Chapter 206 - Zuo Yuanhang

Chapter 206: Zuo Yuanhang

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Zuo Yuanhang was a famous and influential character in Chaohai. Even though he was only in his thirties and considered young in the world of business, he had a talent and ability that could not be ignored. To put it simply, one’s status was most easily observable at the private clubhouses. Due to the variance in ability and influence, the level of flattery and fawning one would receive at the clubhouse was different. Other than that, the power of voice that they possessed at the clubhouse also showcased the person’s status on the local scene.

In Chaohai, Zuo Yuanhang was the most influential one. In fact, he had a thirty percent share of the local private clubhouse. However, similarly, the higher the status, the busier one would be. For example, his schedule was so full that even if his little brother wanted to have a chat with him, he had to go through his personal assistant to set up an appointment.

“You’re one minute late.” The man sat in the leather chair in the semi-open office. His head was lowered, focusing on reading the documents, as he scanned the clock on the table and then added, “I have a meeting at two o’clock sharp, so you have twenty-four minutes left.”

That was the first thing that Zuo Yuanhang said to Ye Shuang and Zuo Feiyang. The assistant who led them into the room retreated softly and closed the door quietly as if afraid that the noise would affect the man’s train of thought.

Zuo Yuanhang’s office was very neat, which was shocking considering the number of documents he had to go through each day. The unread and read documents were neatly separated into two stacks, and there was a document, stationery set, and laptop in the middle. Other than that, there was nothing else on the desk, not even a piece of paper. The table looked like it was not the working office for a busy man.

Before Ye Shuang arrived, she had read up on Zuo Yuanhang on Han Chu’s database. If there was something special about this man, other than his ability, it was his tendency to plan his life around a schedule. Just like a robot that was operating according to a set program, Zuo Yuanhang was good at and had the habit of arranging everything neatly and then completing them one by one. He would not allow anything to derail the set schedule.

For example, he had to have the set breakfast at 7 am, and fifteen minutes later, he would leave for the office. On the journey there, he would go through the schedule for the day, and he would arrive at his office before 8 am. Then he would start working, and his lunch break was at twelve noon sharp. After fifteen minutes of lunch, he would take another fifteen minutes to rest. Ye Shuang thought that the man scheduling even his rest was something amazing. He would then resume work at 12:30 pm and leave the company at 6 pm.

That was not all. The scariest thing was the plan after work. The dinner time, the gym training time, reading time, interaction time with family, how long should he interact, everything was preset. At twenty-eight years old, Zuo Yuanhang married through a business marriage. Even the amount of time he had for his marital duties and the duration had a tight schedule to follow. Whenever the family doctor came to inform Zuo Yuanhang that it was his wife’s ovulation period, he would calculate the time and return home earlier to complete his husbandly duty.

Zuo Yuanhang currently had one daughter and a son. The daughter was at primary school, and his son was under the care of a professional nanny.

When Ye Shuang found out about Zuo Yuanhang from Han Chu, even though she believed she had seen plenty of amazing people, she could not stop herself from being impressed. The man was not only amazing—he was a madman!

Zuo Yuanhang finished reading the document in his hand and placed it on the stack to his left and then capped the pen. He pulled off the spectacles and massaged the bridge of his nose. He opened his sharp gaze to scan his own brother and Ye Shuang. “You’ve been spacing out for two minutes, so you have twenty-two minutes left to tell me what is happening.”

Ye Shuang could not help but glance at Zuo Feiyang. Why would he not say anything‽

Ye Shuang had not disturbed the man since he was working, but her kindness was thus stepped on. Could the two minutes be moved backwards‽

Zuo Yuanhang had an incredible presence, and he had an air of a leader who was used to giving orders. It was fine for Ye Shuang, but be it the assistant who just left or the Zuo Feiyang who stayed, they would be flustered when they were in his presence. When they were studied by the man, it felt like they were naked before his gaze, and they would feel unsettled like they were not presenting themselves in the best capacity.

Ye Shuang noticed that Zuo Feiyang had started to silently arrange his collar and sleeves. If not for the fact that it might attract too much attention, he might even have started fixing his hair. He even moved his stance slightly like he was trying to hide behind Ye Shuang.

This is a tough man to deal with. Ye Shuang came to that conclusion immediately and cut to her acting mode—to become the big brother that was equally or more powerful than Zuo Yuanhang.

“Do you mind giving us some privacy?” Ye Shuang said softly. She did not even move her head, just studying her opponent silently. For some reason, Zuo Feiyang knew that the order was meant for him, and weirdly enough, he did not feel like resisting. He just nodded and left the office… as carefully as the assistant earlier.

Zuo Yuanhang raised his brow and narrowed his eyes. Then he leaned back in his chair to introduce some distance between his chair and the table. He pulled out a document and dropped it on the table. “You’re here to talk to me about that leather bag company, right?”

“Oh?” Ye Shuang naturally moved to sit in the chair across from Zuo Yuanhang. Her lips curved, and her eyes caught the words “Xi Hwa Organization Report” on the table. She did not reach for it but leaned her elbow on the armrest leisurely and smiled with interest. “Looks like I’ve meddled in things that I shouldn’t have. Mr. Zuo already knew about Xi Hwa Organization?”

“You are indeed meddlesome.” Zuo Yuanhang’s expression did not change much, silent like an old well.

“Do you mind telling me why?”

“Since you’re with Han Chu…” Zuo Yuanhang thought about it as his fingers tapped on the table rhythmically. His eyes scanned the clock, and he said after a while, “I’ll put it like this. In this world, everyone has their own talent. Some are lucky that they have great resources and received the necessary training to unlock their potential from the moment they were born. Thus, they became a genius. Some just have normal luck and resources. However, if they focused on their interest and put in enough legwork, they too would become a treasured talent. The rest or the majority of the people are swallowed up in the education system or don’t have the power to unlock their potential. They miss out on the best time to absorb knowledge and end up as the so-called wasted talent.

“However, no matter the type of talent—painting, music, sports, computers… there is one type of talent that will not appear with birth, a worldly person.” Zuo Yuanhang looked at Ye Shuang coldly. “To possess good socializing skills and adaptability, and to know a person’s heart, these have to be trained over time. Without experience, everything else is pointless.”

Ye Shuang thought about it and understood what Zuo Yuanhang was hinting at. She asked, “You’re saying that the Xi Hwa Organization is one of the ‘trials’ you’ve arranged for Zuo Feiyang?”

“If he doesn’t suffer from some defeats, he will never grow up,” Zuo Yuanhang admitted. “Yes, I know that organization is problematic. I could have resolved it from the very beginning, but if I take on all the problems, Feiyang will always be a piece of blank paper, completely inexperienced.”

Ye Shuang thought about it and was silent. She agreed with Zuo Yuanhang’s vision, but that did not mean that she approved of it fully. “Then, before you arranged this trial, did you properly assess Zuo Feiyang’s ability?”

Zuo Yuanhang raised his brows, seemingly signaling for Ye Shuang to continue. Ye Shuang smiled slightly and finally picked up the document on the table. She flipped through the thin document, and when she was done, she could not help but laugh. Closing the document and placing it back on the table, Ye Shuang said, “In a game, a level ten player wouldn’t go after a level one hundred boss. This is not training but an annihilation. You only know that the Xi Hwa Organization is leather bag company and thus have probably underestimated the enemy. What if I say that the Xi Hwa Organization is more than that?”

“Oh‽” For the first time, Zuo Yuanhang was surprised and asked in return, “Your meaning is…”

“The Xi Hwa Organization has been trying to take your little brother to the casino.” Ye Shuang’s described what had been happening slowly, and as she expected, Zuo Yuanhang frowned like he was surprised by this incident that was beyond his expectations.

Realizing who had the power of agency in this conversation, Ye Shuang felt better. The handsome face seemed to glisten under the sun. “The Xi Hwa Organization is just a front, and behind them is a global money-laundering organization. Is this also within Mr. Zuo’s expectations‽”

Zuo Yuanhang glanced at Ye Shuang and then reached out to push the button on the table to inform his assistant to move his coming meeting back half an hour.

“Okay, let’s talk.”