Chapter 456 - So Many Skills

Chapter 456: So Many Skills

Since she could not do anything at the casino, the only other choice was to find another opening. If Ye Shuang’s plan was originally to steal Su Zheng back without anyone noticing, now it had changed to an exchange of hostages. There was a certain risk to this place, but it was better than allowing time to drag to increase the uncertainty rate. Ye Shuang sighed. “I really did not want for us to be enemies, but my friend is in trouble, and I don’t know the condition she’s in, so I apologize to you in advance.”

The owner took a deep breath to calm down and said, “Even though I only manage a casino in Luo Bei Village, my words still carry some weight. If you wish to get my help…”

It was not that he was not unwilling to help if Ye Shuang was sincere about it. Before he finished, Ye Shuang sighed again. “I don’t need your help. I need your people to let my friend go.”


“Let’s not waste any more time,” Ye Shuang said honestly. “My friend came to your casino to steal stuff, but she failed and got captured. That is how things stand. I wish to take her away with me, so now the ball is in your court!”

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen someone claim so honestly about their misdeed.” The owner was speechless. “Is it because people who are handsome are also confident?”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuang took the compliment. “But I have a hostage with me, and I think you are quite valued.”

Since he knew Ye Shuang’s plan, the owner had a bottom line already. At least, he knew why he had been kidnapped and knew what the other party wanted. Leaning back in the seat to think, he looked around inside the car, and the owner laughed self-deprecatingly. “I believe you have locked the car windows, yes?”

“Yes.” Ye Shuang not only admitted it, she added, “So, it’s impossible for you to open the window to scream for help. To prevent you from being attacked from behind, the car windows are practically one-way mirrors, and people can’t look in from outside. If you wish to fight with me, I advise you stop the useless struggle. The worst situation is I’ll knock you out and dump the people behind us. After all, nothing bad will come to me, but I can’t guarantee the same for you.”

Every path was blocked, so the owner surrendered easily. “I do remember there was a courageous young lady who was captured recently. The person that you’re looking for is called Su Zheng if I remember correctly. Even though I also wish to say goodbye to you safely, I need to tell you some unfortunate things.”

The owner glanced at the rear-view mirror, and he happened to meet Ye Shuang’s eyes. “That friend of yours has stolen something quite important from us. The boss can’t find it, so he moved her to another place. Yes, I’m the second in command, but I’m not as important as that thing.”

Damn you, Cedrick!

Ye Shuang understood it immediately. Su Zheng had stolen the thing, but she no longer had it. Most likely, she had given it to her partner. Ol’ K did not follow her, and she was being tricked by Cedrick to do this, so who else could have been her partner?

No wonder the man did not say anything extra. He only revealed the information that Su Zheng had been captured but did not mention this important detail. The owner smiled. He relaxed and shrugged. “So, what do you plan to do now? I don’t think killing me is a good idea, and it won’t do you any good.”

“You’re right.” Ye Shuang had to agree. “Using you to threaten your boss is not going to work, but what if I use you to threaten yourself?”

The owner was silent and felt the car take a turn. He looked outside. The car had changed directly and gone in a direction that he was not familiar with.

“I hope you’re someone that values your life,” Ye Shuang advised sincerely. “From now on, I hope you carefully and honestly think about where my friend is locked up and help us save her or else…”

Or else what? This, Ye Shuang had not figured out. After all, threatening people was not her specialty; she left that to the experts.

Ye Shuang freed one of her arms to knock the owner out and very smoothly sought out her phone from his breast pocket. The last thing the owner heard before fainting was the man making a call, and his own voice came out from the man’s lips telling his people to leave…

Damn! Why does this man have so many skills‽

With a deep resentment, the owner finally fell under the irresistible urge to sleep. When he woke up again, it was because cold water was splashed on his face. He sat up and wiped his face. Yup, it was cold water alright.

“I haven’t seen any of your faces!” The owner was experienced. From the sound of it, he knew that there was more than one person in the room. So, from the moment he regained his consciousness, he kept his eyes closed. He raised his hands over his head and cooperated fully. “I swear, when I return, I will not say anything about today. You can drive me and drop me off anywhere. Just leave me my phone to contact my people.”

“It’s no use.” Ye Shuang passed a glass of water to the owner. “If we wished to do this quietly, I wouldn’t have brought you here. Furthermore, you’ve seen my face, and that’s more than enough because I’m the most recognizable.”

“Such shamelessness,” Anthony grumbled. He had thought that he was an easily-recognized handsome man as well.

As Ye Shuang glanced at Anthony, Han Chu coughed. “Shut up!”

Anthony shut up with teary eyes. The owner acted dumb like he did not hear anything. “Even if I wish to save myself, you have to think about my family. Your friend is important, but so is my family. To tell you the truth, even if that girl is being detained, nothing might have happened to her. As long as she is willing to return the thing, this will be over… After all, no one wants to make a big deal out of this!”

Han Chu gave his conditions clearly. “Give me your family’s address and contact number. We can send people to protect them. We can even arrange a safehouse for them.”

Then he looked at his watch. “I’ll give you one hour to consider this. If there’s nothing you can give us, we don’t need you anymore.”

The owner was stunned by this man’s presence and asked carefully while narrowing his eyes, “And you’ll kill me and dump my body?”

“Of course not.” Han Chu naturally would not do something so crazy. After the owner sighed in relief, he said, “If you’re of no value to us, I will send you directly to a special group organized by the police and FBI.”

What the f*ck! The owner almost choked on his saliva. Even though he knew that Luo Bei Village was no haven of security and that his own casino was not a business that could operate in daylight…

Even with preparation of all that, the owner never expected that things would lead to such a drastic step!

Where was the official who would protect him? Where was the mutual understanding? Where was the official support‽

Fine, after an organization like the FBI was dragged in, the owner understood that things would not be suppressed by the local police anymore. He understood that the man was not bluffing. After all, without real backing, even if he had told them everything, it was impossible for them to think about retreating safely after angering the big boss.

“Is it really that serious?” He opened his eyes to confirm the man’s expression. Swiftly balancing the pros and cons in his mind, the owner decided that he should be a lawful citizen. It was not too late to turn over a new leaf. “Fine. Actually, there’s not much that I know. After all, I’m only responsible for looking after a casino…”

“Then tell us what you do know.” Anthony took the seat at the side. He opened two laptops to operate at the same time, and Anthony’s previously pitiable baby face took on a serious expression. “You’d better not leave any details. We need to confirm all the small details.”

The owner took a deep breath and adjusted his sitting position. “Our boss does not show up that often and mostly manages things remotely from his villa. I’ve only been there a few times myself, and there is a lot of security there.”