Chapter 351 - Not Our First Encounter

Chapter 351: Not Our First Encounter

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No one knew for sure how Madam Grace sneaked her pistol through the gauntlet of guards. As a bad guy on the same level as Luther and as well as guest, naturally, the guards outside were not so rash as to demand a body search on Madam Grace. However, it would not have been too difficult to hide a metal detector by the door or under their clothes. Of course, the detector could not be too sensitive, or it might trigger on detection of buttons or pins, but there should be no problem searching out something as scary as a gun.

“A plastic gun?” Of all the guests present, it was Sister Shuang who managed to ascertain that the pistol in Madam Grace’s hands appeared to be made from a material that was different from normal.

Madam Grace’s scanned Sister Shuang out of the corner of her eye, and a faded smile landed on the curl of her lips. “Not bad, you have quite a talent.”

2013, that was when the first plastic gun in the world was born. It was created in America with the use of a 3D printer. Using a different composition of photosensitive resin, the 3D printer would be able to use this composite material to produce a super-thin casing after the material was inserted into the box. The printer used UV light to harden the resin and sprayed it with wax to introduce material stability and integrity. Then, a new layer of risen was printed to add to the shape… After all the manufacturing process was completed, the fully-printed 3D model would be taken out and flushed with high-pressure water to wash away the excess and unnecessary materials. And thus, a plastic replica of the real thing was made.

This kind of firearm printed from 3D printers had a stable firing rate, incredible firing power, and could theoretically fool any type of metal detectors. Even though the quality might vary across the creations, and even the best of them would not be able to sustain consecutive firing, at the very least, they would be able to fire one shot.

Ye Shuang was shocked and smiled good-naturedly. “You’re carrying that because the gun laws in this country are too strict, right? The complication of manufacturing aside, these guns can be mass produced, and plastic is much more malleable than other material… But is it really okay to ignore the local gun law so casually?”

Madam Grace definitely had her own method of smuggling the guns into the country, but honestly, this kind of plastic gun was more suitable to launch a surprise attack. For example, right now. The detection devices would not be able to find it unless there was a manual body search…

“Law?” A scoff escaped from Madam Grace’s nostril, and she said haughtily, “The clauses that serve me are the law—the rest are nothing but a pile of dog sh*t.”

From a certain perspective, the mafia’s understanding of the law was no different from a lawyer’s—in other words, the way of the bandit.

Han Chu’s face was drawn. Noticing how things were going downhill, he silently nudged Sister Shuang’s elbow, which was hiding away from view, to signal for her to stop this conversation—at least while Madam Grace was still on their side.

Luther wanted everyone there to stay. Han Chu’s group was not going to follow that order, and it just so happened that Madam Grace did not want that either. Even if there were other problems between them, those could be resolved in the future because the most important thing now was to leave this place together.

Celebrity Luo was on the verge of a mental collapse. What had happened that day was really beyond what he could accept. He had expected a verbal crossing of swords, a battle of wits, but suddenly, it had changed into a violent gunfight. Naturally, he was unhinged by the development.

Almost the second after Madam Grace pulled out the gun, the fast reacting guards all unholstered their firearms. The wall of gun barrels pointed at the few who sat on the sofa, and Luo Mingxin was instantly drenched in cold sweat. To make matters worse, under this high-tension situation, he thought that everyone would be frozen solid, but the girl still had the time to discuss the country’s gun laws with the woman!

It seemed that he was still drunk, and this was a drunken dream!

Cedrick assessed the situation. Even though they were overnumbered, they had to be cautious of Madam Grace’s marksmanship. In Luther’s mind, the lives of all the people in the room were certainly not as valuable as his own.

After realizing that, Cedrick naturally did not feel any worry. In fact, he sighed in relief and realized how unnecessarily worried he was.

He picked up the cup from the table and took a slow sip. Cedrick hummed softly to himself before turning to complain to Luo Mingxin next to him. “Looks like we shouldn’t have come… Hmm, how come you aren’t a bit nervous at all?”

Even he could not resist leaning forward, so he was surprised by how at ease the man next to him was—he had not shifted his posture at all from the start until now.

Luo Mingxin put the cup down rather awkwardly and chuckled. “…I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Even if things were not fine, there was nothing he could do, so f*ck it!

The impressed Cedrick looked at Luo Mingxin before turning back silently.

Luther’s face was scrunched together in displeasure. “Grace, what is the meaning of this?”

Madam Grace slowly adjusted her weight on the sofa to release the tension in her wound, but her hand that held the pistol had not moved an inch—the barrel was pointing right at Luther’s head. “I don’t mean anything really. I just wish to get an explanation from you. Luther, we both know that there are certain things that shouldn’t be known to a second party.”

Madam Grace looked at the man with interest. “From which channel did you get this information, and when did you start collecting it? I believe you owe me a satisfactory answer.”

Luther frowned before waving his hands. The guards pulled back their guns after a brief hesitation and returned to their earlier standing position like nothing had ever happened. However, everyone present knew that if Madam Grace pulled the trigger, those guards would not hesitate to kill everyone there.

Regarding why they had put their guns away, that was merely a gesture of kindness from Luther. After all, even when they were holding the guns, they might not be faster than Madam Grace. Even if they shot first, Madam Grace would still have some energy left in her to finish off Luther.

Conversely, Madam Grace’s plastic pistol would not be able to kill everyone there. If there was a conflict, there was more than enough time for the guards to pull their guns out.

So, there was no reason to bring the conflict out into the open. It would have been just for show.

“Fine, actually, I know Jennifer from way back.” The annoyed Luther revealed more information. “The b*tch is not famous, but she’s a very professional con artist… I’ve crossed paths with her on several occasions, and the b*tch could be found hanging on the arms of different men. Then, not long after that, some minor accidents would happen to these men, and a part of their assets or power would mysteriously disappear.”

“That woman consumed these men’s assets?” Madam Grace understood what Luther was trying to express. After some silent thought, she revealed a mocking smile. “You recognized the vixen, predicted Paul’s imminent fall, and planned to benefit from it?”

However, from the looks of things, Luther failed to gain anything but had instead lost something.

“So what if that’s true?” Luther smiled coldly. “I started preparing as soon as I noticed Jennifer appear by Paul’s side.”