Chapter 352 - Didn’t You Say You’ll Protect Me Forever? (1)

Chapter 352: Didn’t You Say You’ll Protect Me Forever? (1)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

“…Even the best champion could fall under the dress of a beautiful woman.” Ye Shuang could not help but sigh when the two were locked in the conflict. This was already a tactful conclusion that she could make. If she was not so keen on preserving all these people’s faces, Ye Shuang would actually have thought that the woman whom Luther described had even greater talent than Madam Grace at being a Black Widow.

The latter merely used men for their youth and energy; however, the former not only did that but ruined the men’s lives in the process. Athough, technically, neither was better than the other.

Ye Shuang’s grumble was overheard by everyone, and this classic way of speech did not evade any party’s comprehension. Madam Grace gave Ye Shuang a side-eye and turned to Luther with much chagrin in her eyes. “The male creatures always think they’re better than everyone else.”

“…” All the male creatures present.

Luther tried to hold his mouth, but in the end, his thoughts slipped out. “Oh, is that so? It doesn’t seem like female creatures are that clever to me anyway.”

This time, Madam Grace replied with a condescending gaze and a lift of her lips. “At least I would never give out sensitive information simply because I was trying to gain the favor of a man.”

As a black widow herself, she proudly reminisced about her four marriages and the endless string of men in her harem. She had seen men of different shapes, sizes, and skin colors, and she had never sacrificed her IQ for the sake of a man.

Ye Shuang was silent before turning to look at Cedrick. Cedrick felt her gaze on him and felt incensed. …Why are you looking at me for‽

The brief interlude ended. After hearing why Luther had his eyes on Jennifer, Madam Grace was still not satisfied; she needed to know more important things like what kind of method Luther had employed to get to know the organization’s records and accounts for the past three years and how many eyes and ears Luther had placed around every member.

However, Madam Grace knew the danger of asking for a mile when given an inch; it was already quite a big compromise for Luther to have said what he did. If she continued to press, even if she was armed, it was going to end up in a lose-lose situation.

“Now, I’m afraid you’re going to have you come with us for a bit, Luther.” Madam Grace decided to retreat for now. “I don’t think you’ll want us to intervene in what you’ve set up, but in my current situation, I need to rest… So, would you please stay where you are.”

Madam Grace signaled for Cedrick to come help her. She slowly moved to Luther and curled her arm around the man’s neck. As she leaned in, she placed the gun barrel pointedly at the man’s temple, her finger dangling over the trigger. “Don’t try anything funny, Luther. In my condition, I have no idea how much control I have over my finger, and if there’s a struggle, it might just press down on the trigger… Hmm, I’m sure you know what will happen then, right? I do not wish for such an accident to occur.”

As she spoke, she turned to look at Luo Mingxin and the rest, signaling for them to move to her side.

“Ah!” Ye Shuang gasped in fear. As if she could not see the message in Madam Grace’s eyes, she staggered backward and fell into a bodyguard’s arm. The leader of the bodyguards who was walking forward was overjoyed. He lurched forward to grab Ye Shuang as a human shield and used her as a leverage against Madam Grace. “Let go of Boss!”

All the other bodyguards around the leader raised their guns. Therefore, the situation turned awkward. On one hand, there was Madam Grace holding Luther as a hostage to use as the chip to escape from the villa. Originally, Luther’s bodyguards would not dare to do anything. Without a hostage of their own, they might have been pushed to do something to save their boss, but now that they had a hostage, the bodyguards felt more settled. They surrounded Ye Shuang and stood opposite Madam Grace.

“You’re using a woman to threaten me?” Madam Grace said coldly and even a bit sarcastically.

The bodyguard leader was momentarily stunned. Oh right, I should have grabbed a man!

But it was already too late. So be it! After all, even if Madam Grace did not care, they had the female hostage’s friends with them, right‽

Everyone placed the hope of breaking this impasse onto the others.

What is the meaning of this woman dropping the ball at this crucial moment? Cedrick thought. Hasn’t she always been really confident in her work‽

As an outside, Luo Mingxin was understandably concerned. Even though I have no idea what is happening, it doesn’t look too good.

Han Chu was initially worried, but after seeing Ye Shuang silently point behind her waist, the worry disappeared instantly. That familiar black object that was peeking out of Ye Shuang’s back, was that not a gun magazine?

It seemed to be something that she had swiped when she was pretending to fall into the man’s arms!

Therefore, after a moment’s silence, Han Chu turned to tell Madam Grace matter-of-factly, “Let’s not waste time, it’s time to go.”

Cedrick and Luo Mingxin looked at him in shock. Jesus Christ, what kind of heartless man is this?

Ye Shuang moved fast, and her sleeves were covering most of her actions, so naturally, no one realized that detail.

Luther did not believe that Han Chu would be so heartless, and he tried to call his bluff. “Are you sure this is okay? Do you consider your partner disposable? So, that is how you do things, is it?”

His intention to sow discord was obvious, but with the truth placed before everyone’s eyes, no one could say that he was wrong.

“I’m so afraid…” Ye Shuang decided to enjoy herself, and tears poured out of her eyes. The whole scene was touching and moving. “Ah Chu, didn’t you say you’ll protect me forever?”

‘Ah Chu’ pressed on his lips, his expressionless face threatening to crack. He patiently massaged his temple and smiled cruelly. “Well, it’s everyone for themselves in this world… In any case, after you die, I can just find someone younger and prettier to replace you.”

This time, Madam Grace joined Cedrick and Luo Mingxin in gawking at him in shock. What the hell‽

Ye Shuang’s face was drawn. “Hey, that’s not what your line was supposed to be!”

Han Chu’s face darkened even more. “I didn’t remember rehearsing any lines with you!”

“Stop playing games!” The leader was pissed, and he pulled on the hands that grabbed Ye Shuang. “I’m telling you, it’s no use! Release our boss, or no one is leaving this place!”

He really did not believe that those people would ignore the girl and allow her to die.

Han Chu laughed. “Just do what you need to do.”

Before he finished, before the leader could get angry, someone did do something, and that someone was Ye Shuang.

With tears still on her face, Ye Shuang grabbed the leader’s arms, which were restraining her, and with a powerful squeeze…

No one believed that a slender woman could do any damage, so they were not concerned about her actions. Before the leader could put his guard up, the next second, his arms were yanked back by an unscientific force.

Having escaped from the trap, Sister Shuang bent over and launched an elbow shot at the leader’s stomach. That was the spot with the softest muscles—there was no protection of bones, and many internal organs were placed here. Even the strongest abs would not do much in terms of protection. Therefore, with that one attack, the leader got knocked out by Sister Shuang’s power, which was disproportionate to her appearance. He crumbled to the ground with a groan. His face was covered in cold sweat—it was painful to even groan, much less do anything else.

The other bodyguards reflectively went to provide support when they realized that things had gone wrong. However, due to where they were standing—surrounding Ye Shuang—Sister Shuang only needed to use a roundhouse kick to take down the group of mobs…

Luther’s eyes almost fell out of his head. He could hardly believe what he was seeing—his bodyguards, so many muscular men armed with guns, had been taken down by a woman in three seconds?

Sister Shuang confiscated the guns and sighed with regret. “Why did I waste swiping their magazines if I could just take them down? If this happens a few more times, I might get used to thinking with my punches and not my brain. I must stop that from happening.”

If unused, one’s brain would get rusty. The power level of these men was below her expectations. If she got used to dealing with everything the violent way, she would eventually evolve into a single-cell organization. Ye Shuang was worried about her future.

Facing the admiring gazes from the rest, everyone thought that he was the only one who managed to predict this outcome, but in reality, Han Chu was as shocked as they were. “Stop playing around. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

Ye Shuang nodded and studied the group of bodies around her. “But the one that I want to punch the most is not here.”

Han Chu gave her a questioning look.

Seeing the question in Han Chu’s eyes, she said, “Brother Han, do you still remember the person who identified us?”

The bodyguard who traced them with the bug on Luo Mingxin… Initially, Ye Shuang did not put the clues together, but after she gave it some thought while Madam Grace and Luther were locked in their fight, she realized how suspicious this man was.

The familiar look of aggravation when he was searching Han Chu and how it seemed like he knew that they would arrive after Cedrick… there was a one hundred percent chance that was Edward!

Edward, who was spying on them two kilometers away, coughed awkwardly. The things that he heard from the bug made him feel concerned for his life. He knew that the woman was not a simple character, but he did not expect her fighting capability to be so high as well.

Thankfully, he had slipped away as soon as he could because if he had stayed, he would have been lying there among the bodies.