Chapter 79 - A Taunt

Chapter 79: A Taunt

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Naturally, Ye Shuang would not show off her skills since she was just dropping people home; the Yuan siblings wanted to return home, not to heaven. Therefore, other than the initial drift, there was nothing special about Ye Shuang’s driving.

Without the continuous supply of adrenaline, Little Brother Yuan soon lost interest in Ye Shuang. Even though he was still impressed by Brother Ye’s gambling skills, that was not something that could be taught verbally, and it would have been out of place for him to demand that Ye Shuang stop by some roadside convenience store to purchase some die and a dice cup.

Along the way home, Little Brother Yuan received a call on his phone, and Yuan Ruan had started to yawn. She was probably tired from the list of physically-draining activities that she had been involved in recently like horse racing, singing karaoke, playing dice… In deference to his sister, Little Brother Yuan spoke very softly on the phone; he even had his hand over his lips as he spoke.

Ye Shuang glanced in the rear-view mirror but did not say anything. It was not until Little Brother Ruan hung up that she moved her gaze away. After dropping her passengers safely at their destination, Ye Shuang did not hurry to leave. Instead, she pulled out her phone, which had around eighty percent battery left, leaned against a streetlight, and started to read a web novel.

The guard did wander over once to check up on her when he was on patrol duty, but he soon moved away after recognizing Ye Shuang as the person who had dropped off the tenants earlier. Around half an hour after that, before the guard’s second patrol shift began, the elevator opened with a ‘ding’ and out walked Little Brother Yuan.

“Hi.” Ye Shuang exited the app and closed her phone. She stood upright and greeted Little Brother Yuan. The young man was stunned. Obviouslym he did not expect to run into Ye Shuang. After he recovered, he looked left and right before asking cautiously, “What are you doing here?”

Ye Shuang smiled. Standing under the streetlight, it seemed like he was wreathed in a halo; even Little Brother Yuan could not help spacing out looking at him . “I heard you’re going to go observe a car race. I also have the same interest, so that’s why I’m waiting for you here.”

So that’s why… No, wait! Little Brother Yuan sucked in a deep breath as his eyes turned wide with surprise. For that split second, Ye Shuang could see Yuan Ruan’s usual shocked expression on the young man’s face. “How did you know I’m going to a car race‽”

Of course, Ye Shuang could not say that she had overheard it when he was talking on the phone earlier. Instead, she tried to move the topic away. “Actually, I’ve been looking for Yao Zhixing for the past few days; I wonder, will he be there or not today?”

Yao Zhixing!

The name was very well known among San Lin City’s second generation young masters; he was known for always avoiding and challenging the law.

The first time Yao Zhixing made a name for himself was at his sixth birthday party. An unruly child of the guest made Yao Zhixing’s twin sister cry, and when little master Yao heard about it, he dragged his friends to the backyard to fight it out. After winning the fight, he removed the pants from all the offending boys and allowed their cries to fill the hall. Then he chased all the offending girls out of his party. After that war, Yao Zhixing’s name became a legend among San Lin City’s high society even though he was only six years old.

His rebellion did not cease with time. When he was nine, he found out that a newly recruited secretary had sent a flirtatious message to his father, so he went to his father’s office the next day with his group of friends to beat the crap out of the woman and chase her out of the company. When he was thirteen, he caused the discipline teacher of his school to resign, and while he was fifteen, he managed to capture a group of fugitives because they were unlucky enough to have stolen his wallet.

When the police came to award Yao Zhixing with the medal of bravery for helping them apprehend the criminals, the two elders really did not know to cry or to laugh. The two elders’ hair was white from being worried about Yao Zhixing; they were afraid that their son’s aggressive behavior was going to one day get him killed. After the waves of shock, by the time Yao Zhixing got obsessed with underground racing, the two elders had become desensitized to it.

After all, racing was much better than seeking trouble with the street thugs. The car’s quality was guaranteed because his family was rich. As long as he did not drive off the edge of the cliff, he would be fine. He might break a limb or so, but at least he would be alive.

Regardless of the elder’s opinion, among the younger generation, Yao Zhixing was not unlike their leader, especially among those who also had an interest in car racing; Yao Zhixing was practically their spiritual leader. This was observable from the fact that even Fang Han’s friends from the capital did not dare to pick a fight with them.

It was hard for them to win the race because Yao Zhixing had actual skill, and the only way they could win was to hire a professional racer, but where would the fun in that be? Furthermore, if they let slip a few words of sarcasm like they had the tendency to do, a feast of beating would inadvertently be awaiting them.

The mention of Yao Zhixing’s name made Little Brother Yuan’s eyes light up instantly. Imagining the fact that all car racers must know each other, the caution he had disappeared instantly. “Brother Ye also knows Brother Yao‽ I should have known; you’re both members of the underworld, so of course, you know each other!”

Member of the underworld‽ I am an honorable citizen! Ye Shuang glanced at Little Brother Yuan and pouted, but she was too lazy to correct the young man. “Let’s go! Shall we take your car?”

“Sure, why not!”

Little Brother Ye surrendered the car key easily before crawling into the passenger seat. When the car passed through the security hut, the person inside poked his head out, and when he saw Ye Shuang in the driver’s seat, he smiled and said, “Leaving again? Going out with Mr. Yuan?”

Little Brother Yuan breathed with admiration. “Brother Ye, everyone seems to know you.”

Ye Shuang was speechless. This young man is so star-struck that he seems to attach a halo to everything I do.

After the car slid out of the residential area, Little Brother Yuan was excited to know the history between his first and second idol. Ye Shuang, of course, was not able to tell him anything, since she had not even met Yao Zhixing before. Before Little Brother Yuan could see through her lie, she interrupted to ask, “Let’s go to the meet-up point first, and on the way there, do you mind telling me about today’s race?”

“No problem, Brother Ye!” Little Brother Yuan exclaimed excitedly as he pulled out his phone to look through the message he had received earlier. “To be honest, I have not been to many of these midnight races. My friends told me that they’re really exciting, but my family wouldn’t allow me to go out so late at night. Tonight, I was lucky because my parents were already asleep when we reached home, and my sister soon fell asleep because she was too tired.”

Ye Shuang laughed drily. “Passion of the youth, wait, don’t tell me that you aren’t even twenty yet?”

When people grew older, they would come to the realization that things that appeared exciting in their youth were not really that exciting. For example, many high schoolers thought truancy was cool, but actual truants had no money in their pockets and too much time on their hands. When they were old enough to understand the importance of money, the idolization of the rebellious lifestyle would stop.

Furthermore, the truants only looked good in movies; actual truants were either skinny as twigs or flabby with folds of flesh. Six packs? Where were they going to find the money to join the gym? In any case, certain dreams would die with the coming of age.

Little Brother Yuan had a boyish face despite his large frame. It was hard to tell his actual age. Ye Shuang guessed that, at most, he would be twenty. The reality was much more shocking than she expected.

Little Brother Ye scratched his head and said embarrassedly, “Actually, I’m already 25.”

“…You don’t say,” Ye Shuang replied expressionlessly. If not for her strong constitution, the car would have veered off the road already. Just how can this little creature be older than me‽ It makes no sense!

After calming down, Ye Shuang sighed under her breath. “Continue, what about tonight?”

“Brother Ye doesn’t know‽” Little Brother Yuan was shocked before explaining obediently. “Apparently, during the previous race, there were two racers who stepped on each other’s tails. Initially, they planned to settle the score privately, but when they heard Brother Yuan was coming, they cancelled their plans because they were afraid to make trouble while Brother Yuan was around. So today will be the rematch… I hear there’s a betting pool. Brother Ye, are you planning to place any bets‽”

“What about you?” Ye Shuang glanced at Little Brother Yuan.

“I’m still undecided.” Little Brother Yuan scratched his head again. “To be honest, I’m probably just going to spectate. I hear these kinds of private races are even more exciting than normal races.”

“They are quite exciting.” Ye Shuang did not deny it as she kept the car on the road. “If the racers already have personal history between them, they might rely on dirty tricks like blocking the road, shoulder-rubbing… In the worst-case scenario, there might even be death.”

Even though she had not seen this in person, this was something easily imaginable. People had a tendency to act rashly when they were angry. It was not uncommon for a verbal argument to escalate into a physical one due to anger. It was probably the same for car racing.

Once one party shot ahead, the other might view it as a taunt. A taunt could easily lead to the feeling of shame, and that shame could eclipse one’s rationality, causing the racer to resort to illegal means. When both parties started to cheat, one could imagine what the result would be.

Little Brother Yuan obviously did not think as far as Ye Shuang. In his mind, this was merely an exciting activity; he had not thought that there would be any danger to it. “Brother Ye, you’re exaggerating…”

Ye Shuang smiled and was about to say something when a car from behind them increased speed and caught up to them, the modified engine howling like the wind. The two cars were so close to each other that the windows were almost touching. Little Brother Ye, who was unlucky enough to be sitting on that side, got the scare of his life.

Ye Shuang squinted in the dark as the car shot past them. As it did so, the window of the car rolled down, and a hand reached out to flip them the bird.