Chapter 77 - Hard to Believe!

Chapter 77: Hard to Believe!

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Mr. Fang did know about Sister Shuang working for An Zining; after all, Han Chu had made the introduction to him before. However, since it was Brother Shuang who answered the door, the completely unprepared Mr. Fang did not feel so good. Wait, Sister Ning is already on the lookout for a new man even though her divorce hasn’t been settled yet‽

“Why are you here?” As the scary thought cropped up in his mind, Mr. Fang’s face twisted with fear. “Where is Sister Ning?”

An Zining, who was sitting in the living room, blasted him with a powerful voice, “Can’t you see I’m sitting right there? Are you blind to everyone else except that little kitten?”

It was true that Mr. Fang did not notice An Zining, but that was because his attention had been fully captured by Ye Shuang. The question about An Zining had merely been an attempt to create trouble for Ye Shuang, but who would have thought that it would backfire on him so soon?

Scratching his nose, Mr. Fang hurried into the room and said helplessly, “Sister Ning, Yuan Ruan is not a little kitten.”

Glancing at Ye Shuang, who closed the door behind him and crossed his legs gracefully as he sat on the sofa, Mr. Fang smiled at An Zining and said, “Sister An, you are even allowing family members to cover for your employee?”

Mr. Fang purposely added this comment so that An Zining was aware that Brother Shuang already had a girlfriend.

“He and his girlfriend work in shifts. Did Han Chu not tell you this?” An Zining shot her cousin a side-eye as she stood up to return to her bedroom. “Wait for me a minute, we’ll leave after I change my clothes. Today we’re staying for one night at home.”

“Actually, there’s no need to trouble aunty, I can… Wait, Sister Ning, I still something to discuss with you!” Mr. Fang exclaimed. We have to clarify this thing with regards to Brother Shuang. Having someone of his caliber as a woman’s personal assistant… that is a violation against family and societal peace and unity.

However, Mr. Fang’s urgency and feelings were understood by no one. He followed An Zining into the bedroom and was thus assaulted.

“Get out!” An Zining grabbed her phone and aimed it at him. “Why are you following me when I’m going to change‽”

Mr. Fang quickly jumped out of the way. The phone cut through the air as it headed for Ye Shuang’s head. The latter did not even turn to look at the incoming projectile and raised his left hand to catch the flying phone in his palm. Then, Ye Shuang placed it easily on the coffee table… and continued to play the game on his phone.

The group of onlookers was stunned to say the least. Brother Wong smiled before turning back to his surveillance. He was reminded that one of the tests given by Han Chu for Ye Shuang was a physical test. Mr. Fang, however, did not accept it as easily as Brother Wong. On the up side, he did stop suspecting Ye Shuang’s professional capability.

When An Zining came out of the bedroom in a new set of clothes, Ye Shuang and Brother Wong naturally moved to stand behind her. In comparison, Mr. Fang, who was unattended, instantly faded into the background.

The designated driver was Brother Wong, who actually had a driving license. Ye Shuang naturally took the front seat and left the backseat for the two cousins.

Even though An Zining had locked herself up at home, it did not mean that her channel of communication to the outside world had been broken. Once they got into the car, she berated Mr. Fang. “Coming to San Lin City, but you didn’t come to see me or even pay your auntie a visit? Instead, you went to seduce some little girl‽ Han Han, you sure have guts! Do you want to die‽ I know they say dates before mates, but to think you’ll even abandon your flesh and blood.”

With tears in his eyes, Fang Han groused, “Sis, can you at least save me some face? I’m an adult now, stop calling me by my pet name…”

“Stop changing the subject! Do you really plan to keep a little kitten at home‽” An Zining slapped the back of the chair to silence Fang Han.

“But Yuan Ruan is not a little kitten… Fine, fine, fine! Little kitten it is!” Fang Han shivered under An Zining’s fiery gaze. “Plus who said I like her? I simply want to teach that little girl a lesson for coming after me for no reason, causing me to lose face in front of my friends. That’s all.”

“Even little boys are not as juvenile as you!” An Zining sighed in disappointment. “Bullying someone you like is so outdated. You’re a grown man, not a kid in kindergarten. You really think the world does not know what you’re up to‽ If you don’t believe me, ask… that somebody!”

That somebody? Ye Shuang glanced at the backseat via the rear-view mirror and realized that the ‘that somebody’ was herself. “You must have plenty of experience, so give this child some tips on how to get the girls!”

Wait, who told you that I have plenty of experience‽

Brother Wong was amused by the constipated expression on Ye Shuang’s face. “Sister An, you’re wrong. You shouldn’t ask him if you’re looking for love advice, just look at his face—it’s obvious that he’s pursued by girls and not the other way round.”

“Alright, then you give him the advice!”

Brother Wong coughed. He did not expect that the topic would so easily turn to him. He laughed drily and said, “I also have no experience, absolutely not experience…”

Brother Wong did not dare to continue this conversation. If his boss really had the impression that he was some playboy and let that slip during casual conversation at home… He had not even confessed to Miss Chef yet, so the relationship could just die before it had the chance to flourish.

An Zining’s maiden family’s house was also located in San Lin City’s silk-stocking district. The residents there were rich and famous. Even though Brother Wong had not driven his boss back to this home before, he knew the directions from the name of the residential area alone.

The Fang elders were already waiting with a table full of food. They were just waiting for An Zining to arrive with Mr. Fang. As Mr. Fang greeted his elders, Ye Shuang and Brother Wong were led into another room by the maid to enjoy their separate dinner.

“Is it okay for us to not stick close to Sister An?” After the maid left while blushing, Ye Shuang looked around the room they were going to spend the night in and asked Brother Wong, “Are we going to be free for the night?”

“That depends.” Brother Wong stretched lazily as he enjoyed this rare downtime. “Perhaps the client might have some sudden appointment in the night like going for a late-night walk or being called out by her friend. In any case, if we’re needed, they’ll come call us. If Sister An does not leave the house, then tonight is our night off.”

Their needs were attended on, and the room was no less than a five-star hotel’s. Other than the inability to wander about, the treatment was not bad. This was one of the perks of being in the client’s retinue. Yes, the client might need them at any moment, but it also meant that they would be following the client everywhere. Other than when the client needed them, they could enjoy the same high-class treatment as their client for free.

But Ye Shuang was not in the mood to relax or unwind. “The test period Mr. Han gave me is only one week. The original plan was to go to the mountain roads tonight…”

If she could get to know a few racers, perhaps she might be able to finish the race before the designated date when she would return to her female form.

“Just move it to another night; there’s still time.” Brother Wong pitied Ye Shuang, but this could not be helped. Even if he had private things to attend to, his job came first, unless it was truly an emergency.

Such circumstances are not uncommon—being called for overtime before going on a date with a partner or enjoying a night out with friends but suddenly receiving a call from the boss to meet him somewhere…

Is it out of line? Not really.

That’s how it is for Chinese working culture; your working hours belong to the boss, and your personal hours also belong to the boss. The line between work and personal life is blurred.

It had its perks as well. For example, many company and government heads can use a company or government car for personal use, and when they are found out, instead of being scolded, the bosses show understanding.

In western culture, overtime for one minute that is not in the contract can get the employer sued by their employees.

Of course, in Chinese culture, you can replicate this, and use the law to counter your boss, but you would have to be prepared to face the backlash. Even your own colleagues would isolate you for being so tactless. When certain things became a habit, unreasonable as they might be, they would become more powerful than the law.

Ye Shuang sighed helplessly. She went online to search for some information regarding the car-racing. She knew that the chances of finding a useful information were slim, but she had to do something.

Brother Wong probably felt Ye Shuang’s mission difficulty was a bit too high. Even though they were not from the same workshop, he did not mind helping out a friend. “Actually if you insist on going, you can sneak out after the client and her family have fallen asleep. Provided you aren’t exposed… I’ll help you slip back in tomorrow morning.”

“I won’t be found out?” Ye Shuang’s eyes glowed.

“That depends on luck.” Brother Wong scratched his chin and laughed wickedly. “To be honest, even during our normal missions, it is not uncommon for us to sneak out to do some private business during working hours, like going for supper at night. Actually, this is not a fireable offense. After all, it is unreasonable for them to expect us to be ready twenty-four hours a day. The main problem is explaining when exposed and possibly creating a bad impression in the client’s heart.”

Ye Shuang hummed to herself silently. There was indeed no better idea. Furthermore, she had confidence in her physical ability—jumping over the wall would not be too difficult.

“However, you have to be careful of the exterior surveillance cameras. There are bound to be plenty of those in a residential area as high-end as this one. If you’re captured on film sneaking over the wall, they might call the cops on you,” Brother Wong added with concern.

“I’m not worried about that. When we came in, I remember seeing a tree in the courtyard. I’ll just keep my head lowered at all times. As long as I’m not caught red-handed, it should be fine,” Ye Shuang said confidently.

Brother Wong was rather speechless when he heard that. This person has already scouted the escape point beforehand. You’re telling me he’s not already planning to escape before I brought it up‽ Hard to believe!