Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Prawn and Bok Choy

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While Ye Shuang and Mother Ye were lamenting the loss of such a wonderful potential candidate, the potential candidate himself was in awe of the show that was happening in the living room.

Even though he hadn’t tasted the food, based on smell and appearance alone, he was already mighty impressed. To be able to prepare a home-cooked meal of such a standard, Fang Mo felt it was logical that his friend had found a romantic partner in Ye Shuang.

The stir-fried bok choy was practically glistening with an emerald glow; the sweet-and-sour braised ribs were shining appetizingly; the smell of the tofu and prawn soup was heavenly, carrying with it the freshness of the sea. The dishes that filled the table were home-cooked meals, but the standard of the knife skill, the decoration, and the coloring were all the standard of a professional chef.

The only deficiency was the stir-fry potato strips; the strips were too small, but they didn’t break into flakes during the cooking process… that in itself was a masterful technique, or was this some kind of new dish that he hadn’t come across before?

Fang Mo moved his eyes away, trying to stop himself from salivating. He started to anticipate the lunch.

Not long after that, Mother Ye and Ye Shuang came out of the kitchen together. As the guest, Fang Mo was naturally treated nicely and respectfully by the hosts. Father Ye and Little Brother Ye had been looking forward to meal time for a long time already, but they still conducted themselves with civility on the account of Fang Mo.

As the man of the house, Father Ye was the first one to move his chopsticks. He grabbed a stalk of bok choy, and the moment he delivered it into his mouth, he was stunned. Was this really cooked by my own daughter‽

Before forgetting his manners, Father Ye invited Fang Mo to eat before starting to increase his eating speed. Before Fang Mo had even taken a bite, about a quarter of the food was already gone. In that moment, Ye Shuang felt worried. The purpose of the lunch was to thank Fang Mo for his help, but based on how things were going, the guest might leave her home on an empty stomach.

So desperate times called for desperate measures. With a speed that rivalled lightning itself, Ye Shuang filled Fang Mo’s plate with food. More than that, she even considered the arrangement and coupling of the food. In other words, she was playing Lego with the food on his plate. When Fang Mo came to, the ribs tower before him had already almost reached his chin.

“Thank you, but that’s enough; I won’t be able to finish it.” Fang Mo stopped Ye Shuang as he commented with a smile, “I have to say, I didn’t know you’re such a good cook even though I was your boss for so long. Did you start learning when you were a child?”

“Our company doesn’t have a cooking party, so how would you know I’m a good cook?” Ye Shuang accepted the compliment shamelessly.

“You’re not wrong.” Fang Mo nodded before pulling out a document from his bag to pass to Ye Shuang. He picked up his chopsticks and said, “This is the certificate for the apartment. From today onward, the house is your asset, but I recommend refurbishing it before moving in. We can talk about that after lunch.”

As Fang Mo chewed on the piece of rib, Fang Mo instantly understood why the Ye family had been acting like they hadn’t eaten in years. As he said, everything else could wait until after lunch. While they enjoyed the meal, Ye Shuang was glad, because one of her problems had been solved.

After the plates were cleared away, holding a glass of water in his hand, reminiscing about the exquisite taste of the food, Father Ye was suddenly reminded of the topic that they were talking about before lunch. Father Ye turned to ask Ye Shuang, “Shuang Shuang, what is this talk of apartments, houses, and assets‽”

Fang Mo frowned and looked at Ye Shuang questioningly. Ye Shuang ignored him and explained to Father Ye, “Well, we discussed the possibility of me moving out earlier remember? So…”

After explaining the situation with Fang Mo occasionally chiming in to fill in the details, Ye Shuang gulped down a tall glass of water to quench her parched throat before concluding, “…and that’s that. I will be moving out soon.”

The Ye parents looked at each other with shock. Yes, they had discussed the necessity for their daughter to move out, considering the condition she was in. After all, living in their house with alternating genders would attract too much attention. Starting anew in a different environment could save a lot of trouble. There would still be neighbors, but as long as she maintained a healthy distance, it would be fine…

However, based on their understanding of the current housing market, this would take several months as they needed to gather enough money for a new house’s down payment. Who would have thought their daughter would wrangle a furnished apartment so soon‽

Fang Mo noticed the awkward situation in the room and consoled with a smile, “Mr. and Mrs. Ye, don’t worry. Despite of Mrs. Chen’s rash personality, she is a woman of her word. This procurement is totally legal, plus Miss Ye has just saved Mr. and Mrs. Chen’s lives. They won’t mind giving her such a present, after all, a small apartment like this won’t hurt their finances one bit.”

Mother Ye replied, “We’re not worried; we just felt this is a bit too much like a fantasy story.”

Actually, when he saw what happened at the scene, he had also thought he was witnessing a fantasy movie…