Chapter 257 - Oscar-Worthy Performances (2)

Chapter 257: Oscar-Worthy Performances (2)

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Lin Yu arrived very soon. Like Mo Xiao Xia said, the man was not really there for work. The young man’s real purpose for coming to Shanghai was to find a girlfriend, so naturally, the apartment that he had rented was close to Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment.

In less than twenty minutes, Lin Yu arrived with his bunch of lackeys… no, his underlings and pressed the doorbell of Mo Xiao Xia’s home. Mo Xiao Xia refused to answer the door in protest, so as the only man in the room, Ye Shuang had to represent her to welcome the guests.

The first thing that Lin Yu did was misplace his focus, and he asked Ye Shuang with guardedness, “Speak! What is your relationship with Xiao Xia?

Body, full marks; face, full marks; presence, full marks…

In conclusion… threat, full marks!

Plus, the man was able to show up at Mo Xiao Xia’s home, which he had been unable to gain entry to! Lin Yu’s fingers started to twitch, and his gaze moved to the underlings behind him like he had the thought of ordering them to toss Ye Shuang out of the room.

In her mind, Ye Shuang rolled her eyes. I will never be interested in girls!

Ye Shuang was too lazy to explain herself, so she pulled out a handgun, and as the mobsters watched on like they had seen a ghost, she twisted the weapon like she was drying a towel. The gun was twisted to become a braid, and then Ye Shuang tossed it back to one of Lin Yu’s underlings and smiled. “Looks like the stuff from Xiang Jiang isn’t good quality… Please come in, I think we should focus on the fact that Mo Xiao Xia was ambushed.”

The underling looked at the braided gun for half a minute. Then he seemed to realize something, and his hands went to his waist. It was indeed his gun, but when was it taken?

This stunned Lin Yu. At the very least, his attitude was more cautious than before, and he stopped treating Ye Shuang as someone who just had a pretty face.

They just sat down in the living room, and the underlings immediately separated. One went to the water machine to fetch a glass of water, the other went to find the ashtray, while the remaining two stood behind Lin Yu, who sat on the sofa. One placed the cigarette on Lin Yu’s lips, and the other helped with the lighter. Ye Shuang only needed to take a glance to understand why the man had failed to win the girl.

Puffing out the cloud of smoke, Lin Yu’s gaze swept the group of men who were tied up and quickly moved away like they were as uninteresting as furniture. He asked Ye Shuang, “And who might you be?”

The man in the cap felt even more depressed. Is there no one who is interested in us?

Thankfully, Ye Shuang still remembered the focus, and she smiled. “Mr. Lin and I will still have the chance to work together in the future, but now, shouldn’t we focus on the things regarding Miss Mo?”

Lin Yu shook his head. “You don’t need to worry about that; I don’t need other people to be worried about my woman’s business. I will deal with those people, but you have to tell me how you are involved. I have very thin patience, don’t make me repeat myself.”

The thing that annoyed Mo Xiao Xia the most about Lin Yu was his conceitedness. She stomped over to the man and kicked his shin. “Who is your woman? Who allowed you to talk to my Sister Shuang’s friends like that? Who needs you to be worried about my business‽”

Lin Yu’s underlings were all glaring at Ye Shuang in unison in support of their boss, but after Mo Xiao Xia assaulted their boss, they all turned away subconsciously. Lin Yu shook from being kicked—even the smoke fell from his lips. His face grimaced as he rubbed his shin. He took in a cold breath and looked at Mo Xiao Xia with suppressed patience. His lips opened several times but did not say anything. Seeing this, Ye Shuang finally understood why the kidnappers would have the impression that Mo Xiao Xia had the capability of threatening Lin Yu.

Su Zheng sighed. “This is such a complicated food chain…”

Mo Xiao Xia reached out to hit Su Zheng, and Su Zheng escaped in a hurry.

Ye Shuang… was too tired to deal with the pair of girls. Turning her gaze away from the girls, Ye Shuang curved up her lips and said, ” Mr. Lin, I’m sure you’re also concerned about Miss Mo’s safety. In that case, why don’t we work out the problem before us first?”

Rong Su widened her eyes and looked on with interest but no words. Lin Yu initially did not even notice the girl. Mo Xiao Xia was his crush. Su Zheng looked energetic and sunny, but Rong Su did not stand out. She had make-up on since she came from work, so she was pretty, but she was no different from the women that Lin Yu had played with in the past. After the two girls left and Rong Su was left behind, she started to stand out. Realizing how someone had been closely following his humiliation, Lin Yu also could not help but be a little embarrassed.

With a dry cough, he pretended that nothing was out of place. Lin Yu tried his best to ignore the pain coming from his shin and said, “Hmm… fine, then we’ll do it your way.”

After being kicked by Mo Xiao Xia, Lin Yu was more open to opinions from other people. Giving a look to his underlings, the four nodded and turned around at the same time. They walked toward the man in the cap who was looking at them with anticipation. They had done many interrogations before, but this was the first time that they had run into someone who could not wait for their interrogation.

The group was carried by Lin Yu’s people into the gym. Ye Shuang acted like she had no idea what was happening next door. After the door closed, she continued. “Then it’s time to discuss our problem… Actually, without thinking, we know those few people were sent by Mr. Lin’s enemy, but Mr. Lin, have you wondered how they know about Miss Mo’s schedule so accurately?”

Mr. Lin shrugged. “Finding that out is quite simple—even my phone contains Xiao Xia’s schedule for the rest of the month. Finding a chance to kidnap her is too simple.”

If he did not know Mo Xiao Xia’s schedule like the back of his palm, how was he going to show up every time to brush up on his presence? Even though, until now, he had been nothing but a nuisance to Xiao Xia.

Ye Shuang smiled but did not answer.

Mr. Lin frowned. “Are you suggesting it’s not that simple? Could there be a traitor?”

Having a leak and using money to buy information like Mr. Lin did were two completely different things. If there was really a traitor, then the person would have done more than leaking Mo Xiao Xia’s schedule. Perhaps, in the future, when the time was right, this inside traitor would cause unimaginable damage.

Ye Shuang still smiled and said nothing. How would she know whether there was a traitor or not? However, with the current situation, even if there was not, she would treat it like there was. How was she going to find a client if Mr. Lin did not get angry?

Therefore, she was silent for half a minute to increase the mystery. Just as Lin Yu’s patience was about to run dry, Ye Shuang said, “I’m not sure who that person is, but… Mr. Lin, have you considered perhaps the people around you might not be as trustworthy as they appear?”

“Is it really someone around me?” Lin Yu frowned even deeper. With his family situation and his identity, it was not that surprising to have a few traitors. After all, in the past, even the maids hired by the Lin family had once stolen documents from them, but that was in the past, and this was now.

Lin Yu was originally placing his focus on Mo Xiao Xia. Now, he had not even gained the interest of the beauty but was already betrayed by someone. This was something that he was unable to stomach.

“What is your name?” Lin Yu looked at Ye Shuang.

“The name’s Ye Shuang,” Ye Shuang answered politely.

Lin Yu nodded. “Give me the person’s name. I’ll have my people investigate it.”

Ye Shuang stood up with Lin Yu looking at her with confusion. She walked over to the two girls who were running about and captured Su Zheng. Then she placed her on the sofa. “Mr. Lin, you only need to ask her.”

Su Zheng blinked and understood the situation immediately. “Mr. Lin, you only need to investigate the person called Xia Cheng at your company, but that man is well-hidden. If your people cannot handle him, it’d be better not to tip your hand too soon.”

Ye Shuang was afraid that Lin Yu did not have IQ to understand the hint, so she added, “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see Mo Xiao Xia being threatened. If you cannot get any valuable information from Xia Cheng, you can come to us to have us take over the case. Taking care of one Xia Cheng is simple, but once this clue is cracked, it will be easier to sniff out the other traitors in the future.”

Lin Yu treated this seriously since it was related to Mo Xiao Xia. He used his phone to accept the document that was sent to him by Su Zheng. Lin Yu glanced at it and huffed proudly. “Hmm, it’s just one Xia Cheng… You’d better not trying to turn my people against me. If he comes out as innocent, you’ll pay.”

“We’ll be waiting for your return.” Ye Shuang smiled. Of course, Xia Cheng had nothing to do with Mo Xiao Xia. The power behind this man had nothing to do with the Lin family’s old enemy. However, that did not mean that Ye Shuang could not frame the man. As Lin Yu followed the trail, he would soon discover the stuff that Xia Cheng was hiding and would fill in the blanks with the hints dropped by them.

As long as Lin Yu confirmed that Xia Cheng had a relationship with his enemy, even without the evidence of money laundering from Ye Shuang, he would treat Xia Cheng as an enemy. Ye Shuang would come to him then, and if she could convince the man to give her a case, then she would have the budget.

Even if she failed to convince him, it was not the worst—at least she managed to find a free ally. Either way, she was not going to lose from this transaction.

Lin Yu soon left, and he carried the man in the cap’s group with him.

Rong Su had a half understanding of the things that occurred. She was still quite confused, but from the parts that she understood, it sounded so impressive. After the outsiders left, Rong Su grabbed Ye Shuang’s sleeves, and just as “Brother Shuang…” left her lips, her phone rang.

She answered it, and Qian Qianxiang’s angered voice came from the other end. “Xiao Su! The crew said that you were taken away by Ye Shuang. Are you okay?”

What had that man done to his cousin whom he viewed as his sister!

Not knowing what Qian Qianxiang had misunderstood, Rong Su mumbled, “Huh?”