Chapter 406 - Sect Heir

Chapter 406: Sect Heir

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Although Xiao San was only Master Five’s grandnephew, he had grown up with Master Five since his other relatives had passed away when he was young. He was like a biological grandson to Master Five.

When Master Five’s biological son got married, he followed the government’s family planning policy, he underwent a vasectomy once his daughter was born. After Master Five figured out the penalty for violating the one-child policy and a place for them to hide from the government, he turned around and realized the giant mistake that his son had done, one that cut his lineage short. But by then the ship had sailed so there was nothing he could do but to surrender to fate.

Since all of the adults in Xiao San’s family had died, Master Five had treated him as his heir and taken him in. Throughout the training, not only did Xiao San come to know everything under Master Five’s jurisdiction, he was always there when Master Five was teaching his disciples. Apart from showing his disciples Xiao San’s position, it was also to prepare Xiao San to inherit his family business.

The old man was kind, while the young man was filial. Naturally, it was impossible for Xiao San not to appreciate Master Five’s teachings that came from the heart. Although Master Five was still the leader of Nature Village on the surface, everyone knew that it had happened because Xiao San respected the old man.

In reality, Xiao San had taken over the major and minor management and assignment long ago. To outsiders, Xiao San was only the second in command and the butler, but internally, he was already the heir of the sect.

On Ye Shuang’s decision, Xiao San knew that he should not raise any objections. Although it was his territory, Han Chu and Ye Shuang knew more about their opponents.

Therefore, he only did what he was supposed to do. Naturally, he followed Ye Shuang’s plan and fulfilled every detail.

“You two…” Xiao San pointed at two men who usually hunted for supplies after falling into silence for half a minute. “Check the main road close to the mine and see if there are any vehicle or horse tracks. Call us to tell us where they are. If there aren’t any, just stay there. Inform us if someone is coming.”

The two men ran and disappeared after making sure that their phones’ battery and signal were working.

Xiao San pointed at the other three men. “The three of you will watch the back. Be careful, don’t expose our whereabouts.”

After the three of them left like wind, Xiao San and Ye Shuang were the only ones left in the team.

He changed the way he was holding the sickle in his right hand. The sickle was on his forearm while the blade was facing out. The chopping and cutting would be much smoother now.

He held a thick branch in his left hand to sweep the obstacles away as well as using it as his support if needed. After he was done with his preparations, Xiao San turned his head and smiled at Ye Shuang. “It’s just the two of us now. Shall we speed up?”

Ye Shuang checked out Xiao San up and down. “Have you been working out?”

“Only a little bit, just for the sake of health.” Xiao San was being humble.

However, he would not be humble at all if he was required to fight.

The both of them crossed more than half of the mountain and only saw the first silhouette when they were over ten minutes away from the mine.

Initially, Xiao San had suspected that Ye Shuang was paranoid. However, he thought differently then. He retreated and hid behind a tree. He took the effort to signal Ye Shuang, worried that she did not see the person.

Ye Shuang’s vision was better than Xiao San’s. They did not use flashlights when they came up because they did not want to alert the enemy. However, with the help of the moonlight, they saw many things. Ye Shuang already knew that someone was there when they were one hundred to two hundred meters away from the silhouette. It was just that it was unnecessary to have their guards up at such a distance, and she had been worried that Xiao San would doubt her.

Almost at the same time Xiao San retreated, Ye Shuang also retreated and hid behind the tree. She was less than two meters from him when he turned around to give her the signal.

“He must be on the lookout,” Xiao San figured, looking at the person’s sneaky behavior. He lowered his voice. “If they’re cutting us off, they will definitely have sent more people up the mountain. There must be transportation vehicles. Furthermore, these people have no idea of our exact force and defense. It makes sense that they sent someone to lookout… Do we wait for the big fish or attack him to get ahead?”

“Wait.” Ye Shuang could hear the person making a call from where she was, so she got Xiao San to stop talking.

After eavesdropping for a while and confirming that Xiao San’s speculation was correct from what the person said, she was ready to attack as she memorized the person’s voice. “We want both the big fish and to get ahead… Attack him first!”

Xiao San did not understand the messy logic, but that did not affect his speed of attack after hearing the conclusion.

Ye Shuang was thinking of the ways to attack after she spoke. For instance, should she perform close-range combat or pick up a tiny stone to shoot at him? The former would create an unnecessary commotion while the latter was the safest and quickest. However, it would be a fantasy to carry it out in reality. Before she could make up her mind, she saw Xiao San charging forward, his back arched to strike.

His footsteps were not silent, but the sound was nothing louder than a stray cat’s walk. His body did not seem to be affected by the branches and rocky road. He was like a ghost wandering the jungle, and he swiftly arrived behind the silhouette. The silhouette had yet to notice his existence.

All of a sudden, Xiao San showed himself and punched the man hard with his fist. In the blink of an eye, the person passed out in Xiao San’s arms.

Ye Shuang blinked and blinked again. Out of nowhere, she thought it looked very familiar.

She thought about Ms. Dingzi locked in the cellar and the poor thing before her. Xiao San must have been training!

She ran over and took out a rope from her backpack. She tossed it at Xiao San while he was in sync with her movement. He immediately tied the person into a dumpling, searching the person as he did so.

“So, how do we bait the big fish?” Xiao San revealed a natural expression of collaborating with his leader after tossing the phone and other stuff that he found to Ye Shuang.

“You trust me?” Ye Shuang was elated. Xiao San was such a straightforward person.

Ye Shuang touched her throat and coughed to adjust her voice. Her voice became manly when she spoke again. “Hide this man somewhere and leave him. We’ll decide what to do when someone calls.”

Although Xiao San had not heard the conversation that the man had from so far away earlier, he had heard the voice, though it was blurry.

Xiao San was blinking, too, just like how Ye Shuang had been stunned seeing his attack earlier. He was as shocked as she had been. “Voice imitation?”

There were many people in the industry who could do voice imitation, but not many could do it so accurately. He was only stunned for a second and finally could not help but attempt to steal her away. “A diamond in the rough. Would you like to join our sect instead?”