Chapter 258 - Weighing Options

Chapter 258: Weighing Options

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Ever since Brother Shuang had the intention of getting close to Rong Su to lure out Xia Cheng, Qian Qianxiang had entered a hostile mode against Ye Shuang. Anti-fire, anti-theft, anti-Brother Shuang!

Such a handsome man with incredible knowledge surrounding his sister almost daily, what was the purpose of that?

If this was truly the future brother-in-law, then Qian Qianxiang would have taken a step back—after all, Brother Shuang was a veritable catch. The problem was that this man was not interested in her—if he was merely staying around Rong Su to act as a big brother, then the problem might be rather serious.

Was he not going to raise his sister’s standard‽ Was he purposely making sure that his sister would not have eyes for other men in the future? He was taking up the toilet but refusing to sh… Cough!

The key point was, with the comparison of the great Brother Shuang, how was he, the actual cousin and brother, going to look?

Therefore, from this perspective, there was a reason Qian Qianxiang harbored such resentment toward Ye Shuang. After getting the news from the film crew that ‘Rong Su and Ye Shuang had left the scene without even changing out of their costumes’, Qian Qianxiang made the call to summon his cousin back.

At the same time, Mo Xiao Xia and Su Zheng whispered among themselves and then walked over, holding hands to tell Brother Shuang that they were going to go shopping.

These two are definitely not going shopping!

Ye Shuang raised an eyebrow, nodded, but did not say anything. She left Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment, and after parting from the pair, she called Ol’ K. Since whenever Su Zheng wanted to do anything bad, she would ask Ol’ K for technical assistance; Ol’ K could give Ye Shuang the information that she wanted. He said that the two girls were off to disturb Lin Yu.

There were so many beauties in the world. What was wrong with Mr. Lin? Why would he fall in love with someone like Mo Xiao Xia?

With the perspective that this had nothing to do with her, Ye Shuang pretended like she did not know anything and waited for the show to start.

After Lin Yu carried the group of kidnappers home, naturally, he had to restart the interrogation. When he was at Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment, he had to be considerate of Mo Xiao Xia’s feelings. Even if he knew that the girl already had the worst opinion of him, Lin Yu did not want to add another horrible label to his name.

Furthermore, Brother Shuang mentioned Xia Cheng later at the living room. His people who committed the interrogation earlier did not know about that. This could be something serious. After dragging the people back to his small apartment, the four were searched again. They were stripped down to their underwear and tied to the chairs. The curtains were closed to prevent any Peeping Toms, then Lin Yu waved his hand to chase his underling out. Before confirming the innocence of the people around him, he did not want the news that there was a traitor among them to leak.

The man in the cap and the other three who had woken up were shaking like a leaf. From the looks of thing, this was going to be hard. Of course, they knew that they had been caught when they tried to kidnap Mo Xiao Xia, but had they not given all the information that they knew? But it did not look as simple as that.

Lin Yu lit a cigarette and puffed silently on it. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the four. After the door closed behind him, Lin Yu slowly exhaled before putting the cigarette out. He pulled out a handgun and lazily sat down across from the four. He pointed the barrel of the gun at the four and asked leisurely, “What’s your name?”

The man in the cap swallowed, and he looked at the barrel dumbly for a while. After he recovered, he immediately gave his name. The other three followed suit.

“Hmm.” Lin Yu did not seem to care about the answer. He nodded before asking, “Your boss told you to come kidnap Xiao Xia, right?”

“Ye… yes.” The man in the cap shrunk back involuntarily. Lin Yu still nodded slowly before tossing out the third question. “Who gave you the information?”

The four had already been interrogated at Mo Xiao Xia’s apartment, so naturally, they had no reason to keep this a secret. “We… we bought Miss Mo’s schedule from the cleaner.”

The cleaner was someone who could enter any room at Tian Mo Media. The artist’s schedule would be pasted in their room. For example, before any shoot, the company would send out the stylist and open up certain rooms for people to use, so this information was open news at the company. The four answered honestly; they thought Lin Yu just wanted to reconfirm the news. However, they had just finished when the man raised the gun and shot it. The shot was silenced by the silencer, but since it was too sudden, the man in the cap was spooked by the sudden sound before he sensed the burning sensation coming from his leg.

” Argh! ” The man groaned, and the cold sweat fell immediately.

“Who gave you the information?” Lin Yu asked again.

“We really bought it from the cleaner!”

“100 dollars!”

“It’s real. We said we were Mr. Lin’s people, so they thought we were there to visit the crew.”

The three were spooked as well and hurried to answer. They had already noticed something was wrong, but they had no idea what. After all, they knew Lin Yu was insistent about the source of their information.

“Oh.” Lin Yu lowered his head, and his fingers tapped on the cigarette box before picking one out. He lit it with one hand and then tossed the lighter away. Suddenly, he fired another bullet. Another scream echoed through the room. A bloody hole appeared on a second man’s arm.

The four almost peed from fear. They had already answered honestly, but how come the man was still not satisfied?

“Who gave you the information?” Lin Yu asked for the third time. The four were on the verge of breaking down. Could they not have bought the information on their own‽

The interrogation lasted an hour. The four had no idea what Lin Yu wanted, and Lin Yu did not get a satisfactory answer from them. After torturing them until they were almost dying, Lin Yu stopped when his underling came with lunch. He waved his hands to get his underling to help the four with their bandages, and then he started to wonder about the information given by Ye Shuang.

Could the man have been lying?

It did not seem like it. He knew what would happen if he was exposed to be lying. However, the group that he had interrogated did not look like they were hiding stuff from him either. These were mere foot soldiers. If they were that tough, they would have climbed up the ladder already and not fallen into his hands.

If Ye Shuang was not lying, Xia Cheng was problematic, and if the group really did not know anything about Xia Cheng, then it meant Xia Cheng’s position was higher than he thought… and Xia Cheng was much better at deceit than he had perceived.

Even though he still had his suspicion, the information given by Ye Shuang would have lasting impacts, so Lin Yu could not afford to brush it off. If he wanted to get to the bottom of the truth, and the only solution was to investigate Xia Cheng further.

That was exactly what Ye Shuang wanted him to do.

After making that decision, while he was having lunch, Lin Yu gave the order. “Is big brother free? I wish to talk to him… Also, leave a few people with Mr. Xia. It’s not that stable here—tell him not to forget about the main reason he’s here.”

The underling nodded and made the call. He talked on the phone and then turned back to say, “Brother Chen’s right-hand man said he’ll call back in an hour. Master Yu, how many of us do you want to stay back here?”

Lin Yu rubbed his lips and put the lunch box aside. “What do you think?”

The underling thought about it. “Xiang Jiang’s situation will only get chaotic, and perhaps more than one group might be testing the line. Sister Mo doesn’t even have a bodyguard… Maybe a few of us should stay back?”

Lin Yu nodded with satisfaction. His underling had to be someone who knew how to read the situation. “Hmm, have a few stay back. If something happens, Xia Cheng will have the necessary support.”

Guessing Lin Yu’s thoughts, the underling did not dare stay to gloat and wandered off to do other things. After some time, before the people were arranged, another underling came in with a crying face. “Master Yu, Sister Mo is here.”

Lin Yu’s calm and powerful presence disappeared instantly. He almost jumped up from the sofa in cheer. “Really? Did she come alone? Finally, is she agreeing to go out with me? Did she wear something beautiful?”


The underling did not know which question to answer first. His face was conflicted, and the underling moved his eyes away under Lin Yu’s anticipatory gaze, “Sister… Sister Mo brought a few beautiful girls with her. She said that she wanted to go out for tea with Master Yu…”

Tea… Lin Yu’s face was dark because he was reminded of the last time when he had gone out for tea with Mo Xiao Xia. She had brought a bunch of celebrities with her to climb all over him. Indeed, in the past, he had been quite a player… but that was already in the past. He did enjoy a life of lasciviousness but…

But had he not changed his ways after meeting Mo Xiao Xia‽

That was not the end of the bad news. The underling looked at Lin Yu in fear, and the latter noticed that. Lin Yu knew that he would not like the answer, but he asked anyway, “What else?”

The underling revealed a pitiful expression. “The beauties that Sister Mo brought with her… I’m not sure whether I remember it correctly or not, but a few of them seem to have gone out on a date with Master Yu before.”

Lin Yu was stunned after hearing that. The girl whom he was pursuing came to find him for tea with a bunch of his ex-girlfriends. What was with that‽

“You…” The next day, at the film set, Ye Shuang received the giggling phone call from Su Zheng. After hearing about Lin Yu’s tragedy, even Ye Shuang was speechless.

Sighing, Brother Shuang rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I see that Mr. Lin treats Xiao Xia well, and this is not the way to misuse Ol’ K’s ability… Yes, Mr. Lin used to be quite the Lothario… but he’s a changed man now, right?”

Based on the possibility of them working together in the future, Ye Shuang really did not want Lin Yu to hate Su Zheng. Mo Xiao Xia was his crush, so that was fine. Perhaps he might even think it was cute for Mo Xiao Xia to do something like this.

But Su Zheng would not be so lucky. If Lin Yu’s face was really threatened, the collected resentment would fall on Su Zheng’s head. With such a negative impression, Ye Shuang would be too embarrassed to ask for money from the man.

The set director ran over to say, “Brother Ye, Director Zhou wishes to talk to you.”

Su Zheng heard that, and she commented, “Then Brother Ye, I won’t bother you anymore. I know the limit; I’ll never make Mr. Lin angry for real. By the way, Ol’ K said that Mr. Lin’s family’s company has bought a bunch of plane tickets. It looks like they’re sending a bunch of people over to Shanghai—should we follow up on this?”

“There’s no need.” Ye Shuang followed the man to meet Director Zhou. “Probably it’s to ‘keep an eye’ on you know who. After all, Mr. Lin helped us yesterday, so if he faces any trouble, you can ask Ol’ K to help him.”

“Brother Ye is talking about Xia Cheng?”

“Yes, but they’re still from the same company, so try not to make Mr. Lin think that we’re crossing the line.”

“Okay,” Su Zheng answered, “I’ll have Ol’ K to do it cleanly. We’ll only let him know what he needs to know. Actually, the firewall there is not as good as we thought… Oh, by the way, Ol’ K wanted me to ask, if he’s unable to do it, can he ask Ace for help?”

“…Be my guest.”

After a few more words, they hung up, and Ye Shuang arrived by Director Zhou’s side. She greeted Luo Mingxin, who was also there, and sat down to ask with a smile, “Director Zhou and Celebrity Luo, were you looking for me?”

Director Zhou nodded. “The sponsor wants to invite you and Luo Mingxin to a function. Remember to come early the day after tomorrow. Especially you, Ye Shuang. The sponsor hinted that he has great hope for you. Even though you do not have plans to continue this career, at least don’t offend the man.”

He’s finally here…

After Rong Su ignored Xia Cheng, Ye Shuang knew that this day was coming. Counting the days, she had to find ways to maintain her gender for two more days?

There was nothing wrong with that, but the problem was, two days later was also the time Sister Yu wanted to introduce Sister Shuang to the partner of Miao Yi. Ye Shuang thought about it and compared the hooked fish with Huan Chen, which she had not interacted with, and decided to put Xia Cheng aside for now.

“Director Zhou…” Ye Shuang looked rather embarrassed.

The alarm rang in Director Zhou’s mind, and he looked at Ye Shuang, stopping her. “Don’t tell me you’re not free on that day!”

The handsome man smiled sadly, and the hopeless tone pained the listener’s heart. “But I do have something to do on that day. My partner and I have another responsibility…”