Chapter 354 - 3D Printer

Chapter 354: 3D Printer

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

They split up after returning to the apartment. Luo Mingxin looked at the darkening sky and sighed under his breath. It’s so late. I should go back to brew a cup of coffee and go over the script. There’s not enough time to lie down for some sleep. I’ll be much more tired if I get woken up halfway.

Neither Ye Shuang nor Han Chu could enjoy the luxury of sleep either. They had to return to contact Edward. They would decide what to do next after getting a clarification on everything. Edward wanted to play dead and lie low for a while, but with Anthony, the cheater on Ye Shuang’s side, he had no choice but to show up. Therefore, the three of them met up before the computer again to share the information that Edward had swiped from Luther.

“The file itself is quite big.” Han Chu glanced at the transfer speed that had gone just halfway and commented lightly into the microphone.

The annoyed Edward collapsed in the large chair before his computer. “Of course, it’s big. This here is not just the account—it also includes the member information and security details of all the access points. In fact, I can put it this way. With this information, and with enough power behind your back, you can follow the trail in these accounts over the past three years and wipe out all the trace of the organization.”

Ye Shuang glanced at the progress and easily kicked her own company down a notch. “You’re just teasing us now, aren’t you? How do you expect a small workshop like ours to go against a big organization like that?”

Han Chu glared at her, but Ye Shuang brushed it off and continued. “But then again, fatty, you’ve decided that you’ve had your fill of fun and want to call it a day already?”

“Of course, not.”

“I don’t think so.”

Both Edward and Han Chu spoke at the same time. The former raised his brow with interest, looking at the screen. Han Chu paused, and when he saw the other two look at him, he slowly opened his lips to say, “Since Edward can infiltrate Luther’s villa to steal the information, then it’s only reasonable that it won’t be difficult for him to wipe away his trace… In fact, take the easiest solution, he wouldn’t need to take the whole chip with him—he could have found a chance to copy the stuff inside and replace the chip from where he took it. That way, no one would be any the wiser.”

“Oh wow.” Edward whistled and clapped with some interest. “Wonderful analysis, then would like you to guess why I didn’t do something like that?”

“Since you’ve admitted that my analysis is correct, then the answer to your question is fairly obvious.” Han Chu had no interest in such simple analysis; he uttered his speculation with a lack of emotion. “After Luther found out this thing was stolen, naturally, he would start to go searching for the identity of the thief… From the importance of this information, it would have to be someone who came from a complicated background who would know about the chip and have the ability to steal it.

“A traitor? Outside threat? Who made the move? How many people were involved? What would the culprit do with the information after gaining it?” Han Chu yawned out of boredom, and he reached to take a large gulp of coffee as he paused. Then he placed the cup down and concluded, “You don’t need to really do anything with the information. You only need to leak the information out. In fact, you might not even need to actually do that; you only need to make Luther realize the severity of the problem, and he will naturally complicate the situation on his own.”

In other words, Edward merely wanted to raise hell for the sake of having fun.

“Such amusing analysis.” This time, Edward’s clapping did not feel as insincere as before.

But Ye Shuang did not care about that, “Brother Han, would you like to have something to eat to tide over the night?”

“Once you eat something, the blood will follow from the brain to the stomach, and it’ll get much drowsier then.” Han Chu waved his hand to reject the kindness and was relieved when he saw the progress bar reaching the end. The window appeared on screen, informing that the transference had been completed.

As he moved to open the document, separated them into different files, and encrypt them, Han Chu conversed with Edward. “I doubt you’d do anything else beyond this. You’re focusing on instigating a tense atmosphere inside the organization, aren’t you? In any case, what you do is not of my concern, and I do not wish to know about it, but I hope the war will not be fought inside my country… understood?”

At the later part, Ye Shuang already understood Edward’s plan, but with the reminder from Han Chu, she realized how curious the spot where the chip was stolen was. She turned to the fatty in the computer, and Ye Shuang cracked her knuckles with a wicked smile. “Fatty, I don’t think you intend on using us to help you deal with those few people, right?”

Well, he did have that intention, but that had definitely changed.

Edward scoffed incredulously and proffered an innocent looking face that seemed to berate them for their cynical outlook on their ‘ally’. “Of course not, this is just a coincidence. Not long after this, Luther will realize that the computers at his own base have been hacked, and I believe that he will only suspect that there is a turncoat among his inner circle.”

Han Chu looked at the screen while narrowing his eyes. “That’s good.”

After gaining the information and the cooperation from the man during the negotiation, Edward had outlived his usefulness. Han Chu tossed the man away without hesitation. After confirming that Edward had nothing else to provide them, he closed the communication without even a goodbye.

The next thing to do was to deal with the new information. He copied every single one item and passed it all over to Anthony. His friends who were sleeping were hauled up to help deal with the information. After dealing with all that, the day was already brightening. The night passed by just like that. In a surprise that was not that surprising, Celebrity Luo’s knocking appeared at the front door. “I came to steal some breakfast.”

Celebrity Luo looked no different from a zombie. He yawned endlessly as he dragged his tired body into the room. He treated himself like he was at home as he took the seat at the dining table and very politely greeted Han Chu, who was working through the night on the sofa. “Good morning… So, you two were together.”

“There was some overtime. Nothing can be done about that.” Ye Shuang glanced at the clock and stood up to head into the kitchen. “It’s too late to start making anything from scratch. I’ve frozen some home-made dumplings, would you guys like that?”

Ye Shuang busied herself in the kitchen while Han Chu cleared away the mess on the coffee table before migrating to the dining table. “So, to what do us owe the view from the celebrity idol?”

Especially after what happened the day before, Han Chu did not think that the man was there just to visit his friend.

“I’m a real character actor, okay?” Luo Mingxin grumbled to correct Han Chu. Then he said with his hand on his chin, “By the way, I want to ask, is the prop manager in our crew in the same camp as that Madam Grace and Luther?”

“Hmm?” Han Chu gave a hum that sounded like a question. “Why would you suddenly ask something like that?”

Luo Mingxin thought about it and changed the hand that held up his head. “That 3D printer… I think I saw one such machine with the prop team.”