Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Perks of Being Socially Difficult

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The girls were only so accurate with their prediction because Fang Fei was being too obvious about it. That man… this nickname represented the unique place the person occupied within Miss Fang’s heart, and regardless of whether it was her nemesis or her crush, the person behind that number was unique from everyone else to Miss Fang.

The girls predicted that it was her crush because when they’d joked about it with her, she hadn’t denied it. However, now, it was a lazy yet aloof female voice who answered the call. To be able to use such an easy tone to answer the call meant that the person was either the owner of the phone or someone who had a close relationship to the owner.

Based on Miss Fang’s reaction, which was one of utter surprise, then the chance of it being the former was low. This meant that it had to be the latter.

Honestly, the group of girls around Miss Fang were at bit of a loss.

It was not uncommon for girls to like boys—that’s what girls do—and it was also not uncommon for the boyfriends to be lured away by wild butterflies—that’s what boys do!


Sis, isn’t it a bit immoral for you to fall in love with another woman’s boyfriend‽

The awkwardness of her identity did make it difficult for them to comment, mainly because they couldn’t understand. Each of the girls there had both money and looks, the guys that were interested in them could line up across the whole city and back, so why did she have to pick another person’s sloppy seconds‽

Fang Fei also didn’t know how to explain herself. She wasn’t crazy enough to fall in love with Ye Shuang at first sight, but she couldn’t help herself from imagining things because he was so handsome. Furthermore, Ye Shuang had once saved her from the brink of tragedy, so it was understandable for Miss Fang to feel a little affection toward the man.

Looks and talent, the man had both in spades. Combined with the little information she had managed to swindle from her elder brother, Ye Shuang’s status in Fang Fei’s heart had slowly increased. Even if she didn’t have a crush on him, she definitely at least admired him.

Therefore, hearing the sound of a woman from Ye Shuang’s phone was like being struck by lightning in broad daylight; it forcefully reminded Fang Fei of the fact that such a wonderful man was already someone else’s. Holding the phone in her hand, Fang Fei pressed her lips before tilting her head back to harrumph coldly. “You guys must be joking. It’s not what you think; this is just the number of a normal friend!”

“Normal friend‽” Everyone squinted with disbelief. “Why did you hide the name so mysteriously then?”

“Our relationship is normal, but the man is not normal,” Fang Fei mumbled. In any case, she refused to admit that her heart quivered every time she was in close proximity to the man.

Fang Fei wished to turn back time to cut off her own hands. Who told you to sneak his number from your elder brother’s phone‽ Now look at what you’ve done!

“We, we’re just normal friends!” Fang Fei was so nervous that she almost broke the phone in her grasp; however, her facial expression maintained its indifference. It had to be said that there were two faces to everything; while having social difficulties had brought her many unhappy experiences, it was perfect to salvage awkward situations like this one.

“Fine! If you say friends, then friends it’ll be, but since the call has already been made, why not call her out to join us and play‽” Someone just couldn’t wait to see the world burn.

Fang Fei rose to the bait and blurted out, “Fine!”

This was welcomed by a room of shocked silence.

Fang Fei wished to slap herself at that moment. After the short silence, Fang Fei, who was cornered, stood up from the couch as gracefully as she could and announced to the room in a forced calm voice, “I’ll go out to make the call outside, carry on without me.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang, who had just closed her eyes for ten minutes, was once more awoken by her phone.

The expressionless zombie sat up in bed. Ye Shuang stared at the phone for about half a minute to confirm the number shimmering on the screen was the one that had hung up on her earlier. After taking a deep breath, she answered and hissed, “Hello‽”

Make some noise if you dare! Identify yourself so I can go there in person to snap your neck! You wish to die, is that it‽ Perfect, your wish is my command!

Ye Shuang waited patiently with a darkened face. The breathing on the other end of the phone seemed to hasten from nervousness. Finally, a voice that she didn’t expect said, “Hello‽ This is Fang Fei.”

F*ck! Why would the young lady of the Fang family call me‽

Instantly, Ye Shuang felt like she was hallucinating, but then it next dawned on her that she had been using the same phone number for both of her identities.

The female Ye Shuang naturally hasn’t exchanged numbers with anyone from the Fang family, so this can only mean that Miss Fang is calling to look for the male Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang, who understood everything, was on the verge of tears. Her vindictive aura dissipated instantly, and she hurriedly switched to a tone reserved for strangers. Afraid that Miss Fang would ask why she was using this number, Ye Shuang laughed awkwardly and asked with extra politeness, “Yes, how can I help you?”

“Let’s cut to the chase, Ye Shuang is your boyfriend, right?” Fang Fei was the type to never back down from a challenge. Since the person on the phone didn’t seem to mind that she was calling her boyfriend in the middle of the night, she thus ordered haughtily, “You should know he accepted a contract to shoot a commercial for my brother’s company, right? There’s a business event that he has to attend at this moment, since he’s not there, you’ll have to come in his place!”

Do you have God’s eyes or something? How did you know Brother Ye is currently not here‽

Ye Shuang frowned before replying, “But I remember there isn’t such a clause in the contract.”

Fang Fei huffed. “Was it you who signed the contract‽ If it wasn’t, then how can you be sure there wasn’t such a clause in it‽ Furthermore, this is part of any business deals; who doesn’t need to socialize for the sake of business? Or do you think we should have printed out a detailed schedule for you before the contract was made‽”

Ye Shuang was stumped, but she still felt something was off. “But what’s the point of me going in his place? It’s not me who is in the commercial.”

“By the way…” The voice on the other end of the phone dropped dangerously. “If some emergency occurs relating to the company’s budget, while the promised payment will still be delivered, it can be delayed indefinitely.”

“I’ll be there presently!” Ye Shuang jumped out of bed. “Address‽”