Chapter 127 - A Bored Supercomputer

Chapter 127: A Bored Supercomputer

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Upon hearing the voice, Ye Shuang looked at Luo Mingxin with a faded smile. Realizing that his manager has sold him out again, Luo Mingxin’s emotions dropped—especially when he noticed that someone was smiling mockingly at him.

However, no matter what, Luo Mingxin was a public figure. Even if he did not need to bend over backwards to please others, he had to take care of his own image. His fingers pulled on the cuff of his shirt, and with a tantalizing smile, he softened his expression at the woman behind him. With a low and sincere voice, Luo Mingxin apologized, “I’m so sorry, but last week, my leg was still bloated. In fact, even now, standing upright for too long hurts slightly. However, I will try my best to attend Miss Lin’s birthday party. After all, I’ve already prepared the birthday present.”

Actually, Luo Mingxin did not promise anything; all he promised was to ‘try his best’. If the night was too cold or humid, causing the injury in his leg to worsen, then no one would be able to prevent things like that. It was no one’s fault that Jing Hu City was famous for its lakes; it was only natural for it to have a high humidity.

However, the woman did not hear the meaning inherent in his words. When she heard that Luo Mingxin had already prepared her birthday present, she brightened immediately as she accepted the apology from Luo Mingxin.

People like this woman needed face from others. As long as one was willing to rub her fur the right way, she was willing to provide one with her generosity and aid. Observing how easily Luo Mingxin managed to take care of this awkward encounter, Ye Shuang smiled and excused herself, giving Luo Mingxin and Miss Lin some privacy.

Looking at Ye Shuang’s retreating figure, Miss Lin lowered her voice and said, “Who would have thought Mr. Luo would become so familiar with Miss Ye so soon. Recently, Mr. Lu has shown great interest in Miss Ye, and you’ve just accepted his company’s endorsement. It would benefit you to be friends with Miss Ye.”

The smile on Luo Mingxin’s face froze once more. How come it felt like the things that he thought he knew about people around him had suddenly changed‽ Why didn’t anyone question the woman’s background or existence‽

Sometimes knowing too much was not a good thing, like now. Luo Mingxin really did not know what the appropriate way to respond was.

There were no so-called opening hours at the private clubhouse. If you want to come to relax, the doors were open for you. You also could leave whenever you felt like it. Other than greeting a few familiar faces, there was no limit to how long one could stay at the clubhouse. Ye Shuang prepared to leave at around 3 pm because she received a phone call.

After a short conversation, Miss Lin and Luo Mingxin separated to find their own groups. There were other entertainment rooms and even a private gym on the second floor of the clubhouse. It was common for a socialite to share a word or two with her favorite superstar, but if she was seen haranguing him, it would create a negative buzz among the crowd.

Luo Mingxin could enter such private clubhouses easily, but the invitation was not extended to his manager. Therefore, Luo Mingxin’s real purpose of being there was to relax. After Miss Lin left, he did not find others to socialize with but sat in the corner. When he saw Ye Shuang starting to leave, he made to follow. He was only halfway to Ye Shuang when the young master from earlier also noticed Ye Shuang’s departure and walked over. “Miss Ye is leaving so soon?”

“Something came up.” Ye Shuang flashed an apologetic smile. The femininity radiated from Ye Shuang as she hooked her hair behind her ear. “I planned to stay a little bit longer, but unfortunately, there’s not enough time.”

The young master did not press. “Do you want me to give you a ride? It’s not easy finding a taxi here.”

Ye Shuang was probably the only guest who did not come to the clubhouse with her own car. However, since she was not a ‘local’, the other guests did not think too much of it. “That won’t be necessary because I feel like walking. Since Jing Hu City has such a marvelous view, it’s a shame not to enjoy it.”

Unwilling to let these people know the actual location of her hotel, Ye Shuang rejected the offer politely.

The young master backed-off. After a few more polite exchanges, he walked Ye Shuang to the door. Luo Mingxin noticed this interaction and was reminded of the information provided by Miss Lin.

Obviously, this young master was interested in Ye Shuang. Therefore, he had no reason to make enemies if he could help it. He climbed into his car and had his driver wait at the side of the road for a while. He saw Ye Shuang exit the clubhouse and tailed her for a distance before asking the driver to catch up to her and sound the horn twice to get her attention. Luo Mingxin rolled down the window and said with a raised brow, “Get in, I’ll give you a ride.”

“That would be awesome.” Ye Shuang did not act so womanly this time. She jumped into the car and thanked Luo Mingxin. “This clubhouse sure is located at an isolated part of town. I would have needed to walk at least one kilometer before I could catch a taxi. Thankfully, you’re here to give me a ride.”

Luo Mingxin felt like laughing. It was rare for him to offer rides to his friends, but after arriving in Jing Hu City, he had offered that service twice to this couple already.

He had the driver roll up the partition between the front and back seats so that they could have more privacy. “Miss Lin told me earlier that Mr. Lu is interested in you. If you don’t want to play with fire, I suggest you stop coming around so often.”

This was the first time he had come across someone as daring at Ye Shuang. He had just recommended the work of the greatest con artist in the twentieth century, and the next day, she put it into practice. Luo Mingxin saw himself as an acquaintance of the girl, and even though he was not one to intervene in other people’s business, he would find it a shame if Ye Shuang got burned from getting too close to the fire.

“Mr. Lu?” Ye Shuang combed her mind to fix a face to the name, and she remembered. “You mean the one who sat with you earlier? Wow, I didn’t even notice that because everyone at the clubhouse is overly polite around me.”

Furthermore, Ye Shuang assumed that Mr. Lu’s interest was only based on intrigue. After all, it was not common for a woman like Ye Shuang, who was all traditional, to frequent the clubhouse.

Luo Mingxin laughed while shaking his head. He did not remind Ye Shuang that a man’s interest might lead to actual pursuit. “To prevent your cover from being exposed, now is the time to stop. After all, if he really chases after you, the spotlight will be focused on you, and the danger of being exposed will increase.”

“One’s identity can be assimilated within a certain range. For example, both businessmen and politicians are public figures, but their properties are slightly different. I’m just giving people a general stereotype. Now, everyone is guessing that I came from a royal background, and that is because my identity showcases such properties, but in reality, I could have come from a literary family or the direct disciple of respected teachers.” Ye Shuang gave Luo Mingxin a side-eye. “Your gaze is too narrow. Details can add to one’s identity, but too much detail will lead to the occurrence of weak point. I’m just creating a range around my identity but haven’t specified the type of background I hail from, so how can I be exposed?”

Even if she was exposed to come from a normal background, by then, her talent would be exposed to the public, and her family background would cease to be so important.

For example, great scientists, artists, and designers: is there a rule that states that these people have to come from a great background‽ Many of such people were accepted by the upper society due to the merit of their talents instead of their family background.

There were conditions to enter a circle, but once one had assimilated into it, no one would mind how one managed to gain entry. The upper society was a small social circle, and people from various walks of life could enter it. Luo Mingxin choked on his words. He was being kind to remind Ye Shuang, but he was mocked for having too narrow sight‽

Probably because he had not been criticized before, before he could stop himself, Luo Mingxin blurted out, “Just knowing a single layer will not be enough. Your analysis of the upper society is not wrong. Even though I have no idea where you get this information, impromptu performances are not that easy. You have to change things up depending on the people that you’re interacting with. Are you sure you can act convincingly when the situation calls for it‽”

Ye Shuang was silent. She was not one to boast. Luo Mingxin had a point as well. Her data collection was not complete yet, so she did not counter his claims. She scratched her chin and said, “I remember that Jing Hu City has quite a few large entertainment outlets, yes?”

Places like that should be filled with all kinds of people, and it would be a perfect place to train her acting skill.

Luo Mingxin had a bad feeling. “Wait, what are you planning?”


“…Never mind, I don’t want to know.” Luo Mingxin started to regret knowing this woman as his friend. He could not stop himself from sighing helplessly. “In any case, I’ve not said anything today, and don’t pull me into the water should something happen. By the way, why are you intent on causing all this trouble?”

“Hmm?” Ye Shuang thought about it. Indeed, why was she so interested in these things? “Probably it’s because the human heart is more complicated than everything else in this world, and I enjoy solving it. For example, if you have the best computer in the world but you only use it for solitaire or minesweeper, wouldn’t that be a waste‽ Even if your interest is rather low level, the computer itself would be bored.”

Luo Mingxin was speechless. What kind of ridiculous analogy is this‽