Chapter 457 - Peeping Shuang

Chapter 457: Peeping Shuang

As the thief who had stolen the most important information from the big boss, even if she no longer possessed the item, Su Zheng lived quite a good life. Even though the clothes she wore had been left behind by the big boss’ ex, ex, ex, ex… mistresses, she had her choice of styles to wear from the large closet. Her three meals, as well as supper and tea, were ornately made, and they accepted special orders. The lavish villa aside, there were all sort of five-star amenities, but of course, she was only limited to one room. Unfortunately, no one was allowed to give Su Zheng the freedom to move more than ten meters away from the villa.

Other than the few enforced conditions, her roommates at the villa were not bad. Su Zheng, who had nothing to lose, asked for more and more. After she failed and was caught red handed and the other party recognized her background, it was unclear whether it was because the big boss did not want to offend Master Eight or was afraid that Su Zheng would die with the secret. In the end, the man decided not to treat Su Zheng too harshly.

With that decided, the weaker, captured party obtained a very confident and powerful position. Owning the information that the big boss had to be cautious about, Su Zheng who was held captive could not have had a better life aside from the fact that she could not have any contact with the outside and could not take a step out of the villa.

“I already told you, I no longer have the thing!” Dinner was the usual interrogation time—Su Zheng had already gotten used to it. She did not have any trouble picking on the meatballs, chewing on them, and answering the question directed her way with a clear tone. “That b*stard took the thing and ran. I also wished to return it to you and then leave this place as soon as possible… Damn! Who knows how many days it has been since I’ve seen the outside streets‽”

“But I feel like you’re enjoying yourself here. Are you not?” The big boss with mixed blood glanced at the bodyguard next to him, who looked dispirited, before moving his gaze back onto Su Zheng. “Under the circumstances, I hope we can maintain a peaceful relationship… So, if it’s convenient, can you please return my man his ring? You have to understand how miserable he’ll be if his wife realizes that he has lost the wedding ring, especially when you consider he’s over thirty and has finally found a woman who agreed to marry him.”

The bodyguard frowned. Sorry, boss, for losing your face!

Meeting the boss’ sharp gaze for half a minute, Su Zheng pouted as she unwillingly pulled the stuff out of her pocket. “What’s so great about this? He’s in the black market, and he can only afford a three thousand RMB ring. This kind of stinginess will get him divorced sooner or later!”

The bodyguard stifled a sob.

“Relationships cannot be gauged by money, but that’s not the point.” The big boss accepted the ring that Su Zheng tossed his way and then tossed it back to the bodyguard, who was crying tears of relief. He put down the dining tools and used the napkin to wipe his lips. “This stalemate cannot go on much longer. Miss Su Zheng, if you are unable to get the thing back for me, how about you give me the b*stard’s name? I am willing to claim justice for you.”

And get his thing back at the same time.

After a pause, the big boss lifted his head and looked at Su Zheng seriously. “Or… do you really think I wouldn’t dare do anything to you?”

Su Zheng put down her chopsticks carefully. Her hand went to her heart, and she breathed out dramatically, “Will you?”

The big boss looked at the thumb ring that was conspicuously shown. “…Fine, I won’t.”

Su Zheng was satisfied. She picked up the chopsticks and continued eating. She grumbled at the cook in the kitchen, “Can you give me another plate of meat? I need more for a growth spurt!”

“…” The big boss.

Yet another peaceful day had passed. The big boss returned to his room to study the surveillance that he had seen many times, to try to figure out the missing clues to Su Zheng’s partner.

Meanwhile, Su Zheng happily returned to her room to watch dramas and play games. After the food was digested, she pulled out a mat and started to practice various impossible yoga poses to train her flexibility. At 11 pm, after completing her daily exercise, Su Zheng decided to take a shower and sleep. Just as she bounced to the bathroom, humming as she disrobed, a tall figure suddenly jumped down from the carved figurine between the ceiling and the corner of the wall. Just as Su Zheng was about to scream, he rushed over to hold her mouth and nose.

“It’s me.” The low male voice echoed in her ears and stopped Su Zheng from biting on the hand.

Brother Shuang!

Su Zheng was filled with tears. Not only was she touched, she was spooked. Even though she used to picture herself with this extremely handsome man, imagination was different from almost being seen naked by Brother Shuang.

Why do you have to hide here when the mansion is so damn big‽

Ye Shuang let go of Su Zheng carefully. She took two steps back and saw the pained expression on Su Zheng’s face. After a momentary daze, she realized the inappropriateness of the situation, so she coughed awkwardly. “I’m sorry, it’s only your room and this place that are free from cameras, so…”

“…Understandable.” Su Zheng wiped away her tears and croaked, “But that was too scary! Then again, why are you here, Brother Shuang, and not Sister Shuang?”

Ye Shuang felt really uncomfortable. As a person with a female consciousness, being treated as a sex fiend by her female confidant was a strange feeling.

After another cough, Brother Shuang looked around and decided to change the topic. “Xiao Shuang has something else to deal with… But it doesn’t look like you’re in any danger. How’s the surveillance at this place? Tony will mess up the cameras here at 3 am. We will have a ten-minute window. Care to leave this place with me?”

Su Zheng turned serious when they were discussing business. She redid the two buttons that were undone and answered, “The big boss appears to know my master. He doesn’t wish to harm me but seems to have some kind of deal with others, so he wishes to gain the information from me. Leaving is no problem. I’ve been training, so don’t worry, I won’t hold you back!”

“Wonderful.” Ye Shuang nodded. She walked to the bathroom door, pulled it open a gap, and glanced at the bedroom. “The route is secured. Later, you pretend to go to sleep, but don’t fall asleep for real, and I’ll come back to fetch you at 3 am.”