Chapter 458 - Inviting a Fox into a Henhouse

Chapter 458: Inviting a Fox into a Henhouse

When the important 3 am arrived, Su Zheng was as fast asleep as a dead pig. When she was forced awake, she did not snap right back to reality. The blurry-eyed girl had completely forgotten about the escape plan and tried to crawl back into bed, mumbling incoherently that she needed ten more minutes.

“If you sleep for ten more minutes, you’re going to stay here forever!”

“Hmm?” A thick nasally voice came from the bed. When she heard that it was a male voice, Su Zheng regained a trace of alertness and poked half of her head out of the covers. “Brother Shuang? Why… Huh‽ Brother Shuang, why are you in my bedroom‽”

Ye Shuang resisted the urge to yank the girl out from the bed and kept reminding herself that she was in her male form to prevent herself from gaining the reputation of a pervert. “We said to escape at 3 am, remember?”

Glancing at the watch, three minutes had passed, and it was wasted on an unimportant event like waking the hostage up! That was so unprofessional!

After wasting another three minutes for the brain to wake up, Su Zheng snapped out of it immediately. She crawled out from bed and revealed a bright smile. “It’s too hard to close your eyes and pretend to sleep, and it’s already night, so… Achoo!”

“…Careful of catching the flu.” Ye Shuang was speechless. She picked up a jacket and tossed it over. “Get ready to jump out from the window.”

“Wait a minute.” Su Zheng quickly put on the jacket and pulled on Brother Shuang, who was walking to the window. “Before, in the bathroom, I forgot to tell you something. I just remembered this—there’s a secret at this villa.”

“Hmm?” Ye Shuang turned around with confusion. “They told you something like that?”

Su Zheng was confused as well. “I also can’t quite understand it. The big boss knows I’m a thief and Master Eight’s pupil. I don’t know where he got the confidence to trap me here and think I won’t notice something is off.”

It was like inviting a fox into a henhouse.

“Now, safety is more important.” Ye Shuang thought about Su Zheng’s professionalism and instantly understood that the big boss had probably underestimated her from her attitude. For an expert thief, analyzing the locations of important items was instinctual. If Su Zheng went into a house to steal at night, the private money that the wife failed to find for a month could be found by Su Zheng with one glance.

Even though she was intrigued, Ye Shuang finally shook her head regretfully. “We’ll talk about that when we’re out. We’ll get Brother Han’s opinion first.”

She could not ensure that she would be in tip-top form. If her issue played up during an emergency, they would be in much bigger trouble.

The big boss already needed to rest, and his work was not as many as people imagined. The casino had someone to handle it, and after the business found its footing, it only needed someone to look over it. Other than that, there was nothing that really needed him to be present. In other words, the real thing that the boss was busy on was finishing a transaction with a foreign force. At midnight, when the moon was high, the big boss was soundly asleep. Other than the soft lights from the few outdoor sconces, the place was dark.

There was no overnight patrol, only a few bodyguards who stayed on the first floor to guard the place. After all, Luo Bei Village was a unique locale. Normally, people who entered it would be heavily scrutinized. Furthermore, a location like the big boss’ villa had high tech scanning devices. Manpower would get tired, but machines would not. The big boss had complete faith in the power of technology and believed that, in the villa that was surrounded by infrared lines and security alarms, there would not be any accidents. The whole villa was silently wrapped by the night. Suddenly, a ringtone appeared, shattering the silence.

Three seconds later, a hand reached out from inside the bed. He grabbed the phone on the bedside table and answered it. The big boss grabbed a robe to put it on, crawled out from bed, and stood there barefooted. “What’s going on?”

As a successful boss with a hidden identity, the big boss had more than one phone that he used to maintain contact with the outside world. The normal phone would be shut off after dinner, so to contact him at a time like this, it had to be someone very important.

“I hear you’ve lost something.” A sweet female voice came from the other side. Mixed into the merry voice, there was this mocking tone that the owner did not even wish to hide. “And you’ve captured Master Eight’s little student?”

The big boss moved the phone away with a frown and placed it before his eyes to look at the caller. Then he placed it back to his ear unwillingly. “Why would you suddenly think to call me?”

Probably realizing that was not the important question, he changed the subject and continued. “If I really can’t get the thing back, I’ll let her go eventually, but now I still need her to fish out the party behind her.”

The woman laughed. “Don’t you understand why the other people have retired?”

The topic jumped so fast that the boss was temporarily lost.

Thankfully, the woman did not really want his answer, and she continued on her own. “There is honor among thieves. Our parents’ generation was a chaotic world, and that kind of situation provided a stage for such people. In fact, some officials might employ these ‘experts’. But nowadays? Everyone is expanding peaceful, and you insist on holding onto a whole mountain as your base. Isn’t that an invitation for the police to come catch you?”

The big boss was unhappy and walked to the balcony to take in some fresh air to calm down. “There are black and white forces in the world. Plus, I won’t cross the line.”

“Don’t think giving Master Eight face means that you’re not in trouble.” The woman tutted. “You don’t know this right? That little girl has government connections.”

“What? But she…”

He stopped speaking because his eyes widened in the dark as he noticed a uniquely familiar figure following a man in the courtyard, and they were stealthily making their way to the wall.

When did this girl go out? And the infrared? The alarms? Have my own people bought cheap and defective products?

“Hello? Are you still there?”

The big boss gritted his teeth. “I’ll call you back. I have two mice to catch.”