Chapter 459 - While the Iron’s Hot

Chapter 459: While the Iron’s Hot

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

He turned around, hung up the call, and pressed the alarm button. The shrill alarm rang through the silent night, and the people in the villa were immediately jolted into action. Lights came on in the rooms, and the buzz of people asking what had happened shattered the peaceful night.

“Idiots! Out in the courtyard!” the big boss yelled angrily from the second floor. He could not hope that this bunch of goons would realize on their own what the problem was.

The bodyguards who ransacked the villa but could not find the target now had a valid target. They all rushed toward the nearest exit. Ye Shuang, having been exposed, decided to shed the disguise and took Su Zheng to rush toward the wall. She jumped onto the tall wall with a few bounds and used her hands to grab at the ledge. Not even a spark from the electric fence came on. Ye Shuang yanked herself up the wall and bent down to pick up Su Zheng with her legs hooked to the wall. In a collective heave, Su Zheng was lifted into the air like she was some kind of light and weightless doll…

“That’s impressive!” The bodyguards were stunned. Such a powerful core, any man would want it!

Su Zheng, who gripped the edge, was stunned as well. She knew that Brother Shuang was powerful but not to this extent. It was nothing to drag a person up, but doing that while hanging upside down and doing a sit up… was that not a bit unscientific‽

Ignoring the fact that Su Zheng had not recovered, Ye Shuang pulled herself upright, grabbed Su Zheng, jumped down the other side, and escaped. The big boss was speechless. He snapped out of it and scolded angrily, “What are you guys standing there for? Go and catch them back!”

Bunch of idiots!

The bodyguards finally came to. They rushed out of the villa to catch the escaped hostage, but by the time they had taken two steps, in the courtyard that was fine when Su Zheng and Ye Shuang were running through it, all the alarms suddenly came back online. It was as if the alarms were waiting for the bodyguards to step on them. Curses echoed everywhere.

Su Zheng who was carried by Ye Shuang in her arms heard all this and was confused. She could not help pulling on Ye Shuang’s collar. “Brother Shuang, back there…”

Ye Shuang lowered her head to flash a prankish smile. “Tony has taken control over the electronics here. Didn’t I tell you that? Originally, he did not dare take control for too long lest they discovered something was wrong, but now that we’ve already been exposed, of course, the man relished in his pranks.”

“…” Su Zheng silently curled back into Ye Shuang’s embrace. All of Han Chu’s friends were chaotic-leaning pranksters—that was the absolute truth.

The bodyguards were expectedly and unexpectedly lost. Expectedly because Ye Shuang’s group had already planned for everything. Being exposed halfway through was one of them. Even if they were exposed from the beginning, Ye Shuang had ten plans to shake their pursuers loose. Unexpectedly because the speed Ye Shuang had lost them was far faster than predicted. The many different plans and back up plans did not even have the chance to be used. After jumping over the wall, in less than two minutes, they had seemingly evaporated into thin air. The sound of chasing had even disappeared. It was as if the other party was just chasing for show and did not really want to catch them back.

“Of course, there is another possibility.” After successfully rescuing Su Zheng and telling Han Chu everything, the latter thought about it and came up with a fresh hypothesis. “Could it be that another emergency arose, after weighing everything, they decided the other thing is more important?”

“That’s definitely possible.” Ye Shuang thought about it before turning to ask Su Zheng, “I remember you said there’s a secret at that villa?’

Frozen under everyone’s gaze, Su Zheng who was munching on snacks shifted her body uncomfortably. After she swallowed the food, she said, “Hmm… Didn’t you say we should forget about that? Actually, I merely noticed that there is an underground level where the big boss keeps his secret. But as you know, I was a hostage…”

Therefore, as someone without personal person, they would not allow her anywhere near the basement. When she was locked up, Su Zheng would occasionally steal from the boss and the people around him to train. Other than to taunt and vent her dissatisfaction, the other reason was to see if she could find any related clues. But they were too good at keeping secrets. Regardless of whether she got the phone or anything personal, she could not find any clues related to the basement.

“Since you’ve stolen the information once already, it’s normal that they hiked up the security.” Han Chu nodded after listening to the explanation.

“But the most important thing is still underground.” Han Chu frowned. “Su Zheng is important to him. After all, she has stolen something very important from him. In other words, to able to make the man surrender chasing after Su Zheng and to focus on something else, that something else must be even more important.”

When he spoke, Han Chu turned to Ye Shuang with a meaningful gaze.

What do you mean by that? You wouldn’t be so unreasonable, right?

But reality proved that the man was that unreasonable.

After waiting for a while and hearing nothing from Ye Shuang, Han Chu continued in a matter-of-fact manner. “Of all the people here, you have the best mobility. To ensure that we obtain the information the fastest way we can… since the iron is still hot, you’d better strike. You need to return.”


“Don’t worry. This time, you only need to get to the perimeter,” Han Chu said shamelessly.

“Boss, our technicians have received an SOS signal of unknown origin.”

In Madam Grace’s room, the thoughts of Cedrick, who would often come here to sit, were interrupted. He returned to reality and took one second to digest the information that he had just been given. Cedrick frowned in confusion. He glanced at the woman in bed and signaled for the man to follow him out. Standing outside the room, and after ensuring the patient inside would not be disturbed, Cedrick turned around to ask, “What kind of SOS signal?”

The man held the iPad and pressed a few times. Then he turned the screen around. “It’s Madam Grace’s personal contact channel. It’s probably someone important, but we don’t know the identity. Only Madam Grace will know what this code represents.”

An important person? People of the same level as Madam Grace in the organization could be someone important, but based on how he understood his own mother, the latter’s current lover could have been this important person as well…

Cedrick held the iPad with a heavy heart. Perhaps he should act like he did not see this SOS signal.