner was a sore loser, but the owner who had lost too much still tossed a look to the side, and the underling who caught the look excused himself to the surveillance room to check the tape. The other people had complicated looks directed at Ye Shuang; some thought he was very lucky, others thought he was so brave to have cheated, but for the most part, they decided to sit this one out. They stood there and watched silently. Not long after that, the underling who went to check the camera came back and whispered in the owner’s ear. The owner looked at Ye Shuang with shock. “Is he really that lucky?”

Ye Shuang smiled as she picked up the cards from the table with one hand. She shuffled them, and the cards were then split evenly in half. While the ten agile fingers moved, the shuffling and cutting could not have been smoother. She even showed tricks that she did not show earlier. Especially when she fanned the cards and shot them out, it was like she was shooting a gambling god movie. This caused the young masters’ eyes who were watching to fall out of their sockets. The owner’s eyes changed and smiled. “One really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

“That’s nothing.” After cutting the shuffled cards, she placed them on the table. Ye Shuang put her hands back and said politely, “Actually, I just wanted to come and take a look around the casino here; I did not wish to challenge the owner. It’s a misunderstanding that I’m even here. Your people probably didn’t see what really happened. My female companion and I didn’t even lift a finger, but she was accidentally injured during the fight.”

The owner believed Ye Shuang. People with such gambling skills would not stoop to the level of those young masters. Looking at the cowering woman next to her, he believed that they were indeed just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This sure is…

The owner smiled and put away the deck with a sigh. “Escort this gentleman and his lady friend out. Return them ten percent extra of their chips. Consider it an apology from us.”

After the well-hidden handsome man shocked everyone with his skill and left with his floating female friend, the remaining people failed to provide an exciting show. Everyone, including Sister Hong, was forced to stay at the casino, and the owner finally regained his confidence. He arranged the room for everyone and provided phones for the people so that they could contact their home to provide compensation to the casino. After everything was done, the owner looked at the time and then looked at the underground level that was quite messy. He thought about it and decided to find another base to rest.

“Sir, should we arrange a few people to watch over the place?” An underling opened the door for his master while speaking. “The big boss will be back in a few days to fetch the people. If you’re also not in the casino, what if…”

“If there’s trouble, it won’t be too late to come back.” The owner crawled into the car and waved his hand, not thinking much of it. “After all, the important thing is not there. Some chaos won’t kill the place.”


After closing the door, the underling took the driver’s seat. The others drove other cars to follow. The driver stepped on the gas, and the car drove smoothly out of the parking lot, from the underground casino to the road. The owner was a hardworking and serious person. Even when inside the car, he did not forget to connect his phone and look on his laptop, dealing with the reports that were sent him and occasionally giving orders to his people. He was busy for several minutes before the owner who was immersed in his work lifted his head to rest his eyes. Then he was silent, looking at the familiar scenery outside the window.

“Did I say we’re going back‽” The owner frowned, and he turned to scold the driver. “What kind of a driver are you? And that…”

He was about to scold the silent bodyguard as he turned his head around and noticed that the person was sitting in the real leather chair next to him. The latter had been knocked unconscious since God knew when, and his head was lolling on his own shoulder in an extremely uncomfortable position. The owner’s gaze sharpened. The driver lifted his sunglasses and smiled as she looked at the owner through the rear-view mirror. “Actually, I’ve been wondering why bad guys wear sunglasses even at night and other people don’t think too much of it… You really don’t think it’s too dangerous for a driver to wear accessories like this at night?”

When he got into the car, no one would pay attention to the driver’s seat, somewhere that was so underwhelming. It was not until now that the owner realized that this was the gambling expert that had beaten him in the casino earlier!

“Also, I’m so sorry. It’s not that I’m not willing to send you home, but I do not know where your base is hidden.” Brother Shuang smiled warmly. She was kind and friendly as if this was not a kidnapping. “If you are done with work, do you mind showing me the way?”

The underling had been knocked out almost instantly as he got into the car, and more rarely, this did not trigger any alarm. This proved how fast and accurate Brother Shuang was. Furthermore, the cars that followed behind them were still following behind them. They did not realize what had happened. Even if the route was not correct, they could easily read this as the owner’s wish to take a detour. It was impossible to hope that they would come save him.

To put it frankly, the owner was now meat on the chopping board. He was helpless and had no confidence that he could escape the car successfully.

“Who are you?” The owner asked in a cold voice, finally realizing the seriousness of the situation.