Chapter 205 - Another Tactless Kid

Chapter 205: Another Tactless Kid

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Just as Albert had said, even the best gambler could not guarantee that he would win forever. The so-called Gambler God might have better skills than others, but that only translated to a higher win rate—there were still uncontrollable reasons that might cause him to lose like an erroneous calculation, a better opponent, or just plain bad luck.

In the first round, Zuo Feiyang had a straight flush. The bespectacled man touched his hidden cards; even if he had changed his cards, he would not have won. He gritted his teeth and surrendered alongside Albert.

In the second round, Zuo Feiyang had a full house, three kings and a pair of tens. The bespectacled man looked at his pairs of three and fives, and he had to fold once more.

In the third round, Zuo Feiyang had four Aces. The bespectacled man looked at his cards that could be a potential full house, and he continued to be patient.

The fourth round…

“I’m sorry, but I request to change the deck! Swap the cards for a different deck!”

Five consecutive losses and the fact that Zuo Feiyang’s luck was changing finally caused the bespectacled man to reach his limit. He grabbed a glass of wine before making this demand.

It was impossible for the dealer to cheat. Other than the first card, all the other cards were open for all to see, so it was impossible to cheat… unless someone already fixed the cards in the dealer’s hands. As a professional cheater, that was the conclusion that the bespectacled man came up with instantly, so it was only natural that he asked for the deck to be changed. At the same time, this also meant that the cards that he had hidden had lost their use. He could only rely on team effort to slaughter Zuo Feiyang, or else they would have wasted their time going to the casino that day.

However, there was a bigger issue that confused the man. Who had such courage‽ Even he only dared to consider this possibility and did not have the guts to do something to the dealer. The person had to arrange the cards that he wanted and then somehow slid it back to the dealer. Was this person not afraid of the cameras‽

As he expected, after the waitress brought the dealer a new set of cards with a different color on the back, Zuo Feiyang stopped being so lucky. However, before the bespectacled man could sigh in relief, a bigger tragedy occurred. The win streak moved to the silver-haired foreigner.

The Feng Shui changed, but it never changed to benefit the bespectacled man. The foreigner seemed to be able to tell his every thought. Whether his card was good or bad, or he was just bluffing, the foreigner would be able to avoid each trap that he set like his real thoughts were written on his face. Even if the bespectacled man tried to not move, as long as his eyes twitched for that split second, he would see the foreigner smile a meaningful smile the next second.

It was so damn spooky!

After his last chip was taken away, the bespectacled man, who was losing, wanted to call the waitress over to exchange more chips when he caught the disapproving glance from his partners in the crowd. That was like a basin of cold water pouring down on him. The bespectacled man suddenly remembered that the real reason he was there was not to gamble. He should not have continued to stay but tried to find a way to pull Zuo Feiyang into the water with him.

His lips twitched twice, and the man used a random reason to leave the table. Zuo Feiyang naturally came to ask about his situation. The silver-haired man shrugged. Since the two had left, there was no reason for him to stay. When the bespectacled man saw this, he sighed in relief; he really did not want to tussle with this devil who could read people’s thoughts anymore.

Standing in the crowd, Ye Shuang smiled at Albert. Then the two met in the break room like they had promised before.

“Here’s your share.” Albert tossed two blue chips to the Ye Shuang with a frown on his face. He did not have the joy from winning but instead looked rather down. “After doing you this favor, this casino is definitely going to blacklist me.”

Without cover, without disguise… Even though the amount was not big, the consecutive wins must have alerted the casino. After all, whenever Albert had played there in the past, he had made sure that he lost occasionally and would never play at the same table for extended periods of time.

“Many people would feel proud for being blacklisted,” Ye Shuang said jokingly. That was similar to how martial artists who wanted to get famous fast would go to challenge other dojos. Being blacklisted was a sense of approval and pride.

“I’m not one of those people.” Albert shrugged as he tried to keep the overflowing chips inside his pockets. “The gamblers that want to get onto the blacklist are either overly greedy or want fame, but we’re different. I just want a place to play.”

The greatest gamblers would be hiding in the dark; those who showed themselves were either newbies or had reasons to do so. Earning slowly but quietly was the method for people like Albert. After all, their aim was not to attract other challengers or attention.

“I’ll owe you one. In the future, I’ll definitely repay your favor,” Ye Shuang said. That was exactly what Albert was waiting for. When Ye Shuang said that, he stopped looking so down.

“Then you’d better remember that. I might call upon your favor very soon.”

The two continued to chat when a series of polite knocks came on the door. Then a person that looked like the floor manager walked into the room. He turned to Albert and smiled politely. “Sir, do you need us to exchange your chips for you and call for a car?”

“Easterners sure are polite. Does this mean they’re hinting for me to leave?” Albert looked at Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang shrugged, showing her helplessness. Albert sighed audibly. “Looks like this place will not welcome me in the future, right?”

“Of course not, we are still open for business.” The smile on the manager’s face did not change. In fact, it felt like he was hoping Albert would return. “If an esteemed client like sir returns in the future, we will definitely assign a personal waitress to provide you with a better service.”

Since Albert did not win much and it was obvious that his target was not the casino, even though he was exposed, he was only listed on the common blacklist. This type of customer was not barred from the casino, but they would be specially observed. Once they were caught cheating, the fine would shoot up. Even though Albert’s skill was not in violation of the rules and he did not depend on tricks, it was annoying being constantly observed. Furthermore, if the casino planned to purposely suppress him, they could purposely give him bad cards. After all, the dealers were their employees.

Albert had no reason to stay to create trouble, so he cooperated as he was sent out of the casino. Ye Shuang followed them to the door. She was considering being shameless and asking for a ride from Albert when she saw Zuo Feiyang’s group walk out from the casino. Therefore, what would she do in that situation? Since the bespectacled man was there, of course, she needed to act like she did not know that foreigner.

“Brother Ye, when did you come out‽” You Yang waved happily at Ye Shuang. The bespectacled man also smiled, but the smile was forced. Thinking about the cheque for 5,000,000 in Albert’s pocket, Ye Shuang could understand why he was looking that way.

“I just came out, wondering if I should go home directly. Have you exchanged all of your chips‽” She could not help poke the bespectacled man.

As she expected, the man’s expression twisted. He looked like he was about to curse. What exchange‽ I almost lost my underwear and failed to drag Zuo Feiyang down with me!

It was unclear whether You Yang was that dull or doing it on purpose, but he chirped happily. “Yes, just finished the exchange. Minus the processing fee, Feiyang won 300,000 today!”

“Not bad.” Ye Shuang was feeling down. Her bonus was only 90,000.

Then again, Ye Shuang did not really have the courage to play herself. Winning at the casino was too easy, but just as she told Zuo Feiyang and You Yang, once there was a beginning, it would be very hard to stop. If one waded through the river, one’s shoes would certainly get wet. Many people might think it was fine to cross the line once in a while, but once the line was crossed, one would only move further and further away from the line. If she allowed herself to do it once, there would a second time, a third time…

Self-control and principle, Ye Shuang still had that. The bespectacled man almost coughed blood due to You Yang’s innocence. Boy, can you not talk about winning at a time like this? Is it appropriate‽ Don’t forget I am still the client!

Thankfully, Zuo Feiyang was more astute than You Yang. He did not become prideful before the man. Instead, he smiled politely. “Shall I call Mr. Liu a car?”

“There’s no need. You can go first.” His partners were still inside, so naturally, the man rejected the offer. “I still want to visit the nearby night market.”

Zuo Feiyang smiled. “Since Mr. Liu said so, then we shall take our leave first.”

After he told the waitress a few words, he waved at Ye Shuang. “Brother Ye, do you want me to give you a lift‽”

“Okay.” Ye Shuang did not reject it and joined Zuo Feiyang and You Yang inside the taxi. After the glittering lights of the casino disappeared down the rearview mirror of the street, Ye Shuang shattered the silence inside the taxi.

Ye Shuang very naturally turned toward Zuo Feiyang. “Tomorrow, shall I accompany you to see Mr. Zuo?”

Zuo Feiyang was silent before he nodded. “Okay, I will inform my big brother.”