Chapter 82 - Tactless Minions

Chapter 82: Tactless Minions

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After the private race had been concluded, there were still many things to be done like cleaning up the roads, towing away the race cars, and tending to the wounded racers. If people were not in a hurry to get back home, they might even sit down over tea to talk about life, to get to know each other. After all, in a circle as tight as the car racers, yesterday’s enemy could easily become today’s friend.

After hearing from Little Brother Yuan that Ye Shuang had no driving license, the group of spectators immediately rushed over, afraid that there might have been a death. When they arrived, the state of the two race cars and the two racers tipped them off to the result of the race.

Other than Ye Shuang’s surprising victory, the crowd became curious about one question—why hadn’t they heard of such a character before‽

Therefore, the crowd naturally got curious about why Ye Shuang had challenged the unfortunate racer. They had thought there was some dark history between them, so imagine their shock when they realized it was due to a finger.

Well, the man was certainly unlucky to have challenged such a hidden expert. The group of heartless animals mocked the racer after sighing, adding salt to the already deep injury of the sad racer.

After the harmless mocking, both parties started to clean the area… like clearing away the debris and rubber.

The two young masters from the capital did not even mind that their car had been broken; the fact that his car had beaten an underground racer from San Lin City was compensation enough. The locals also realized that the two from the capital were not as conceited as they had assumed.

The atmosphere was nice, and after the exciting race, most of them just wanted to know more about this super racer who seemingly appeared from thin air. Therefore, Ye Shuang naturally became the center of attention. Even Little Brother Yuan was greatly welcomed by the racers due to his relation to Ye Shuang.

“Hmm… I feel like we’ve forgotten something important…” After getting into the undamaged car of the other young master from the capital, Little Brother Yuan crawled into the backseat and scratched his head in contemplation.

The young man sitting in the passenger seat twisted his head around to smile and say, “What could be so important at midnight? Furthermore, it would be an affront to these people if we refused to accept their supper invitation. Brother Ye is so amazing. Next time you come to race, remember to tell us.”

Ye Shuang smiled and said nothing. Actually, she also felt like something had escaped from their mind. However, when she heard that Yao Zhixing would appear at the supper location, she ignored the feeling. Apparently, the racers wanted to introduce her, the ‘hidden master’, to the king of the racers. This concerned her mission, so everything else became unimportant in comparison.

Therefore, after the short hesitation, this little complication was tossed out of everyone’s mind, overwhelmed by the curiosity toward Yao Zhixing.

The group of race cars left one after another, and no one remembered that back at the location where they had gathered earlier, two racers and their race cars idled in the dark…

This is weird, why aren’t there any spectators here?

Even though the two did not expect too many spectators for a private race like theirs, an empty crowd was still quite surprising. Realizing their rivalry was so unimportant in other people’s eyes that they could not even summon the interest to come spectate, the two racers looked at each other, and their rage and desire to win slowly dwindled.

Halfway through the supper, Yao Zhixing came as promised. The young man had spiky hair that was set in place by hair gel, and his outfit was casual, his expression spirited.

When this person stepped into the restaurant, Ye Shuang noticed him immediately, not because the young man was that handsome but because the air of leadership around him was too strong. When the group of racers stood up to welcome him, Ye Shuang confirmed her suspicion that this was Yao Zhixing.

“Aren’t there two racers involved in a private match?” Yao Zhixing took his seat and raised his eyes to look around the room. He knocked on the table with one hand. “Where are they? Is the race over?”

The group of racers was stunned before they turned to look at each other—they had completely forgotten about that.

The unfortunate racer who had lost to Ye Shuang scratched his nose. He was the second-in-command to Yao Zhixing, so naturally, he had to stand up to provide an explanation. “Brother Yao, it’s like this…”

Because we got too carried away in our little game, and we decided to come out for supper to get to know each other better. Thus, we completely forgot about those two.

That was what he intended to say, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Yao Zhixing. The latter squinted his eyes and scanned the man before letting his gaze fall on the man’s elbow that was wrapped in bandages. “What happened to your arm?”

“Erm…” Can you not purposely go for a person’s sore point‽

The man’s eyes darted around awkwardly and refused to meet Yao Zhixing’s gaze. The group of minions around them who could not wait to see the world burn helped him to explain. “Brother Fei flipped Brother Ye off when he shot past his car. In his anger, Brother Ye challenged Brother Fei to a race, and Brother Fei lost because his skill was worse than Brother Ye’s. Hahahaha…”

Just you wait! Brother Fei used his eyes to shoot a warning glance at the busybody and remembered this incident in his heart. He would deal with him later.

Yao Zhixing turned his eyes away from Brother Fei to fall on Ye Shuang. With his hand on his chin, he thought about it and said, “…You’re Ye Shuang‽”

Ye Shuang was startled while the rest of the racers were excited. “Brother Yao, you know Brother Ye?”

Since Brother Yao knows him, Brother Ye must be some hidden expert! However, why haven’t we heard about him before? Because he runs in a higher circle?

Brother Fei was especially depressed. It turned out the person he had unwittingly taunted was a hidden boss on the same level as Yao Zhixing! No wonder his loss would be so perfect.

Yao Shuang’s thoughts did not wander so far. Her male identity had been born less than a month ago; to have rumors about him travel so far was impossible. The only relation between Yao Zhixing and herself was the letter of recommendation, so… After reaching that conclusion, Ye Shuang smiled and raised her head to ask, “Han Chu?”

The group of racers was confused; only the two from the capital understood it after they shared a glance with each other.

Then, Yao Zhixing nodded. His lips curved into a smile as he continued to study Ye Shuang. “No wonder Xiao Han said that I would recognize you at first glance.”

Such inhumane good looks, if I still could not recognize him, then surely something would be wrong with me. Remembering what his friend told him, Yao Zhixing’s smile turned brighter. He added playfully, “Xiao Han told me not to give you my approval unless you showcase the driving skills of a F1 racer. What do you think about that?”

That b*tch!

Yao Zhixing was tickled by Ye Shuang’s face that dropped in a cartoonish manner. He was interested to find out more but did not want to say too much in front of his minions. Instead he slapped Ye Shuang on his shoulder. “Chill, I’m sure he’s just joking… But all jokes aside, you still have to have a match with me first.”

Since Ye Shuang had managed to beat his second-in-command, Yao Zhixing knew he was definitely skilled. However, Yao Zhixing had not met a worthy competitor for a long time already; after all, San Lin City was only so big. They were so familiar with each other’s level that the result was practically known before the race even stated.

It was rare to run into a hidden talent that managed to turn Brother Fei into a sulking baby for the whole night. Based on the comparison between the two’s expressions, Yao Zhixing could attempt a guess the result of their race.

Finally, someone who can match me on the road. After being used so many times by Han Chu, it’s only fair that I have my fun this time, Yao Zhixing thought.

“I have no car,” Ye Shuang said directly. She could not understand these people’s desire to find things to do simply because they could.

Yao Zhixing almost choked on his food. He could not imagine how a person without a car had managed to hone such an impressive racing ability.

It was then that the other young master from the capital whose car was undamaged piped up to say, “Then I can borrow you mine, on the condition that you allow us to spectate the race from inside the car!”

Ye Shuang did not even know what to say. Will you two not be satisfied until both of your cars are broken?

“You have a car now,” Yao Zhixing added excitedly.

With the whole crowd urging them now, this race had to be accepted. Little Brother Yuan wanted to say something but could not bring himself to say it. He was thus ignored by the crowd. When everyone stood up to leave, the reluctance on Little Brother Yuan’s face was obvious. Ye Shuang noted this and asked, “Do you want to go home‽”

After all, the child had snuck out at night, so he probably needed to go home lest he was found out. Little Brother Yuan raised his head to look at Ye Shuang and stammered, “But I called shotgun…”

So, it was because of that… Ye Shuang was silent. Yao Zhixing, who walked in front, overheard their conversation, and he turned around to laugh. “You can sit beside me then, or do you think Brother Yao’s skill is less than your Brother Ye’s?”

The group of racers’ eyes were red from envy. The wronged little animal quickly rushed toward Yao Zhixing with his tail waving happily in the air. To be able to ride in Yao Zhixing’s car in a race, he was so lucky. Well, Brother Ye was not bad either, but he definitely had more chances to sit in his car in the future, while being Yao Zhixing’s passenger was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The seating arrangement was thus settled. The group headed toward the parking lot excitedly. Ye Shuang rubbed her forehead and sighed. Thankfully, she had gotten a bit more used to having the memory influx when she was conscious due to her previous experience, or else she really did not know how she would have survived the race…

“Huh‽” A shocked scream tore Ye Shuang out of her thought. Ye Shuang turned to look and saw Yao Zhixing standing before a cool-looking race car with his minions screaming beside him. “Brother Yao, your car has been broken into‽”

“The person sure is fast. Many parts have been detached and taken away already.”

“You’re right, including the radio.”

“And the steering wheel…”

Ye Shuang was speechless. She had a feeling this bunch of tactless minions were not far from their death.