Chapter 401 - Not Just the Criminals

Chapter 401: Not Just the Criminals

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The girl was probably not a combat unit. Even though she might have been more powerful than she appeared, she was powerless when ambushed by a man much younger and stronger than she was. Xiao San’s takedown was quick and efficient. He finished the task almost the second that Master Five gave the order. There was not one trace of hesitation on his face. He carried the unconscious girl on his shoulders and found some rope from inside the house. As he tied her up with ease, he asked, “Grand uncle, why are we tying her up?”

It looked like he had not been briefed about the situation, but he had completed the order that was given to him by Master Five.

Master Five shook his head with a smile and explained to the others. “I haven’t told the boys about her, mainly because I was afraid that some might act recklessly. Only those who were present when the kidnapping happened know about the real situation… This girl tried to seduce my people, but thankfully, my grandnephew held his ground and didn’t fall for her trick.”

“She’s a traitor?” Xiao San was shocked. When he said so, he finished tying the last knot. He tugged the bind to test its strength. After ensuring that the captive would not be able to escape, Xiao San threw the girl over his shoulder, stood up, and asked with a blindingly white smile, “Grand uncle, shall I take her away to deal with her?”

Master Five raised his head and tossed a cup at him. “Deal your head! I still need her to trade for my granddaughter!”

Xiao San was first shocked, and then he scratched his head and grumbled. Mostly, it was about not seeing his little sister around these few days and how sad he was from being lied to by his grand uncle.

After Xiao San took the girl away, Han Chu asked with hesitance, “Are you sure this is fine? If the woman has some other method to contact her people…”

“Here, she won’t be able to send out even a single hair. Even if she somehow manages to do so, her life is not as important as my granddaughter’s.” Master Give picked up a new cup, poured himself some tea, and sipped on it. “Those people only have one thing over me. They still need me to retrieve their things, so they will not harm her.”

Previously, he had kept the girl around because he did not know about his granddaughter’s situation, afraid that he was unable to save her. Now that he had other people’s help, as long as they kept a good watch over the girl to make sure that she did not contact her people, what was there for him to be afraid of?

Han Chu nodded. Since the other party had already come up with a solution, and he had completed his role of providing a reminder, there was no need to go around in circles anymore. “Master Eight is an expert at moving people. Xiao Shuang has already handed the clues that Tony found to Xiao Su. It’s enough for him and his disciple to make the move. We should leave the rescue to them. On our side, naturally, we have to hurry. We should retrieve the military arms as soon as possible.”

Master Five was stunned. “What military arms?”

Ye Shuang was stunned in return. “Master Five, do you wish to abandon us after we’ve helped you? We help you save your granddaughter, and you hand over what those people wanted you to look after for them to us. Isn’t that a fair trade?”

Master Five did not know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Ye Shuang and then at Master Eight. “I really thought you were here to work together on a job, but you’ve been eyeing those things from the beginning.”

Master Eight harrumphed with dissatisfaction. “Did you think I was kidding when I said I was going to retire? If not for this bunch of kids misusing my name to trick others, do you think I would come here to muddy the water?”

“The next generations are the debt collectors from our previous lives.” Master Five finally understood the whole situation. After he found out that he had been lied to, he was not mad. After all, the ending was a positive one. However, he was shocked.

How come the children these days are so audacious?

Scamming their senior and scamming their master was one thing, but if not for this incident, if he had really gotten into a serious business with them, then in the end, would it not have meant that he would have ended up being cheated? Were they not afraid that he would take revenge after he found out the truth?

Xiao San returned to the second floor after dealing with the girl. “Grand uncle, the woman has been locked in the basement. All her electronic products have been confiscated, and there is a family of five looking after her. Unless her people can materialize out of thin air, they are not going to reach her without tipping us off.”

Master Five nodded and stood up. “I wish to take our guest for a walk. Remember, do not let any outsiders into the village.”

Han Chu and Ye Shuang naturally followed behind Master Five. They guessed that Master Five was taking them to the place where the military arms were hidden.

After all, Master Five was their senior. Even though he did not give any specific orders, once they left the village, four people followed. Other than acting as his bodyguards, one of them carried a large travel bag. It was probably just in case Master Five needed a snack.

Leaving the village, climbing the mountain, along the way, Ye Shuang saw the young man who carried the large bag produce a staff, a bottle of mineral water, and several apples to offer Master Five. He then grabbed a scythe out of the bag and hacked away the brush at the front of the group. He was as caring and as universally-useful as Doraemon.

Ye Shuang could not help but gasp in shock. “How long have you been training for this?”

Master Five was being pushed and pulled by a pair of young men up a steep rock cliff. While he caught his breath, he rolled his eyes but did not speak. The young man who was leading the way made use of this opening to smile shyly. “There hasn’t been any training. We often use this mountainous path, so you pick up these skills after you’ve been around Master Five for long.”

“Practice makes perfect.” Ye Shuang sighed.

Master Five probably felt like his face had been threatened. After he got up the slope, he pushed the young men who helped him up away. He fixed his clothes and huffed. “I’m getting old already. Back when I was still in the business, trekking over the mountain with a bunch of people wouldn’t have affected the schedule planned for the next day at all.”

Ye Shuang gave Han Chu a pull as well. Compared to the two young men, she made it look it she did not use much strength to pull Han Chu up. It looked as easy as pulling a wildflower off the road.

Hearing that, Ye Shuang smiled. “In my opinion, Master Five, you teach your people well. Looks at how well-defined the job is split within the people… By the way… normally, how do you make sure people stay away from the village? What if someone really came to investigate? You couldn’t just chase them away, right?”

Without waiting for Master Five to answer, Han Chu said lightly, “That’s simple, there’s tragedy both natural and manmade. To create some problems for the local boss couldn’t have been simpler. For example, placing a punctured car on one of the roads that you have to use, or saying that two of the bigger families are in the middle of a fight and the village is not open to guests at the moment, or find some ruffians to create a gang fight. Weapons have no eyes. Even if the outsiders were injured, that was their fault for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Kid, are you one of us?” Master Five was shocked. “Then again, that should be expected. You are Master Eight’s junior. Even though you might not be in the business, it’s natural for you to know about the rules.”

Han Chu glanced at him but did not speak. Those who are familiar with these things, other than the criminals themselves, are the police who are tasked with capturing them…