Chapter 256 - Oscar-Worthy Performances (1)

Chapter 256: Oscar-Worthy Performances (1)

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Even though she had vomited all over the place, she had survived the most difficult part. All that remained was the key part where the secret would be revealed—of course, Rong Su had to stay there for it as well or else the vomit would have been an absolute waste.

Mo Xiao Xia drove her own car. Ye Shuang and Rong Su, who had rushed over from the set, borrowed her car to change their clothes. Thankfully, there was equipment in Mo Xiao Xia’s car to do something like that. Then, the girls rushed to drive Celebrity Luo’s car while Brother Shuang carried the string of human dumplings and placed them inside Mo Xiao Xia’s car.

Su Zheng’s thin nylon rope was tied in a special way. The thing was definitely not as strong as iron wire with which one could lift adults up, but the good thing was that it was thin and strong. If the captive tried to force an escape, then their joints might be broken. Furthermore, these four were still unconscious—it would take them at least two hours before they would wake up.

Therefore, the two cars returned just like that to the city. When they arrived at Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment, Ye Shuang realized that the three girls who sat in the same car were in a good relationship. They chatted nonstop as they got out from the car.

“Brother Ye, Xiao Su knows how to do incredible magic. We cannot tell at all where she hid those things!” Mo Xiao Xia ran over happily.

Su Zheng, who knew magic, was also very happy. “Su Su has the ticket to Beijing’s XX Auction! Before this, Brother Zhang could only get two tickets, and he would never bring me… Humph! This is work discrimination!”

Song Ru, who had great connections, held Mo Xiao Xia, and her eyes glowed. “I just talked to Little Tang Ni!”

“…Very good.”

They helped the undo the knots on the unconscious quartet. For the sake of safety, Ye Shuang found a bottle of red wine from inside Mo Xiao Xia’s car and splashed some on the group’s clothes. Then, she held one in each hand while the other two were dragged along by the three girls as they were into the elevator at Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment.

The elevator stopped twice. Once was at the first floor. A family of three entered the elevator and saw the weird group of people. Thankfully, the mother and daughter recognized Ye Shuang and asked him for a signature. Rong Su tossed an anticipatory gaze to the man of the family, but the man did not have the habit of watching chick flicks. He was confused being stared by Rong Su. In fact, he even shuffled away from her as a precaution.

The second stop was on the seventh floor. It was an old man gasping for air who entered the elevator. When the elevator opened and he saw the confused gazes of the people inside it, he explained with a laugh, “My home is on the twenty-seventh floor. I thought about taking the stairs as exercise, but I couldn’t make it past 7th floor.”

After a while, he turned to look at the group. Smelling the thick haze of alcohol, he frowned. “Why would your friend start drinking in broad daylight?”

The three girls looked at each other and played dead. Ye Shuang said calmly, “Yes, I also think it’s a bit much. I’ll have a talk with them after they wake up.”

The elevator continued to move upward, and no one got in anymore. However, the unlucky part was that Ye Shuang felt the body of the man next to her started to nudge.

Will the camera record this if I knock them out again?

“Brother Ye?” Su Zheng felt a small kick on her leg. She blinked and turned around. Then she sucked in a cold breath as she saw the man in the cap had his eyes flickering. The elevator was on the tenth floor—there were still twenty floors to Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment.

When the man in the cap opened his eyes, he was confused and temporarily had no idea what had happened. But three seconds later, it slowly dawned on him. He started to curse and struggle. “F*ck you, I…”

Before he could finish, Mo Xiao Xia had the quickest reaction. She tossed the person whom she was holding toward Su Zheng and then raised her hands to slap the man on his face. Then she picked up her bag and pummeled the man in the cap. “Drink! Drink! Drink! All you know is drink! The doctor has already told you your stomach is not good, but you still go out drinking with those friends of yours every time!”

“What are you talking about? Ouch! You think I won’t get angry… Cough! Ouch! You bitch… Ouch!” After being beaten so many times, the man finally piped down. Brother Shuang used his strength to firmly capture the man’s hands behind his back. He could not even struggle loose, much less retaliate.

The old man and the family of three inside the elevator were stunned. They had not seen a girl as aggressive as this before. After the man in the cap called Mo Xiao Xia a bitch, she had even picked up her dress and gone for the thing between the man’s legs. This had made the old man and the man of the family flinch involuntarily. The way they looked at Mo Xiao Xia changed. Following the scream of mercy, the man in the cap fell to his knees, and tears were pouring out of his eyes. Who said Chinese girls were soft?

“Little… little girl…” The old man who had walked up seven floors felt like his heart was going to stop. He advised weakly, “You should try to talk it out with your boyfriend first. Don’t use… such drastic actions.”

Mo Xiao Xia covered her face and snuggled into Rong Su’s chest and started to cry. She tried her best not to let them see her face. If one of these people recognized her from the television, there would be rumors that Mo Xiao Xia was some kind of scary girlfriend.

At the nineteenth floor, the elevator made a ‘ding’ sound. The family of three rushed out in a hurry, leaving behind the old man who was hesitating over the idea of taking the stairs.

The door started to close. The man in the cap seemed like he recovered slightly from the sound of the elevator door. He wiped away his tears and started to crawl up from the ground. He wanted to tell the public that he had been kidnapped and needed their help.

Su Zheng felt rather embarrassed that the spotlight had been stolen by an amateur earlier and felt like her ability to think on the spot was challenged, so she immediately stepped up to the plate. “What else do you have to say for yourself? If you refuse to change, I’ll tell Brother Lin that you’re bullying our Xiao Xia again.”

The threat was not much, but while Su Zheng scolded him, she also slapped the man on his face with his own ID card. The man in the cap shut up immediately. He thought that he had seen a ghost when he saw his ID card. His eyes bulged with disbelief as he looked at the group. His forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Rong Su sighed. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime…”

The man in the cap could only watch, speechless.

They finally arrived on the twenty-seventh floor, and the old man rushed out of the elevator immediately. The last remaining three floors were safe.

They dragged the man in the cap and the other three who were still unconscious into Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment, and Su Zheng tied them up again. Then Ye Shuang had time to sit down and slowly ask after the truth. “Xiao Su, have you found something?”

Based on her action in the elevator, she obviously knew something that would make the man shut up. At least, they had a lead to work on. Most likely, she had already contacted Ol’ K in the car on their way over to find out the person who hired these people.

Su Zheng nodded and prodded Mo Xiao Xia in a mocking manner. “It’s because of Xiao Xia’s admirer. That Mr. Lin has friction with his family in terms of business. After they heard about Xiao Xia, they thought about kidnapping her as a hostage.”

Ye Shuang looked at the man, and the man in the cap turned his head away.

Rong Su was curious. “Just now, you’ve been talking about Mr. Lin, but who is this Mr. Lin?”

“It’s the owner of Xiang Jiang’s Tian Wang Media’s… little brother.” After Ye Shuang answered, she asked, “Even so, that doesn’t make much sense. Do they have a way to sneak Xiao Xia out of Shanghai to Xiang Jiang without people noticing?”

But from this point, the concern Mr. Lin had for Mo Xiao Xia was at least sincere. Xiao Xia’s safety would be able to shake his principle. The kidnappers must have a valid source; they would not have kidnapped a random person off the road to negotiate with Mr. Lin.

Mo Xiao Xia grumbled. “Lin Yu is now in Shanghai! He said that it’s because he has business to discuss with uncle… Humph! Who doesn’t know what kind of business he’s used to in Xiang Jiang‽ What kind of business would people like him need to discuss?”

“In other words, the man’s real business is to come here to chase after the beauty!” Su Zheng said confidently. Then she was smacked jokingly by Mo Xiao Xia, and she cackled.

Rong Su looked at Ye Shuang. “Brother Ye, who are the people that we’ve captured anyway?”

“The Xiang Jiang Mafia?” Ye Shuang asked Su Zheng.

Su Zheng consoled Mo Xiao Xia and ran back to nod. “Yes. Even though I have no idea what kind of conflict it is, I’m sure it has something to do with Lin Yu and his family.”

Ye Shuang nodded back and then took out a familiar phone. She looked through it and then made a call. Mo Xiao Xia looked at the phone and the familiar looking bear decoration. Ten seconds later, she realized with a shock, “That’s my phone!”

“Yea, when you used your bag to hit him earlier, it felt out… Hello? Mr. Lin?” After Ye Shuang dropped a lie to confuse the girl, she stood up with the phone and walked away, leaving behind an anxious Mo Xiao Xia.

“Don’t call him!”

Mo Xiao Xia rushed over with a flushed face, trying to grab Ye Shuang, but Rong Su held her back and said, “Brother Ye knows what he’s doing. Let’s not disturb him at his work.”

Even though Su Zheng had a good impression of Mo Xiao Xia, she was more cooperative with the agent, so naturally, she helped Rong Su hold the girl back. Just as the two girls held Mo Xiao Xia back, Ye Shuang told Lin Yu everything on the balcony. She hung up after getting the promise that he would come over immediately.

Rice had become porridge. As dissatisfied as Mo Xiao Xia was, she had to accept the fact that Lin Yu was coming.

The poor man in the cap thought that there would be an interrogation, but in the end, they barely even acknowledged him. When they were inside the elevator, the man had thought to himself, I’ll never say anything!

After his identity was exposed by Su Zheng, the thought had changed. If the conditions are fair, perhaps I can say something…

In the end, fate was always cruel. His captors did not even notice his presence. After being captured, he had just been left to the side as decoration. Thinking about the fact that he was not even worth interrogating, the man in the cap felt like his future was incredibly lackluster.