Chapter 255 - How Did You Know?

Chapter 255: How Did You Know?

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Those who sat in Ye Shuang’s car would always get surprised. Speeding was something that did not need any more elaboration; the thing that would surprise others was her driving skill. Ye Shuang obviously did not belong to the ‘normal driver’ category.

Therefore, after she activated her racing skill, other than when she could remember to remind herself not to get tickets, the other times when she was not observed or when she was in an emergency, Ye Shuang would involuntarily enter a ‘speeding’ state…

Have you driven an UFO? Have you driven a hovercraft? Have you driven a tank? Going over two hundred miles an hour is considered speeding?

Stop kidding me! As long as the car parts are fine, the skill of the driver is definitely not a problem! This is just a small case!

Sitting in the back seat, Rong Su’s face blanched. Her fingers gripped the door tightly, and her lips were squeezed together. She was so afraid, but she forced her eyes open. She was just afraid that she might suddenly scream. The car ran on a low hum, and the scene outside the window flew by so fast that it had become a line. Occasionally, there would be other cars zooming past their car, and the level of danger was enough to make Rong Su’s heart stop.

“Are you ok?” Brother Shuang did a cool drift and spoke to her calmly as if he was not the person who was stepping on the gas pedal until the needle was touching against the floor of the panel. “I’ve already told you, this is an emergency.”

But you did not say it was such an emergency! Rong Su wanted to cry. With her long sleeves, she collapsed on the backseat. Catching her breath, she rambled almost incoherently, “I’ve not done my will. I… I… I don’t want to get famous through this way. I… ohh!”

As Ye Shuang handled the steering wheel, she glanced at the GPS on her phone. After noticing the spot that represented Su Zheng and Mo Xiao Xia was not far from her, she started to pay attention to the cars around them, and she asked on the phone, “Can you see where I am now? How come I feel like the triangulation system is not so precise? I can see your icon, but I can’t see your car.”

“Hmm, there’s such a thing? Let me see… Ah! That damn Ol’ K installed a global GPS for me, why would I need a global GPS‽” Su Zheng’s stomping and teeth gritting came from the phone.

The bigger the area, the less accurate it would be and vice versa… Shanghai’s development was too fast—that was nothing wrong with that, but it led to a small flaw right then. Based on what Rong Su had announced with a shrill voice from the backseat, Shanghai had updated the highway during the past two years. Even though there had not been any big changes, some of routes had been made simpler.

When Ye Shuang heard that, the corner of her eyes seemed to catch something. She turned her head and realized that Su Zheng’s car was overlapping on hers, but the problem was Su Zheng’s car was on the tunnel underneath her. There was a vertical twenty-meter distance between them.

Ye Shuang was speechless. She turned the steering wheel at the next junction. “Stop playing on the highway. The app hasn’t updated the data… Go down the highway, I’ll catch up immediately.”

After taking a tour around the mountain and river, the GPS was finally corrected when they reached the countryside. About ten minutes later, the end of a black Audi appeared in Ye Shuang’s sight.

Probably not every kidnapper had activated the racing skill. Actually, that was quite normal. Even though they were all in the illegal business, there were too many skills to learn in the illegal world, like Su Zheng’s thieving, Ol’ K’s hacking, Ye Shuang’s racing… The underground world was its own society; if everyone was an expert, then how were other people going to survive?

The most common skill for a ruffian was fighting and brawling; other than that, one should not have too much expectation on their professional skill and cultural level. With ease, Ye Shuang drove next to the black Audi. Then, she turned the steering wheel. The people inside the Audi were just curious about her identity, and the next second, Brother Shuang’s silver car turned and knocked into them. Ye Shuang’s race car ran into the Audi at an angle. The latter’s direction of the car was forcibly changed due to the outside force. The tires instantly created a shrill noise as they ground against the floor.

“What the f*ck!” The people inside the Audi were stunned. Then, the driver quickly tried to right the steering wheel as he cursed loudly, “Where did this idiot come from? Is he looking for trouble?”

“Could it be that girl’s bodyguard? I hear her uncle is a big boss…”

“Boss your head! Chinese bosses would never play with their lives like this!” The driver of the car seemed to be the leader. As he gritted his teeth and tried to control the steering wheel, the sweat flowed down his cap, and he growled, “The idiot is really coming for us. Quick, call the bo…”

Before he finished, the silver car outside suddenly slowed down before accelerating. The people inside the car jostled from the impact like they could be sent flying out of the car if they were not careful.

“F*ck! What is wrong with him‽” The driver rubbed his head. During that impact earlier, his head had almost bashed into the steering wheel, creating a chain accident. He cursed before performing an emergency break. Then he pulled out the gun that was hidden under the seat. “Come! Let’s go see what he wants!”

“Brother Huo, won’t we get the police’s attention from using firearms inside China?” the lackey asked with uncertainty as he pulled out his gun. “Plus, boss said to not harm the girl. We…”

Before the lackey could finish, he was slapped in the face by the driver. “We are going to lose our lives, and you’re still worried about police! Yes, we are not going to harm the girl, but that doesn’t mean we cannot kill other people… Shut up! Get down!”

“Get down on the backseat.” Ye Shuang looked at Rong Su, who appeared like she was going to vomit. When Ye Shuang noticed the enemy crouching low before coming out, she got out and locked the car. Right then, the few people were crawling out with unsteady steps from the Audi.

She bent down to pick up several pebbles and tossed them. Before the enemies could raise their guns, they were shot. They held their wrists in cries of pain, and the guns all fell to the ground.

“Firearms are banned in the nation. Don’t you know that?” Brother Shuang said with a smile. Then with a kick, he morphed into a line that the human eyes could not follow. Like lightning, he raised his leg, and one of the ruffians was lifted off the ground and tossed through the air in a beautiful arc. The remaining three were unable to catch up to Brother Shuang’s speed; they could only stand there and watch as their partners were taken down. They did not have time to process what they saw in their minds before the sound of heavy punches came.

Before the three realized what had happened, the pain from various parts of their bodies travelled through the nerve systems to be registered in their brains.

They were just normal ruffians, and even if they were from Xiang Jiang, they were not international criminals. Even someone who was professionally trained like Anthony would lose to Ye Shuang, much less these scouting ruffians.

They were practically defenseless before Brother Shuang. When Su Zheng and Mo Xiao Xia realized that the car behind them had stopped, they also stopped. They saw the people take out the guns, but before the two girls could scream, the next second, they saw Brother Shuang deal with everyone with such ease and expertise.

“Wow!” Su Zheng pressed on the horn excitedly. She held Mo Xiao Xia and almost jumped from excitement. “Xiao Xia! Xiao Xia! Do you see that? It’s big brother!”

Mo Xiao Xia nodded in a daze. “Hmm…”

Then she slowly recovered and she said confusedly, “Hmm, isn’t that Sister Shuang’s boy… Er, partner?”

Su Zheng blinked several times. “You’re that familiar with Sister Shuang?”

She knew both partners, so this was more than a professional relationship.

“Sister Shuang’s cousin is my agent. Haven’t you met him already‽” Mo Xiao Xia answered subconsciously, not realizing that there might be something hidden beyond Ye Shuang’s agent identity.

“Hmm… is that so‽” Su Zheng really misunderstood and started to consider Mo Xiao Xia’s weight in Ye Shuang’s heart. If this was someone that was familiar with the circle, then she would not need to purposely avoid certain things in her presence.

While Su Zheng was still thinking, Ye Shuang had already piled the ruffians up in a stack. Then he patted the car that stopped in front. Su Zheng realized that it was not the time to look. She immediately got out from the car and jumped around Ye Shuang, greeting him with a giggling smile. “Big Brother!”

“I hear you have many tools.” Ye Shuang chose to ignore the term of endearment used by Su Zheng. She pointed at the four men. “Do you have anything to tie them up? We’ll drag them back and interrogate them slowly.”

Su Zheng nodded and pointed at the car that Ye Shuang had driven earlier. “Big brother, the girl inside the car has been knocking at the window. Does that mean she wants to get out?”

“I guess.” Ye Shuang had no idea what Rong Su wanted either. She took out the car key and unlocked the car. The next second, they saw Rong Su open the door and crawl out from it. She rushed to the side and vomited.

“Car sickness…” Ye Shuang was speechless.

Su Zheng quickly started working. She used her four-dimensional pocket…ahem , she pulled out a rope from who knew where and tied the four men up. She stood up with a big smile and was about to comment on something.

Ye Shuang had a question for her as well. “How did it go? Did you manage to find out who they are from the body search?”

Su Zheng’s expression changed, and her hands went subconsciously to her bag. “Big Brother, how did you know I searched them?”