Chapter 80 - Challenge

Chapter 80: Challenge

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Ye Shuang’s first response when she saw that finger was to ignore it. People would do things they would not normally do when they had adrenaline pumping through their blood like taunting and flipping others the bird. When would people have too much adrenaline in their blood? When they were drinking or in a high-stakes game…

Taking such people seriously would only bring harm to oneself because those in a high adrenaline state were no different from those with low IQ. Taking them seriously would only lower oneself to their level.

On top of that, the other reason Ye Shuang did not rise to the bait was because she knew the other party’s car was modified. Even though the car modification industry in the country was not as vibrant as overseas, it was still a modification. It had an advantage over Little Brother Yuan’s car, which was the out-of-the-factory model.

Little Brother Yuan, who was shocked, did not have good enough eye sight to really understand what was happening. Through the dim light, he barely made out an extended arm through the window. “Who is that‽”

Ye Shuang narrowed her eyes dangerously and hissed through gritted teeth. “No idea, but definitely an idiot!”

Fine, perhaps she was still a bit angry.

Trying her best to stay calm, they soon arrived at the location mentioned in Little Brother Yuan’s message. Even through the night, they could see several cars park at the corner, and there were people standing outside the cars; like Little Brother Yuan, they were probably there as spectators.

Ye Shuang parked the car, and as she got out with Little Brother Yuan, she noticed that the two young masters who she had once taught a lesson playing dice were also there. In comparison, Mr. Fang, who was resting peacefully at his aunt’s place, was practically a saint.

“Mr. Ye!”

Ye Shuang’s face could not be missed or mistaken. The two young masters from the capital naturally spotted her and waved happily at her. “As expected of a member of the underground, Mr. Ye is also here for the race!”

“…I’m really an honorable citizen.” Ye Shuang was speechless; it felt like she had been pigeonholed already. Is it already too late to undo that stereotype?

Glancing at the two, Ye Shuang’s focus was immediately drawn to the car beside them. “This car is yours?”

“Yes,” one of them said proudly. “I heard there’s a race today, so I purposely had this transported out of the storage. Can you imagine the shame if we came to a race with regular car?”

This was one annoying tendency of the people from the capital; their mouths had no filter, and they tended to offend others without intending to. As expected, Little Brother Yuan harrumphed sulkily as he turned his head away. Ye Shuang circled the car with a smile and said, “The exhaust has been modified and so has the engine. Even the chassis is different… How is its horsepower?”

“Want to give it a try?” The man juggled the car key in his hand and asked with a grin, “I’ll trade you a few rounds for another few lessons in dice throwing.”

Ye Shuang contemplated it deeply before shaking her head with a sigh. “Then so be it. Dice throwing is much more difficult than dice stacking. It’ll require months of training before you can even see any results.”

Furthermore, once the die was changed, so would it mass and gravitational center; adjusting to a new die would require another long period of time.

After giving up on the trade, Ye Shuang turned to wander back to Little Brother Yuan. The young man from the capital surrendered immediately. “Brother Ye, don’t go. If you want to take it for a few rounds, then go ahead. I’m not stingy; it’s just some gas after all.”

The small group of people who stood close to them chuckled silently and whispered among themselves. Obviously, they were mocking Ye Shuang and the two young masters from the capital.

As mentioned earlier, the reason that the people from capital had come to San Lin City was to gloat, but they had never thought to do that in the field of illegal car racing. One was because they valued their lives, and sending others on their behalf would lower their face. Two was they had heard a thing or two about Yao Zhixing’s attitude. Through constant interaction with the local community, they had also heard about this local boss.

The modifications on the car were not meant for racing; it was merely for show. Think of it as ladies attending a ball… They might not have been there to dance, but they would show up in the best furs and plumes.

This was a question of face.

The combination of those reasons caused the local racers to see them as country bumpkins even though they were technically from the capital.

Want to talk about racing in San Lin City‽ You might have great skill, but what about your unfamiliarity with the local geography‽

What these people failed to consider was that while the young masters from capital might not be familiar with San Lin City, Ye Shuang was a local. When she was walking back to Little Brother Yuan, she turned back with surprise. “Are you sure?”

She had not driven a modified car in her life before, but more importantly…

After accepting the car key from the young man, Ye Shuang brought Little Brother Yuan, who was equally curious, for a spin. She calculated the car’s efficiency, speed, and stability; she basically analyzed every property of the car before parking with a beautiful drift. Ye Shuang then dropped off Little Brother Yuan.

“Hey!” Ye Shuang did not get out but poked her head out to call at someone among the crowd. When said person turned around, Ye Shuang extended her arm out of the window to give him a thumbs up.

The other person raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Ye Shuang turned her hand upside down to point her thumb at the floor when she got his attention. You f*cker! Since you dared taunt me earlier, accept this challenge from me!

A silence fell over the crowd instantly.

Little Brother Yuan was shocked beyond belief. Since he did not recognize the person as the individual who taunted them on the road earlier, he could not understand why Ye Shuang would do something like this.

The individual who was taunted and his friends around him had their faces twisted up in condescension before turning into an ugly grimace.

The two from the capital recovered the fastest.

Even though they had no idea what the history between the Gambler God and these people was, they were not ones to miss out on some high-speed drama. Since Ye Shuang’s… girlfriend had taught them a few tricks with the dice, the question on who to cheer for could not have been easier.

The two pipsqueak who could not wait for the world to burn cheered loudly, adding more fuel to the fire, “Brother Ye, you can do it! Demolish him!”

The crowd had long since been annoyed at the two from the capital who walked around with swollen heads. They did not do anything about it because they gave Yao Zhixing face, but that did not mean that their patience had no limit!

How was one supposed to describe the current situation?

From the very beginning, Ye Shuang had confirmed she wanted to carry on living as a woman. Even with the buff from the gender shift, she accepted the inconvenience as she would her monthly period.

However, no matter how much Ye Shuang tried to ignore the changes that happened to her due to the gender shift, the influence was undeniable. For example, the change in height and muscle to fat ratio, the shift in male and female specific organs… Of course, the changes were not limited to only the surface changes; even the chemical make-up when she was in the other gender was different.

When she was in her male form, her body would secrete more testosterone. Even though Ye Shuang still carried herself with the consciousness of a woman, many of her actions and thoughts were chemically influenced by her subconscious. She picked up some male tendencies even though she did not realize it—like competitiveness, a bloated sense of pride, and a higher level of leadership…

Other than that, it was also influenced by how Ye Shuang viewed her male counterpart—Ye Shuang knew she would one day shed this male Ye Shuang, so this identity was no different from a smurf account 1 for her.

Since she was going to drop it sooner or later, she would not mind using it carelessly and freely.

Powerful ability, internal pride, combined with a lack of concern for future consequences… this meant that the current Ye Shuang could naturally flash a fearless smile as she glared condescendingly at this man who once taunted her. Her lips were curved into a sarcastic grin as she mocked, “What, too scared to take up the challenge?”

The girls brought by the group of underground racers started to scream for Ye Shuang. The few gentlemen who were taunted were shamed to the ground.Scared‽ Would we be here if we were scared‽

Ye Shuang’s target tossed the cigarette in his hand to the floor and stepped on it before crawling into his car with a cold huff.

The crowd started to disperse and Little Brother Yuan, who was worried for Ye Shuang, bent down to the window and said, “Brother Ye, you really want to do this with them‽ We’re just here as spectators; there’s no need to…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be extra careful on the road.” Ye Shuang brushed him off with a smile.

The main reason Ye Shuang was feeling this confident was because the capital young master did have a good car. The man was rich enough to spare no expense in the modification. While increasing its speed, he did not forget about the security aspect of the chassis. Earning a letter of recommendation from Yao Zhixing would not be easy; it would be impossible with a normal car. Han Chu had probably given her this challenge to force her back. Since there was a good car, not snatching this opportunity would be such a waste.

It would be fine even if Yao Zhixing himself was not there to witness the race; after all, someone would inform him of it later. Ye Shuang expected that the lackeys who lost would go and complain to their boss.

The two race cars sat ready at the starting line. The other party’s friends were not worried; they were all speed-junkie, and they knew of each other’s ability. The two young masters from the capital had nothing to worry about since they knew nothing. They did not know anything about Ye Shuang’s racing credentials, but they were bought over by her natural confidence.

Only Little Brother Yuan had a full face of worry. The two from the capital had met the young man before at the KTV, and it was an open secret that Mr. Fang has a crush on Yuan Ruan. When they saw the expression on the young man’s face, they went to console him. “It’ll be fine. Since Brother Ye dares to send the taunt, it means that he’s confident. Furthermore, our modified car is definitely better than most of the cars here.”

Oftentimes, the resources decided the result of the battle. Since the capital was the center of the nation, their technology and centralization of resource could not be matched by normal cities.

“But…” Little Brother Yuan turned around with a pale face, finally remembering something incredibly crucial. “But I suddenly remember, Brother Ye doesn’t even have a driving license.”


The two young masters were silent for three seconds before their faces dropped. “What the f*ck‽”

What is the meaning of this‽ Don’t tell me the Gambler God has only touched the steering wheel a few times before‽

Just as the two were about to call for the race to stop. The girl who acted as the race starter waved her arm down, and the two cars shot off like arrows at the same time. The sound of metal scratching the wind like the growling of a beast filled the spectators’ ears. Soon, there was nothing left of the two racers other than the taillights that soon disappeared into the dark.

“Should… should we call the ambulance first‽” Little Brother Yuan held the phone in his hands on the verge of tears.