Chapter 78 - Cruel World, Why?

Chapter 78: Cruel World, Why?

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Ye Shuang and Brother Wong discussed the plan in the room. Be it professionally or personally, she had to leave that night. If she did not, she would have failed the tests given by Han Chu, but more importantly, if she did not, she would have to spend a night with a muscle dude. Even if she was wearing a male shell, that was a bit too testing of her moral integrity.

At the same time, the warm family reunion that Fang Han expected was not really happening. Instead, he was receiving a lecture from his aunt. The topic naturally was about the importance of family as well as marriage.

Fang Han’s saliva churned looking at the scrumptious dishes that filled the table. When his aunt finally reached a temporary stop in her lecture, he interrupted her and said, “Auntie, I understand what you’re trying to say, so why don’t we have dinner first?”

Because, if you’re allowed to continue, I’ll probably die from starvation first.

Mrs. An sighed and gave Fang Han a side-eye before turning to glance at her daughter, who had planted herself before the television as if this had nothing to do with her. She lamented, “This daughter of mine is already no hope, but now, even the nephew is following her trail. You two are trying to make my blood pressure rise so high that I’ll die, aren’t you‽”

“Auntie…” Fang Han could only smile apologetically. Such was the creature known as the female elder. Prone to long lectures until your ears fell off, but you couldn’t say anything because it was for your own good, and she was indeed more senior than you.

“Fine!” Mrs. An waved her arm and grumbled, “But we can’t start dinner yet since not everyone is here. Wait a minute first. Go grab some biscuits or something if you’re that hungry!”

Who else is coming? Didn’t Sister An say that her brother is out of the country for work‽ Fang Han turned to look at An Zining. An Zining caught his eyes and said lazily, “The Yuan family siblings have been invited over for dinner. My mom’s idea.”

Fang Han became flustered immediately. Why didn’t anyone told me this? I’m completely unprepared. I don’t think I shaved this morning, and the shirt I’m wearing is a bit wrinkled, isn’t it? That girl likes to find my weak points and point them out. If I’m at all imperfect, it’ll be looked down on… No wait! That is not important; the important thing is to lock Sister An’s personal assistant inside his room so that he’ll stay in there for the whole night!

Many worries flew through Fang Han’s mind, but before he could put any into motion, the maid came over to report, “Sir, Madam, Miss Yuan and Mr. Yuan are here.”

Mrs. An looked at Fang Han before nodding at the maid. The matter of Fang Han’s heart was practically an open secret for the An family. Initially, Mrs. An had thought that this budding relationship between the two juniors was rather cute, but as time went on, she was about to cry from the foolishness of Fang Han’s methods.

It was normal for a boy to have a crush on a girl. Even though the Yuan family came from local wealth, their family teachings were not bad, and Miss Yuan was of equal standing to Mr. Fang. The problem arose because his interest in the girl was known to everyone in the world but that girl. The lack of progress aside, he had even managed to get the girl to misunderstand him; that was just shameful.

Since the junior was too useless, the seniors had to get themselves involved. Mrs. An had made An Zining drag the useless nephew home while she lowered her face to pay the Yuan family a visit.

The Yuan family also knew of Mr. Fang’s intention. The elders, who wished for this relationship to come into fruition, naturally accepted Mrs. An’s invitation. In a way, this was Yuan Ruan’s first time meeting the other party’s parents. However, a single girl going alone might have been too scary, but an elder tagging along would have made the situation too serious. With an intention to protect his sister, Little Brother Yuan had volunteered to go along with his sister, and that was how today’s party came to be.

Ye Shuang nodded in satisfaction after having the dinner that was served by the little maid. After all, the host was a powerful family, the cooking skill aside, at least the vegetables and meats did not carry any chemical tastes with them. Furthermore, the cute maid had added some Jiang Su dessert for him . The dessert made from glutinous rice was not only sweet and soft but also baked in the mold of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Each was only the size of one’s thumb; they were too cute to be eaten.

Ye Shuang’s eyes scanned the plate that Brother Wong was holding; it was quite obvious that his vegetables weren’t as green as hers, and the ribs weren’t as large as hers. Dessert? What is that?

Happiness did come from comparison.

Ye Shuang smiled at the maid, which caused the latter to blush greatly. When the maid waltzed out of their room like a person moon-walking, Ye Shuang finally picked up the chopsticks to eat and slid half of the twelve desserts onto Brother Wong’s plate. After all, Brother Wong was the bodyguard; he would have noticed certain things already. There was no reason to ruin a friendly relationship over some glutinous desserts.

Brother Wong accepted the offering with a smile while pointing at the door with a salacious gaze, telling Ye Shuang she had a chance. Ye Shuang responded by flipping him the bird. After dinner, they paced around the room to walk the dinner off before sitting down to watch television. Throughout, the maid had come in four times to serve the guests ‘on behalf of the host’ by sending in three fruit plates and one supper dish. Ye Shuang’s face was twisted from embarrassment while Brother Wong could not stop laughing.

At 10 pm, Ye Shuang assumed that their host should be winding down to rest already and was looking for an opportunity to sneak out of the room when the familiar knock came from the door.

“That’s the fifth time already…” Brother Wong, who was in the middle of undressing to prepare to sleep, laughed heartily. Bare-chested with only a towel, he said in jest, “Your date is calling. I’m going to go take a bath lest I interrupt the one-on-one time between you and the little girl.”

Brother Wong walked into the shower, and Ye Shuang had no choice but to open the door. As expected, the one who knocked was indeed the young maid, but this time, she did not carry any dessert with her; she was there on official business. “Mr. Ye, Sister An wishes for Brother Wong to send the guests home.”

“Brother Wong is taking a shower.” Ye Shuang thought about it and said, “I’ll go then.”

The maid’s heart twitched in pain knowing that such a handsome man had to work overtime at night. Furthermore, Sister An did ask for Brother Wong, who had a valid driving license. “But Mr. Yuan and Miss Yuan had something to drink, and Sister An’s request was for Brother Wong to drive them home.”

“Don’t worry, I too know how to drive.” Ye Shuang’s eyes glowed, and her smile grew wider. “I’ll just talk to Sister An; it’ll be fine. Please lead the way.”

The maid heard the rushing water from the bathroom and knew she had no choice; it was impossible to have the employer wait for the employee, so Ye Shuang had to suffice. An Zining was surprised when she saw Ye Shuang, but she did not say anything. After listening to the explanation that Brother Wong was showering and Ye Shuang also knew how to drive, she handed the task easily to Ye Shuang. She told Ye Shuang after her mission was done, she could drive back to her own home or the An family’s home.

The Yuan siblings were surprised to find that the Gambler God they had the fortune of meeting at the KTV was working as a personal assistant for An Zining. Even the An elders were shocked when they saw Ye Shuang. They did not see him earlier because Brother Wong and Ye Shuang had been ushered away by the maids when they arrived. They had not expected to find that such a character was in their daughter’s employment.

Only Fang Han felt like war had reached the front door, especially seeing the stars in Yuan Ruan’s eyes. His gaze that targeted Ye Shuang deepened with enmity. What is so good about these pretty faces‽

“Sis! Actually I haven’t had much to drink, why should we trouble others? I can…” Fang Han, who was alert to the danger, blurted out.

“You shut up!” An Zining bellowed. An Zining had had enough of Fang Han, this deadweight.

Fang Han, though, was worse than a deadweight; a normal deadweight only harmed its group, but this Fang Han was insistent on harming himself and, on top of that, pulling those who wanted to help him into his mess.

It was one thing to have a lack of flirting skills, but it was another to make the girl you like inadvertently hate you. This was the first time in her life that An Zining had come across someone as dumb as Fang Han.

However, the key mistake was that the man did not know how dumb he was. The things he did only hurt his own progress, but the man thought he was being ‘cool’. He loved the girl to hell and back but refused to confess his real feelings.

The involvement of the An family finally helped him pull up some affection points, but now he was going to go ruin it all over again…

Little Brother Yuan probably wished for some peace and quiet on the way home, so between Fang Han and Ye Shuang, he naturally leaned toward the latter. Therefore, Little Brother Yuan betrayed Fang Han easily and expressed that he would prefer to have Ye Shuang send them home. “It’s getting late, Mr. Fang should be tired already. Brother Ye can send myself and sister home just fine.”

Weren’t you calling me Brother Fang earlier during dinner, but now you’re changing it to Mr. Fang so soon? Fang Han’s heart pained from the betrayal and placed all of his hope on Yuan Ruan.

Yuan Ruan did not even acknowledge him with a look; she was too in awe of Ye Shuang. “Brother Ye is also working under Sister An‽ You were so amazing last night… Your girlfriend is awesome as well… The two of you…”

Cruel world, why have you abandoned me‽

Mrs. An shared a look with An Zining. Who is this guy? Will he be a threat to the Fang family?

An Zining replied with another look. He already has a girlfriend. Anyway, the biggest threat to the Fang family is Han Han himself.

Therefore, with Mrs. An’s uncertainty, Mr. Fang’s open enmity, and An Zining’s disinterest, Ye Shuang bade the room farewell with a smile. She accepted Little Brother Yuan’s car key and followed behind the two guests to the garage.

The three got into the car. After Ye Shuang started the engine, she twisted the steering wheel, and the car slid out of the garage in a gorgeous arc.

Little Brother Yuan’s eyes lit up instantly.