Chapter 81 - The End of Yao Zhixing's Reign?

Chapter 81: The End of Yao Zhixing’s Reign?

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

It did not take long for Ye Shuang to leave her opponent in the dust. Just as the young masters from the capital told Little Brother Yuan, a great amount of money had been thrown into the modification, and the technology at the capital could not be rival by workshops at a small town like San Lin City.

Other than the hardware of the car, there was another deciding factor that determined the result of the race—the ability of the driver, or in other words, their racing skill.

When Ye Shuang was trying the car out earlier, she had gained a cursory understanding of the car’s ability, including its speed, mass, and how well the tires gripped the floor during high speed. Elements that cannot be controlled by human are called ‘variable quantities’, when the variable quantities surpass a certain level, the result will be ‘out of control’.

Accidents are prone during car racing. For example, the car could slide off the track due to overly high speed, but from Ye Shuang’s perspective, all these ‘accidents’ were merely a result of variable quantities that were too high due to a lack of racing skill.

The normal limitation for human calculation and control was not her limit, so Ye Shuang was not concerned. The so-called variable quantities were none other than constant combination within a certain range, so she only needed to focus on every detail, and she would be fine.

The racer behind her cursed and slammed on the steering wheel heavily. The car before him did not slow down even at corners; in fact, it managed to drift past every corner with ease. It was a dangerous tactic, but it appeared mathematically calculated as the car followed on the calculated arc without hesitation or instability.

F*ck! When has such a character appeared at San Lin City‽ Could someone have become tired of Yao Zhixing’s reign? Will my defeat be the first blow to knock Yao Zhixing down‽

A conspiracy appeared in the racer’s mind. After the corner ahead, they would enter a strange route. Urgency surged through his blood, and he stepped on the gas without a second thought. The distance between his car and the one before him slowly closed.

Ye Shuang glanced at the rear-view mirror. She did some calculations and realized that even with some more acceleration, the tires could still grip the ground. Therefore, that was what she did.

The eyes of the racer behind her popped out of their sockets when he saw that the car in front had accelerated again; the car was almost flying off the ground already! This is too f*cking unscientific!

Thus began a death match on the road between the two racers. However, the difference was even though Ye Shuang’s car speed was incredibly high, it was all within her calculations. Be it a straight line or the corner, the car did not show any sign of losing control. Even drifting was completed perfectly. She was so stable that you would think she was driving at forty kilometers per hour.

The racer behind Ye Shuang was acting more than a bit rashly from being taunted; there were several times where his car almost careened off the road. Ye Shuang frowned from her miscalculation.

She was not worried about the car’s data, but the human emotions were something out of her control. Her opponent was obviously in a crazed state; it was still fine now, but for the upcoming sharp curves, there was bound to be accident!

And most importantly, she had forgotten to name the finish line before the race started.

Slowing down, Ye Shuang waited for the other racer to catch up to her. Then driving side by side, she rolled down the window and said, “How about we just call it even?”

“Even my foot!” As she expected, the other racer had gone down the road of no return. He would not stop unless the race ended… or more precisely, he would not stop unless he won. His face red with rage, the racer gripped the steering wheel tightly and roared at Ye Shuang, “If you’re not afraid then finish this race!”

“But I am afraid… that I don’t have enough oil…” Ye Shuang sighed. If this was allowed to continue, either one of them would die or… one of their cars would die first.

“F*ck! Just say it if you’re scared!” the racer roared.

Since a normal negotiation was out of question, Ye Shuang suddenly turned her steering wheel and the front of her car knocked into her opponent’s car without mercy. Her opponent was knocked without warning. His car shook before slamming into the guardrails. Ye Shuang’s car inched closer to him, pressing his car against the rails, the friction causing sparks to fly and the night to fill with the sound of scratching.

The racer was so intimidated that his rage immediately dissipated, and his face turned pale instantly. He was a racer, not a stuntman; what was with this crazy stunt that was only seen in American action movies‽

Ye Shuang moved her car back slightly and asked easily, “Now, are you willing to call it quits?”

“Not… not yet…” The two stuttering words fell out of the racer’s lips. He then saw the crazed handsome man in the race car beside him smirk, and the car came crashing at him again.

The sparks started to fly once more. This time, his opponent was even harsher than before. Out of the corner of his eyes, the man saw that his passenger door had almost twisted from impact, and even the passenger seat had become slightly unhinged. From how things were going, it felt like his opponent was planning to flip his car over the edge altogether, and by then, even if he refused to stop, he had to stop.

“Boss, don’t act so crazy!” the racer muttered through a curtain of tears.

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Brother Yao, I surrender. I cannot handle this crazy; I’ll leave it to you!

Ye Shuang raised her brow and finally relented. With a twist of the back of the car, her car shot forward, turned around and blocked the road. When she got out of the car, the other racer was also crawling out from his car with two shaky legs. With gasping breath, he looked at Ye Shuang like one would look at a maniac.

Ye Shuang smiled. She leaned against the car and crossed arms before her chest to ask, “Next time, will you dare show me the finger on the road?”

Huh‽ The man was still feeling light-headed and had a hard time understanding Ye Shuang.

So, Ye Shuang kindly reminded him. “Fei San Road, Blue Porsche, at around midnight…”

The racer stood there with a blank expression. Finally, the details started to surface from his brain that had turned into mush.

When the details lined up in his mind, the racer’s eyes widened and asked with quivering lips, “You were the one behind the Blue Porsche?”

“Yes.” Ye Shuang flashed a bright smile. Finally remember it‽

After he got a confirmed answer, his expression turned even more curious, and he added with a crying tone, “This is the reason why you asked me for a race?”

Have you lost your mind‽

After Ye Shuang nodded affirmatively, the racer wished to find a corner in which to cry his heart out. So, he isn’t even here for Yao Zhixing; his target has been me all along. But what I did was merely flash him the finger, did he need to be so serious to even put his life on the line‽

The racer inched toward the rails with tears all over his face. He started to question life. It’s been so long since I’ve interacted with the world beyond the car-racing circle, has the world changed so much without me realizing it?

Not long after that, the humming sound of engine could be heard coming from down the road. It was probably Little Brother Yuan and the rest who had rushed to see the result because they were too worried.

Ye Shuang glanced at the right side of her car, which was broken beyond belief, and she walked over to nudge her opponent. “You’re going to be responsible for the repair fee of my car.”

“Why‽” the racer asked through his tears.

“Well, you lost, right? Plus, it was to save you that the car sacrificed itself,” Ye Shuang answered readily.

A group of cars stopped nearby, and Little Brother Ye was the first to rush out from it. “Brother Ye, are you okay? Are you injured?”

I’m the one that’s not okay… The racer touched his arm that was scratched before turning his head to look at his baby, which had been injured due to Ye Shuang’s aggression, and sadness overwhelmed him, causing big fat tears to fall from his eyes.