Chapter 353 - Didn’t You Say You’ll Protect Me Forever? (2)

Chapter 353: Didn’t You Say You’ll Protect Me Forever? (2)

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Luther had lost all of his leverage. Even though there were still bodyguards outside, they would be useless even if they rushed in. Thankfully, he knew that Madam Grace would not really kill him, so he complied obediently. He told the other bodyguards to retreat and got into the car as the hostage. Five of them had arrived in three cars, but six left in one car.

Sister Shuang quickly led Madam Grace to Han Chu’s car. What about Celebrity Luo and Madam Grace’s cars? They were each worth more than a small country, so losing a car was nothing.

“We’re overloaded, aren’t we?” Ye Shuang gained the position of the driver’s seat with her unrivalled driving skill. After speeding onto the highway, she looked at the four who had squeezed into the back mirthfully. “Be careful back there. Even though it’s midnight, we might run into a roadblock.”

Madam Grace won the passenger seat because she was injured, so the handling of Luther naturally fell to the men. She was resting with her eyes closed. After all, she had been through a lot that night. Hearing the mocking from Sister Shuang, feeling curious about her superhuman fighting ability and interesting point of view, Madam Grace could not help open her eyes and turn to look. “Young lady, you’re very good at your job, and your talent shouldn’t be wasted just like that… Why don’t you come work for me?”

Ye Shuang rejected the offer with a smile. “Thank you, Madam, but I’m sorry, my boss still hasn’t given me my bonus, so if I change jobs now, I’ll be missing on the money.”

“It’s just money. I can offer you much more if you want.” Madam Grace did not think that money was a problem—a real talent was worth everything.

“Madam, I don’t think so.” Ye Shuang’s expression did not shift, and she continued to joke with a smile. “Other than money, there’s something else I need to get from my boss.”

“…” Han Chu.

“Oh, love?” Madam Grace accepted this reason. She nodded, closed her eyes, and ended this topic. Even though she looked down on love, it was undeniable many women valued a good relationship. If a woman had a man they loved, it was possible for them to make even the most illogical decision.

A perspective was hard to change—at the very least, it was not something that could be changed with a few words—so after hearing that she would not be able to convince Sister Shuang, she decided to stop her persuasion. That day, the most nervous person was Cedrick, the calmest was Han Chu, and the most surprised was Luo Mingxin.

Well, surprised was too light a word—his world was turned upside down. Even though he had no idea what had really happened that day, everything was still fresh in his mind. No matter how deep his yearning for an adventure, compared to Sister Shuang’s performance, Luo Mingxin had to admit that he was lagging years behind.

Reaction time was one thing, and overall ability was another. After escaping the danger, thinking back to before, Luo Mingxin could not help but relive the experience. In the end, he had to admit that this was a world that did not suit him at all. If Sister Shuang or the others had not done anything, everyone’s lives that night would have been left in the hands of an injured lady, Madam Grace. What was a single plastic gun going to do anyway?

Luo Mingxin suddenly felt scared for his life.

“Mr. Luther, I wish to ask about the theft. I hope you don’t mind.” Han Chu already entered his work mode. He toyed with the pistol that Ye Shuang had handed him. “You’ve seen the crime scene, and I believe you already have an initial impression. Just based on what you think, how much did the thief know about you and your group?”

Luther chuckled bitterly; he was not in a spot to reject answering. Furthermore, he believed that Han Chu was from the same side as Madam Grace, considering the fragile yet existent ally relationship between them. Even if he was still cautious, Luther ultimately did not think that they would bring the whole ship down with them.

Therefore, after giving it some thought, Luther cooperated by answering, “I believe that the thief should know my villa very well. I trust that you won’t doubt the importance of the stolen document. So, naturally, the place that stored the document was very well hidden. Other than myself and a few of my men, no one knew where it was.”

“It was my trusted men who discovered theft. Other than being hidden, the location was heavily guarded. Based on what I know, if the culprit hadn’t infiltrated my system, there is only a handful of people in the world who would be able to get through the heavy defenses in minutes.”

At this point, Luther’s eyes turned subconsciously toward Cedrick.

“What are you looking at me for?” Cedrick was first confused before it led to annoyance. “I would not do something as immoral as that!”

As someone who valued honor among thieves, Cedrick argued indignantly. “I would always leave an open announcement before I do any job, or do you still suspect me?”

Ye Shuang could not help but chuckle, and Cedrick changed his target. “Now what is the meaning of this snicker?”

“Just a need to release the breath in my lungs,” Ye Shuang said matter-of-factly.

Han Chu stopped them from leading the topic further astray. “Then, from your perspective, Mr. Luther, how big are the chances of your system being infiltrated?”

Then, Han Chu was kind enough to provide some hints. “Can all of your men be trusted? Other than yourself, have you checked your men’s close friends? On top of that, are you sure that they are all bright enough to ensure they wouldn’t be led to expose your secret?”

His questions were so sharp that Luther, who wanted to deny it, initially could not help but ponder about it.

He had full trust in his people’s loyalty, but their intelligence… Luther coughed awkwardly. Now that he thought about it, none of his people were that bright. The few that had brains were assigned to do paperwork, so those who stayed to protect the document that was stored inside a chip were the musclemen.

Other than incredible geniuses, how many people in the world were gifted both intellectually and physically?

“I understand.” Han Chu nodded, reading the answer from Luther’s awkward silence. “Looks like the chance of an internal leak is very high.”

Luther refused to admit it. “It’s not important how the secret was leaked—the important issue is who the thief is.”

He used a resolute gaze to scan everyone else in the car and chided, “If someone noticed or knew about my investigation beforehand, who can say that she wouldn’t be compelled to do something?”

The male and female pronouns were quite distinctive in English. Madam Grace was not angered by the insinuation. She lifted her eyes open slightly and chuckled coyly before closing her eyes.

How come it feels like I’m being looked down on? Luther thought indignantly. I didn’t mistake the meaning, right? She’s mocking me, right?

There was a sign for a verbal war to continue. However, since Luther was in a disadvantageous position, no matter how sharp his tongue was, it was just for show. Madam Grace could barely summon the interest to tussle with the defeated opponent. She kept her eyes closed to rest until they reached her villa.

Along the way, Luther spent more time talking with Han Chu. With the latter’s combined intelligence and cunning, it was natural to assume that the former had revealed a lot of information without realizing it.

Luther was finally released when they arrived. Even though the gun was still there, at least he could finally move his limbs. Madam Grace was not going to make things difficult for him. She ordered her people, “Arrange a room for Mr. Luther and send a doctor to my room. I need him to redress the wound.”

After the people left, Madam Grace turned to Cedrick and Luo Mingxin, her eyes wandering between them. “Are you going to stay?”

One had the looks, and the other was true love—Madam Grace found it impossible to choose. Of course, it would be perfect if they could coexist peacefully, but the one with true love would not share her with another man, and the one with the looks had not really accepted her pursuit. Therefore, Madam Grace could only maintain her distance and see how things progressed later.

After a night of too much fun, Luo Mingxin was tired, and he had also lost a car. The multiple losses ravaged his soul, and he was in no mood to deal with anything else, not the mention the woman before him, who was one of the most dangerous individuals in the country. Therefore, ‘Brother Shuang’ kindly rejected the offer. “I don’t think so. Thank you very much, but I think I shall return for my rest.”

Madam Grace nodded and did not say anything else. She turned to Cedrick with her brow raised. “What about you?”

Cedrick was way past the age to yearn for his mother’s love. He was hanging around now due to a lack of closure and some minute emotions that he could not understand himself. He realized that it was not a day for a deep talk, so he too rejected the offer. “I’ll return to the hotel.”

Madam Grace felt some regret. “Alright then, I’ll have my people send you back.”

She did not ask about Han Chu and Sister Shuang; she obviously had no intention of inviting them to stay. Han Chu had gotten all the information that he needed, so similarly, he did not linger and went on his merry way.

They split, and Luo Mingxin tagged along with Han Chu and Ye Shuang. They were going the same way, so in the end, only Cedrick needed help from Madam Grace.

“Shall we ask the fatty?” It was still Ye Shuang who drove. As she started the engine, she pulled out her phone with her other hand and smiled wickedly. “It’s my belief that the fatty still kept a contingency plan around Madam Grace or Luther. If we have his technical support, we might be able to hear their discussion live.”

Han Chu glanced at Luo Mingxin, who was removing the silicone mask in the backseat, through the rearview mirror. He asked lightly, “Now?”

Ye Shuang smiled. “Well, Brother Luo already knows more than enough, so I don’t see how knowing one more bit will hurt.”

Luo Mingxin tossed the mask away and patted his handsome face before issuing a sad smile, “No, I think it’s better for me to know less.”

Then, he sighed. “I suddenly realized that being a superstar is not that bad. A handsome, talented person like myself deserves to be admired. If something like this happens in the future, please don’t look for me again.”

What was so good about being a police officer? He knew that his youthful dream was a stupid one… well, not only stupid but also lethal.