Chapter 208 - Good Cop, Bad Cop (2)

Chapter 208: Good Cop, Bad Cop (2)

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It was time for the Zuo siblings to shine, but this really had nothing much to do with Ye Shuang. After all, she was just taking a cameo role—she was not a paid actress. She helped because it was sort of within her responsibility, but when things were getting back on track, it was natural for her to leave as well.

Asset investigation was the responsibility of the trader, and then the renegotiation after the investigation was Han Chu’s work. Even if Han Chu told Ye Shuang to take up the job when that happened, it could be solved via a video conference. Therefore, Ye Shuang had no reason to stay in Chaohai.

Hence, after the party with Zuo Feiyang that night, considering that she was about to change back to her female form and that she had stayed away from San Lin City for some time already, Ye Shuang packed her bags and went online to book a plane ticket. On the day she transformed back to Sister Shuang, she grabbed her bags and left the city without telling anyone of her departure.

However, what Ye Shuang did not know was that she had just missed someone who hopped on the plane to come see her in Chaohai.

Inside the highest office of the Si Hai Organization, a sharp-eyed young man was in the middle of a confrontation with the cold-faced Zuo Yuanhang. Standing between them was the helpless assistant.

“Three minutes!” Zuo Yuanhang opened his lips slowly to shatter the pressure that seemed to have coagulated in the air. He finally raised his eyes to meet the gaze of the young man. “So far, no one has dared storm into my office so rudely and rashly to disturb an important video meeting and then waste three precious minutes of my time…”

Then, Zuo Yuanhang’s moved away from the young man to fall on the assistant, who was on the verge of tears. His lips curved into a terrifying smile that almost cause the assistant to pee his pants. “Is this because you’ve already planned to find another place to work‽”

The assistant thought about crying on the spot. “Mr… Mr. Zuo, I tried to stop him, but he refused to listen.”

Zuo Yuanhang stood up and walked around the table to stop before the young man. Then he peered behind the young man’s shoulders at the assistant and said lightly, “Oh? I had no idea Si Hai Organization’s reception has fallen into such a state. He has no pass and appointment, and you allowed him to come up just like that?”

This was the Si Hai Organization’s office, not some cheap building or a supermarket where people could wander in and out freely.

“But, Mr. An has an appointment.” The assistant felt like crying as he stammered, “He is… is… is Mr. Ye Shuang’s client, and you said his partner can come up without appointment.”

Ye Shuang… When the name was mentioned, Zuo Yuanhang’s cold aura lightened slightly but did not fully dissipate.

He turned to look at the gloomy young man. He had a hard time imagining why Ye Shuang would work with someone like this, so Zuo Yuanhang could not resist raising his brow. Whether it was the accusation from before or the inquiry now, his tone had not changed, but anyone could hear the condescension in his voice. “So‽ Little boy, why are you here?”

An Zixuan smirked, and his dark eyes moved. The malice in his eyes was apparent, and his words reflected that. “You thought I want to come to work with an idiot like you?”

The assistant could not help but suck in a breath audibly. His eyes were saucers from being so shocked—he had never run into someone who dared to speak that way with his boss.

Zuo Yuanhang narrowed his eyes and looked at the young man who strode to his table and sat down in the seat that belonged to him. He crossed his legs and placed his arms on the table. His eyes wandered over with impatience… like he was the real owner of this office. Then, he mimicked Zuo Yuanhang’s annoyed tone and demanded, “Where’s Ye Shuang? I’m not here to talk to you!”

Zuo Yuanhang waved for the assistant to leave. His eyes glimmered slightly, and he studied An Zixuan from head to toe. “Overly sensitive, sharp, suspicious and paranoid… I don’t know what happened to you, but if you want to cooperate, then convince me of your ability. Don’t assume that the world is turning according to your will.”

Zuo Yuanhang paused slightly and then finished the rest of his spiel. “We don’t accept trash who only know how to make noise here.”

An Zixuan smirked chillingly. “I’m not that able but just able enough. For example, I can give you kind pointers on the places where the people from the Xi Hwa Organization can infiltrate your company.”

If this was something else, An Zixuan might not have been so confident, but he could not have been more familiar with the Xi Hwa Organization’s business spy tactics.

The tactics that the Xi Hwa Organization might use and the main weakness that they might exploit were within a certain range. Previously, An Zixuan had trusted Xu Jian fully and was used by the man to personally harm his own family’s company. Even though the result proved that he was an idiot, it was also thanks to this that An Zixuan was familiar with Xu Jian’s tactics.

The Si Hai Organization’s Zuo Feiyang was not as brilliant as Zuo Yuanhang, but he was not an idiot. Because of that, what the Xi Hwa Organization had done to Si Hai had to be more discrete. If they wanted to resolve these issues one by one, even for Zuo Yuanhang, it might take too long.

Due to the fact that they had a common enemy, and since An Zixuan was barred from touching the family business, Ye Shuang had Anthony transport the man over. The cooperation with the Si Hai Organization would be a time for him to gain experience. The lessons with Anthony on sniping could still go on—after all, they could use video calls. Furthermore, there was already a trader there that An Zixuan could visit.

Then again, An Zixuan thought he was going to fight alongside his Male God, but when he arrived in Chaohai, he realized that his Male God had already departed for San Lin City! Things could not have been worse!

Disappointed and depressed, An Zixuan had no interest in reeling in his gloomy personality in front of anyone other than Ye Shuang. Combined with Zuo Yuanhang’s personality, which made it easy for him to make enemies…

After hearing what An Zixuan had to say, Zuo Yuanhang was not surprised or conflicted. All he did was remove his glasses to massage the bridge of his nose. After three seconds of silence, he said, “Indeed, you’ll be able to save about one week of my time.”

Investigating all his people and the recent documents required a lot of work, and any details could be a hidden, so they had to look really close to find the problem.

But these actions could not be too obvious, or they might tip their enemies off. Therefore, Zuo Yuanhang studied this from an objective eye and soon came to a decision. His tone was so calm that it sounded like he did not go through any struggle or consideration. “Ye Shuang’s lawyer is currently in the middle of the investigation. If you need anything to verify, you can use the lawyer’s name to conduct the investigation. I’ll inform my people to provide their best cooperation. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me.”

An Zixuan gave Zuo Yuanhang a side-eye, and his impression of the man improved. His sober-mindedness to the state of being unfeeling was quite similar to Ye Shuang. Not dealing with personal preference but just on an objective angle, to consider the big picture… However, the one thing that the man lacked compared to Ye Shuang was that he had to keep up this unfeeling serenity at all times, whereas Ye Shuang’s rationality was more rounded and inclusive. She would not offend others as easily.

Therefore, after three seconds of consideration, An Zixuan decided that he did not like this man. Other than my God, every other man is shit!

He jumped up from the table, and An Zixuan voiced his terms openly. “This is just a cooperation, don’t need to be so stressed out… but I have a term. Those worms that are exposed are all mine—no one can touch them.”

“Sure, as long as they are not involved in the big picture,” Zuo Yuanhang said calmly.

An Zixuan narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Zuo Yuanhang looked at him. “Or shall we ask for Ye Shuang’s opinion?”

Indeed, a real shit! An Zixuan gritted his teeth. “Fine, I promise you.”