Chapter 207 - Good Cop, Bad Cop (1)

Chapter 207: Good Cop, Bad Cop (1)

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The conversation with Zuo Yuanhang excited Ye Shuang a lot. For others, facing Zuo Yuanhang might be a torture. After all, when facing someone who demanded a lot from others and even more from himself, a normal person would feel pressured. It would feel like an incision had been made using a surgery scalpel and everything from skin to organs was exposed fully to others.

Zuo Yuanhang was more familiar with using data and facts to make his points. During their conversation, Ye Shuang realized that the man was an expert in using logical analysis. It was because of this that most people would have trouble breathing before him—he would always use his cold voice to point out all of their mistakes and, combined that with the support of factual data, shatter their emotional and hopeful response.

That gaze that seemed to suggest he was looking at a dummy would shame anyone, like their low IQ was wasting his time. Even Zuo Feiyang, the biological little brother, could not escape that fate before Zuo Yuanhang. Even though his big brother would not say anything shaming to him—in fact, Zuo Yuanhang was considerably more patient with him compared to others—that gaze that seemed to see through everything made him feel small and juvenile, and that naturally led to feelings of pressure and shame.

However, Ye Shuang felt completely different. Ye Shuang’s conversation depended on the person she was conversing with. For example, if she was chatting with random people, when they were bluffing about the stock market, she would not correct others and let them be. Similarly, when she was chatting with the Go professional players, when they were chatting about cultural history, if Ye Shuang could not bounce the conversation right back, she would be looked down by others.

The people around her were much too boring. It was rare that she would run into a person who had a high IQ. One could imagine how excited Ye Shuang, who thought life was much too boring after her DNA optimization, was. Even though it was not a long conversation, it was a fruitful one.

“Brother Ye, what did you talk about with my big brother this morning‽”

After Zuo Feiyang was asked to leave the office, he quickly left the company. This was because the assistant came to tell him that they might need to talk for some more time before the meeting would be over. He was not going to stay there to wait for his brother to come scold him.

That night, he called Ye Shuang out for a drink. Naturally, the reason was to ask about what happened that morning. He was curious about what was so special about Ye Shuang that his brother was willing to delay the imminent meeting for half an hour to talk to him. Of course, this was unfortunate for those who were part of the later meeting; they had to wait for half an hour and simplify their presentation to make up for the half an hour that was lost so that they could finish the meeting on time.

Therefore, during that half an hour, the people gathered to have a small meeting, deciding on which unimportant details they should remove and waiting anxiously for their boss to arrive. The ending was the boss’ approved of their high efficiency—thus, all future one-hour meetings were changed to half an hour.

When he received the wailing calls from his friends, Zuo Feiyang almost laughed out loud at their misery. However, it also made him more curious about Ye Shuang, who had single-handedly caused this to happen.

“What we talked about… Do you really want to know?” Ye Shuang held the wine glass and looked at Zuo Feiyang with a faded smile.

The latter shared a look with You Yang, and it was You Yang who added, “Brother Ye, why don’t you tell us? Feiyang and I are quite curious. After all, Big Brother Zuo, that type of person… Er, I mean his personality… You know what I’m talking about.”

Ye Shuang did understand it. In her eyes, Zuo Yuanhang was unique, yes, but that was still within an earthling’s standard, so Ye Shuang did not feel that pressured before Zuo Yuanhang. If anything, she had the upper hand a few times. However, this was different for a normal person. If they ran into such a weird character, they could only surrender. Combined with the man’s cold and unfeeling personality… no wonder people avoided him like the plague.

“The content of our conversation… you wouldn’t have understood it anyway because you do not know the details.” Ye Shuang was better than Zuo Yuanhang because she would not be overbearing, so even though the two youngsters knew she was on the same level as Zuo Yuanhang, they did not feel as stressed around Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang thought about it and patiently explained. “I’ll try to explain it… First, the Xi Hwa Organization is a front for a money-laundering organization. Their MO has always been to infiltrate local companies.

“Second, Zuo Yuanhang had already assigned someone to follow Feiyang’s schedule, but someone purposely distracted that person, so he had no idea you have been visiting the casino or else he would have spotted the problem.

“Third, the Xi Hwa Organization was a trial assigned to Feiyang by Zuo Yuanhang, to have you learn from this mistake, so the contract that you might have signed with them was within his control. They contained loopholes that could allow the Si Hai Organization to escape when things hit the fan. Feiyang, you don’t need to worry; Zuo Yuanhang has your back.”

Zuo Feiyang sighed in relief. If there was something that worried him lately, it was definitely the few contracts that he had signed. Since they knew that the Xi Hwa Organization was problematic, the contracts had to be questionable. Originally, he had been worried, thinking he had created a big mess. When Ye Shuang brought up the money-laundering, his breathing almost stopped.

Thankfully, since this was something arranged by his brother, he knew how to settle everything. Even though he was not satisfied that he had been led by his brother again, it was better than falling into the trap of an outsider. Relaxing, Zuo Feiyang sighed after finishing the glass of wine. “My big brother definitely is a far-thinker. Everything is planned before it even starts, and there is no space for error.”

Ye Shuang gave him a side-eye. “No space for error? If the Xi Hwa Organization’s front was not exposed early this time, when they really made a gambler out of you, your big brother would have been too late.”

That’s right! Zuo Feiyang’s eyes glowed, and he felt energized. He had finally caught his big brother’s slip-up. It felt good knowing that… the superman would also make mistake. Thinking about that iceberg face that would be zero degree at all times, and combining that with the expression of regret, Zuo Feiyang could not have felt better.

However, that sensation did not last for long. Zuo Feiyang realized that if he really wanted to prove that his big brother would make mistake, he had to admit he was dumb enough to be swayed by others, and that good buzz got killed immediately. What was so good about being played a fool‽

He got down again. Zuo Feiyang filled up his glass, and his face was as bitter as guard. “I am just dead weight after all!”

You Yang was confused. His friend had been happy a moment ago, so why the mood change‽ They said that a woman’s mood was like the weather, but when did his friend turn into a woman?

“That’s not necessarily true.” Ye Shuang also poured herself a glass, “I originally planned to let you discuss this with your big brother, but… Fine, from how you are acting, you wouldn’t listen to him, so I’ll let you in on some secrets.”

Seeing Zuo Feiyang toss his gaze her way, Ye Shuang smiled. “Good cop, bad cop… Do you know what that is?”

“Huh‽” You Yang had more initiative than Zuo Feiyang. He scooted over to help Ye Shuang pour the wine.

“Your big brother’s attitude is rather tough and couldn’t say any complimentary words if his life depended on it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to purposely go against him or give up the resources that your brother is giving you to prove something.” Ye Shuang flashed a wicked smile. “I prefer to borrow from others. You have something that I don’t? That’s fine, I won’t spend my energy trying to fight for it when you are willing to share it with me.”

Seeing the confusion on Zuo Feiyang’s face, Ye Shuang laid things out clearer. “I mean, you don’t need to insist to be better than your brother.”

Because that was impossible. They were not on the same level when born, and the later effort in life only pushed them further away from each other.

“You only need to cooperate with him or borrow his resources to do things that you want to do.”

The Xi Hwa Organization had done their research on Zuo family brothers and knew that the siblings were in some sort of competition. This was a weakness—Zuo Feiyang could be easily tricked by others when Zuo Yuanhang was not watching. However, it could be an advantage, too. For example, Zuo Feiyang could do whatever he wanted, but when he felt like not doing anything, he only needed to use his brother’s name as an excuse. No one would dare say anything.

Good cop Zuo Feiyang, bad cop Zuo Yuanhang.

Since the Xi Hwa Organization planned to use the Si Hai Organization to make an asset chain, before the ‘asset’ started moving, the siblings could use this to hit back at them. Regardless of whether the ‘asset’ was real or not, since it was already written down in the contract, when they brought this to court, even if they did not have the money, they had to prepare it somehow.

With Zuo Yuanhang’s influence in Chaohai, making the local court work faster was something doable.

“The process still needs to run for a week even with the order from your brother.” Ye Shuang used her glass to clink against Zuo Feiyang’s glass. “So, it’ll be your time to shine next week, little lamb.”