Chapter 130 - Earning Favors

Chapter 130: Earning Favors

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It was not the first time Ye Shuang had heard about or came across the friction between Luo Mingxin and his agent. Based on what was happening, the agent did not take a step back but had only gotten worse. It felt like he was trying everything within his power to squeeze every last drop of value out of Luo Mingxin before he departed.

As cunning as Luo Mingxin was, there was nothing he could do in the situation without making everyone lose face. Furthermore, it was public knowledge that he was going to leave his original company soon—there was no love lost between them. Honestly, it was not surprising that things had come to this.

Ye Shuang had an idea forming in her mind but after some analysis, she felt it was quite unlikely. Then again, what did she have to lose? She shared the idea with Luo Ce. “Brother Luo, I’m not going to beat about the bush with you, have you ever considered directly signing a famous actor?”

“A famous actor‽” Luo Ce laughed, assuming Ye Shuang was joking. “That depends on how famous that person is. Liaising with small team is no problem for me, but if the person is used to working with large film crews, I’m afraid I’m unable to do that.”

It was a symbiotic relationship between the celebrity and the agent. A good celebrity could bring many invaluable chances to broaden their social connections, and a good agent could bring exclusive scripts and opportunities to their celebrities. Normally speaking, the standard of these two parties had to be equal or else it was easy for one party to be dragged down by the weaker one. For example, the work that could be taken was not, or the accepted job could not be finished. Luo Ce’s professionalism could not be challenged, but with his reputation, it was destined that he would be stuck working with low budget films.

If he was tasked to manage a famous celebrity in his current condition, without a script that came voluntarily, would Luo Ce have to bring his famous celebrity to do some C-level movies‽

To ensure ticket sales, producers and directors would go for celebrities with high fame level, and to ensure a continuous income and increasing fame, celebrities would go for experienced agents. This was a natural state of things.

Ye Shuang thought about it and rearranged Celebrity Luo’s information in her mind before opening her lips. “Luo Mingxin… Based on his current level, he no longer needs his agent to run all over the place to fight for a script. Honestly, his current agent is not doing any favors for him either. I hear all he has assigned Luo Mingxin are horrible films or films from people who came to Luo Mingxin directly like Director Zhou.”

If not for the fact that Luo Mingxin had stressed that he would only take cameo roles, the directors from these horrible films might have been shameless enough to ask him to be the male lead. However, even if it was just a cameo, taking these harsh films one after one was stressing.

Luo Ce was shocked. “You want me to be Luo Mingxin’s agent? Is that even possible‽”

“I’m just saying, you can try.” Ye Shuang shook her head. “Luo Mingxin doesn’t need connections, and this perfectly avoids what you’re weak at. Technically speaking, you only need to help him manage the people that come to him, and I believe you’ll be able to handle that. But the problem now is not whether you think he is a suitable fit for you but the other way around.”

Even after the falling out with his current agent, there was no reason for Luo Mingxin to take on a new agent that he had only met once or twice, unless Luo Ce had something that might interest him. Ye Shuang had a feeling someone with Luo Mingxin’s eyes would not settle for a newbie that easily. After all, once he left his original agency, there would be a long line of people who were willing to fight to their death to manage Luo Mingxin.

This was not dissimilar to a company hiring. You might have fulfilled the requirement, but your competition might have a better resume than you. At a time like this, even though the company might not have been looking for someone so capable, choosing the best was only natural. Luo Ce was the one just capable enough to fulfil the role, but other famed agents would be the most preferred choices.

“A low possibility doesn’t mean no possibility.” After a moment’s thought, Ye Shuang suggested, “Luo Mingxin is getting into plenty of disagreements with his agent. Try to get yourself involved, help him solve some problems, and perhaps he might just take you on.”

“Won’t that be…” Luo Ce thought for a long time before choosing a rather acceptable term. “…shameless‽”

“You’ve suffered worse for those C-list celebrities, so why not do it for the sake of Luo Mingxin?” Ye Shuang scratched her chin. “If you have the connection, why not use it?”

Ye Shuang was the connection that she mentioned. At least she was Luo Mingxin’s on-screen co-star. Bringing Luo Ce to boost the affection level was understandable. After all, she was only helping a relative; Luo Mingxin would understand that.

This was just the beginning. To make Luo Ce Luo Mingxin’s agent would require plenty of preparation and work. The only reason Ye Shuang could act so naturally around Luo Mingxin was because she had nothing to ask from the man. Since she was not in his debt, their interaction could be very natural.

However, once this premise was broken, the party that required aid would be sequestered to the weaker role. This was how the world operated. Could one earn benefits while keeping one’s dignity? That was a naïve way of thinking.

People spend money for a service, not to bring you home to serve you.

When Ye Shuang woke up the next morning in the body of Sister Shuang, she left the hotel happily and went to buy the morning paper. She flipped to the entertainment pages directly, hoping to see the tragedy that happened to Celebrity Luo.

To her surprise, Luo Mingxin was more cunning than she expected. The paper did not once mention the woman who was shoved to him by his agent other than the passing mention of ‘Celebrity Luo’s agent brought along his junior to visit him on set.’ This kind of article had no newsworthiness; it was so boring.

Sister Shuang scratched her chin and called her own cousin, who was also an agent. Luo Ce did know a thing or two about the situation. On the phone, he chuckled and exposed the secret. “I heard about this from the crew later. The person wanted to borrow Celebrity Luo’s fame by acting close to him, pretending to be his girlfriend. With the title of Celebrity Luo’s rumored girlfriend, the girl would get exposure easily. Even if it was all a misunderstanding, the girl would have gotten what she wanted.”

And how would this affect Luo Mingxin? After all, he would not be with the agency anymore, so who cared‽

“Then what happened?” Ye Shuang was interested. “Technically, this kind of situation cannot be so easily explained, and most explanations will be treated as avoidance, right?”

“At the end of the day, there’s a reason Celebrity Luo is a superstar. The things that he has to go through is are our imagination,” Luo Ce said with admiration. “Seeing how his agent arrived with a woman in tow, before anyone said anything, his face fell…”

At the time, as long as the agent said something like about the young talent going to cheer on her senior, then Celebrity Luo would have had a hard time explaining himself.

Onlookers would have been thinking, Why would the agent need to bring you to visit your senior? And why are you here alone? Since you’re close enough to visit Celebrity Luo on set, it means you’re personally close to each other, right‽ Is there a secret that we’re not supposed to know about‽

In any case, no matter what Luo Mingxin said then, the media would have come up with various explanation on their own. Even though it might not have been the truth, it definitely would have been newsworthy.

However, before the agent said anything, Luo Mingxin glanced at this woman that he had seen maybe twice at the company and saw through their plan easily. Then, he frowned and berated severely,”Why did you bring a fan to the set‽ You should know very well that Director Zhou doesn’t like that!”

Obviously, the onlookers were disappointed. Huh‽ So she’s just a fan?

Having dealt with similar issues before, Director Zhou did not get angry. Oh well, this is not the first time I’ve shouldered such problem for the man anyway.

The agent forced a smile to smooth over the awkwardness. “What are you talking about? This is our agency’s latest talent; how could you forget all about her so easily?”

It was little wonder that Celebrity Luo was a famed actor. He acted like he had just remembered and apologized instantly. “I must have just woken up to fail to recognize her. Little junior, what is your name again?”

It was to tell the world that I, Luo Mingxin, do not know you.

Therefore, Luo Mingxin resolved with trouble with ease. After all, how could he be in a relationship with someone whom he did not even know the name of? The press was already kind enough to not write a piece saying that the girl was shameless to try and hug Celebrity Luo’s legs.

Ye Shuang was equally impressed. “But can that be considered a final falling out? Hmm… Doesn’t look like it. I believe this is not the first time this has happened.”

This was still considered a battle of the wits. If things were really brought up to the surface, Luo Mingxin could have pushed for an early end to his contract. Currently, the agency probably did not want to make things too awkward and was trying to preserve everyone’s face, at least until the contract was over.

“But things might change tonight.” Luo Ce also laughed, but it was followed by a sigh. “My people said that agent made a request for Luo Mingxin to bring the girl to attend a private dinner tonight, saying it would be favor for a friend. But really, perhaps he just wants to repeat what he failed to do yesterday.”

“A dinner party?” Ye Shuang thought back to the invitations that she had received at the private clubhouse. “Is it by the local jewelry merchant?”

Now, where did I keep that invitation? If I manage to save Luo Mingxin’s virginity tonight, he will be in my debt.