Chapter 260 - What’s That Got to Do with Us?

Chapter 260: What’s That Got to Do with Us?

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Su Zheng was not as soft as she appeared; Luo Mingxin knew that. Su Zheng was not a good person either; Luo Mingxin knew that. When he first met the girl, she had been staying at Ye Shuang’s place, teaching the girl how to steal. Then, after a brief conversation, he had found out that Su Zheng was a team member working for another agent. Therefore, based on these few observations, Luo Mingxin had enough information to confirm that Su Zheng was another expert in another field.

This was definitely bad news.

To make matters worse, this pair was comprised of people who would not rest until they saw the world burn. Even though they did not have a close relationship with Luo Mingxin, whenever they unleashed their ultimate ability, Luo Mingxin happened to be around.

This was a despairing acknowledgement.

Luo Mingxin tried to hold the awkward smile on his face, to maintain the grace of him being a celebrity. “Miss Su, do you mind if I ask how you found out about the problem with their safe?”

Su Zheng’s professional skill was not to be questioned, so Luo Mingxin was not questioning her observation conclusion. What he minded was, the security safe was something that people would take efforts to hide from the public eyes; they would not put them in a public place for people to see. Therefore, no matter how hard he tried not to believe it, Luo Mingxin had already guessed the answer.

“Oh, I heard that they have just installed the latest security system, so I sneaked in to take a look.”

Of course, the answer given by Su Zheng shattered Luo Mingxin’s heart immediately—it was illegal trespassing. Ye Shuang’s moral value was not as upright as Luo Mingxin. She only thought that Su Zheng was brave. After all, middle-tier agents had already approached some gray areas even though they were mostly at the edge. Furthermore, there were rules to be followed, so Su Zheng would not have done anything that was over the line. Therefore, instead of worrying about her mental health like Luo Mingxin, Ye Shuang was more concerned about the problem that Su Zheng discovered. “Other than the alarm being tweaked, did you notice anything else?”

Su Zheng sat down next to Ye Shuang excitedly. Her eyes turned one round. When she met Luo Mingxin’s eyes, she even rewarded him with a huge grin. Then she lowered her voice mysteriously and shared her findings. “Sister Shuang, you know about the type of alarm. Normally, whenever the safe is moved even slightly, the alarm will be triggered. It might be a sound or some kind of trap, or a message will be sent to the owner… This type of thing needs a good sensitivity, but I noticed the sensitivity was lowered.”

Then Su Zheng even explained the situation to Luo Mingxin, who might not get it. “For example, if I knocked on the safe lightly, if everything was working fine, the alarm would be triggered. However, since the sensitivity had been lowered, you’d need to whack it with a hammer to trigger the alarm… I suspect this is an inside job.”

“Why would you think so?” Ye Shuang asked with interest.

Su Zheng started to analyze with Luo Mingxin watching on in pain. “We’ll need to go back to the alarm. The alarm was neutralized by tweaking with its sensitivity instead of knocking it out directly. This proves that the person did not need to use violence to deal with the safe, and the safe did look perfectly fine from the outside. However, since they had used a soft method like finding the password to open the safe, no matter how they did it, it would take quite a bit of time.

“Of course, if it’s an expert like myself, the time taken will be shorter!”

While she was analyzing, she did not forget to praise herself.

“These steps are conducted one by one. First was to deal with the alarm; this would take quite a bit of time and expertise. If it’s an inside job, then the traitor would ask for outside help to complete this step. Then after that, they would find the chance to slowly solve the password; this would require them to stay inside the study for an extended period of time and bringing in more outside help. To be able to gain access to the study while bringing an outsider, and they would not be discovered when they committed to these two steps that would require a lot of time; it would have to be someone who was one of the owners of this villa.”

Based on the standard with which the level of society that could own a safe, these steps were more standard. If someone could solve these two steps on their own, at most, it was combining the two times into one—the time required in total was still the same.

There was another point that Su Zheng did not say, but Ye Shuang happened upon it on her own. Both the safe and the alarm were touched, but they looked normal on the surface. This meant that the culprit did not want their deed to be exposed so soon.

Luo Mingxin finished the glass of wine to steady his nerves. Then he stood up with a bitter smile. “I think I should go find Mr. Xia to talk about the film.”

“Huh? What, you’re leaving after we’ve just revealed such an important secret? You’ll make me suspect that you’re going to tell on us.” Su Zheng widened her eyes in confusion.

Luo Mingxin was speechless. “I personally think that you should have asked me to leave from the beginning.”

Ye Shuang shrugged. “After all, you’ve seen me do worse things. Furthermore, we’re just sharing some gossips. It was not Su Zheng who messed with the safe.”

Su Zheng strongly agreed with Ye Shuang’s point of view and soon tossed Luo Mingxin’s departure out of her mind, returning to the more interesting topic. “The world of the rich is dangerous. Actually, I’ve seen many similar cases, the son stealing from the father, the father suppressing his son… Many old people have trouble getting used to a life of nothingness after retirement, so they feel like they’re not needed. If this is placed in a rich family, the symptoms will be even worse because it feels like the future generation is out to replace them. Some does not appreciate the feeling of having the power removed from their grasp, so they do not place their trust in their families.”

“Not everyone is like that.” Ye Shuang touched her chin. She felt that Su Zheng’s conclusion was a bit harsh. Even though the rich had their own ecosystem, to make such a sweeping generalization was wrong.

Luo Mingxin poured himself another glass. He had a hard time listening to the girls talking about such an important thing with such nonchalance. “No matter what is it, what do you plan to do now?”

The moment he finished speaking, Ye Shuang and Su Zheng turned around at the same time with disbelief. “What do you mean?”

“How is this related to us?”

Even though their answers were not the same, the meaning was. Luo Mingxin was startled. “I mean the safe, you…”

“It’s refreshing, other people being victimized, and it has already happened. We did not receive any case to protect the safe, the owner is not our friend, and we were not there in person. We can only share it as gossip, what else can we do?” Ye Shuang was confused, realizing the gap between herself and Luo Mingxin was quite big.

“Yes, yes.” Su Zheng nodded in agreement. “No pay, no work.”

It felt like Luo Mingxin’s worldview was completely overturned.

The two girls really did toss the issue of theft out of their mind. After analyzing the situation and expressing their opinion, they moved to another topic. However, Luo Mingxin had not gotten used to this tempo. With a temporary loss of his attention, they were already talking about the latest way to crack a safe. He had a hard time understanding how these two girls had cultivated such twisted worldviews.

Soon, Xia Cheng returned from his chat with the client. Luo Mingxin stood up and pulled on his shirt. After he adjusted his attitude, he walked toward Xia Cheng to join him. The people started to arrive. Su Zheng was reenergized, and she went off doing her second favorite thing in the world after stealing—gossiping.

Ye Shuang sat by herself for a while, and when she felt like the timing was right, she had a smile on her face and joined the crowd. It did not take long for her to join a group of women who were talking about their husbands.

Family topics should never be looked down on as something boring. These girls would not only complain about the time their husbands return home too late but would also gloat about the expensive jewelry that their husbands had bought them. From these details and the things that would happen at the time, one could soon predict their husband’s identity, his movements, and even if his company had turned a profit that year.

Furthermore, when women were talking about people, they would expand the topic to talk about other people. And from their tone and comments, one could see their attitude toward the person who was discussed, and the attitude that they held was probably similar to the attitude held by the men of the house.

Most men wanted face, and they would see talking behind people’s back as a face-threatening act. No matter how much they hated someone, they had to make an effort to look genial in front of the public, afraid that people might call them out for it.

Conversely, women were more open with their feelings; if they did not like someone, that person would feel it. Because of that, to get some information, it was better to go with the wife… This was something that Sister Yu had shared with Ye Shuang.

The information that those small celebrities had was even better than 007. Men usually would not be guarded around women, and they let loose certain secrets easily. In fact, they might purposely bring them up to gloat about it.

Ye Shuang had always thought that this kind of analysis was quite interesting. Therefore, after she received some taste of sweetness from Sister Yu, she kept finding the opportunity to join the gang of women. After some back and forth, she did find out more things compared to before.