Chapter 461 - Nobody Move

Chapter 461: Nobody Move

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As much as he yearned for freedom, the old man was not going to simply place his trust in a strange man who appeared out from underneath his bed. In fact, considering the man’s strange entrance, in his situation, the old man should have yelled for help. At least the big boss had shown sincerity to keep him alive for now, but the only thing that stopped the old man from doing that was because Ye Shuang was on the phone. Yes, inside the room that should have all forms of outside communication barred.

“Yes, for now I cannot confirm who is it, but I heard from the big boss that he’s from the same camp as Madam Grace.” Ye Shuang smiled comfortingly at the old man as she pulled herself out with one arm. She sat with poise and ease on the carpet, her back leaning against the edge of the bed. “The security level here has definitely increased. It’s doable for me to get one person out, but it’s going to be difficult for Tony to hack into the whole system again.”

The old man looked at Ye Shuang in shock and then at the door nervously. “Aren’t you afraid that someone might walk in?”

“No one will. I would have heard them… Ah, that was not for you.” The handsome man that seemed to materialize from thin air smiled again and then continued to talk on the phone. “If Tony says there’s no problem, then there’s no problem… but isn’t it a bit much to provoke the boss twice in one night? I feel quite sorry for the villa owner.”

“Stop joking.” Han Chu looked calmly at the two other pairs of eyes in the room and continued. “When Su Zheng was captured, did the boss feel sorry for her master? The two I have with me are eager to make their move. Looks like they’re not going to rest easy if you don’t let them do something more tonight.”

Just as he finished, a foreigner’s cautious voice came from the other side, but the tone was still rather harsh. “I heard that you mention Grace. Can you tell me what is happening?”

“Give him the phone.” Han Chu pinched the bridge of his nose as he prepared to establish communication. After handing the phone to the old man, Ye Shuang stood up from the ground to look at the cameras in the room. There was one by the bedside and one in each corner of the room. Then she checked the air vent, door, and windows. If not for a hacker like Anthony, it would have been hard to get in there without triggering the alarm, but that was not a problem now. Since they had a cheat, it was impossible for them not to handle this kind of situation.

After Su Zheng was rescued, the big boss had suffered a headache. Even though, at that moment, it was more important to secure the old man, it did not mean that Su Zheng was an unimportant chess piece. He had not retrieved the thing from the girl, and that was not yet counting the retaliation that might come from the girl’s master. Just thinking about what might happen next, the big boss felt everything going dark around him. Could the bad guy not have an easy life for once? Because of this, the big boss had trouble sleeping that night.

After tossing and turning for an hour and feeling no desire to sleep, the big boss who got bored of staring at the ceiling decided to sit up and lament his woes to the moon. As he put on the coat and walked to the window, he looked at the few lights in the dark. Peace had returned to the villa. Just as he sighed at the familiarity of the situation, two black shadows who were slinking through the courtyard entered his eyes.

“This feels so familiar… Ah…” When the last word finished, the big boss clammed up expressionlessly. Staring at the two shadows, he reflected on the fact that he should have upgraded the security level at his villa further. The next second, it was the familiar ‘turn around and press the alarm’. At the same time, the big boss bounded back to his bed, grabbed the gun, and started firing. “You people think this is the public toilet‽”

You can walk in and out as you wish? And this is happening two times in one night‽ Don’t push your luck!

When she heard the alarm, in the nick of time, Ye Shuang avoided the bullet. At the same time, Ye Shuang grabbed the old man and started to run. She swiped at the cold sweat and turned to the second-floor balcony awkwardly. She also felt like crying inside. Just what kind of luck she was having‽

Two times that night she had been caught red handed, and it was not because of her lack of skill. Was it because her luck was level E that day, or was there really bad feng shui in this villa?

The guards were jolted awake the second time. This time, they were experienced and all rushed out of the villa immediately. Ye Shuang wiped her sweat again. This was even worse than the first time. The security had increased, and they were now armed. The biggest issue was that the hostage whom she was rescuing this time was less skilled than Su Zheng. Even though he was the first-generation big boss, probably because he had been at the top for too long, compared to Su Zheng who trained herself daily out of necessity, the difference between the two was large.

The only good thing about this was, after all the guards had surrounded them and before they started attacking, the guards who were afraid of accidentally harming their own big boss lowered their weapons.

After rescuing another dead weight who was almost recaptured, Ye Shuang gritted her teeth in anger and felt the malice that the world had toward her.

“Can you please not drag me down with you?” She raised her arm to block the incoming wooden bat. As Ye Shuang pulled the old man back, she roared helplessly, “Can you just be a quiet leg-hugger and not create trouble for me‽”

“What do you mean? I don’t think I speak that kind of vernacular… Oh, there are too many enemies!” The old man was worried as well. Without thinking about it, he grabbed a bat and hit a bodyguard who was running over to catch him.

Ye Shuang finally despaired. As she ducked to avoid another attack, she reached out to grab the man’s waist. In this impossible posture, she kicked the guard away. She dragged the old man back a few steps. She grabbed the old man to block before her. She raised the pistol that she had swiped earlier and pointed the barrel at the man’s temple. “Don’t come any closer, or I will kill the hostage!”

“…” Everyone.

“Wait, have you got the wrong person?” the old man yelled.

“That’s right, I’m talking to you!” Ye Shuang glared at the big boss on the balcony angrily. “So, what do you say? His life is quite important to you, right?”