Chapter 462 - Big Gun

Chapter 462: Big Gun

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“How dumb do you think I am?” The big boss had black lines on his forehead. Even if he wanted to ridicule them, he did not know where to start. “I do not wish for that man to die at this moment, but compared to letting him walk out of here, I’d rather he stay here forever.”

That saved him the trouble of making another unnecessary enemy.

Ye Shuang was silent. After her burning brain calmed down, she came to the same conclusion. “What if other people find out this old man died at your place?”

“…” The big boss.

The old man struggled a bit in Ye Shuang’s hold. He tried to make himself known. “Actually, I have a name.”

Then, he struggled some more. “By the way, are you seriously not considering using another person as a hostage?”

Ye Shuang ignored the old man and calmly thought about it before turning to face the big boss. “You should have noticed by now that I have a partner who is good with electronics.”

Then she pointed at the security camera in the courtyard, signaling the partner that was behind it. At the same time, the camera that was no longer under the boss’ control slowly turned around to wave at the crowd as if waving at them.

“Everything that happens here will be recorded, including if the hostage dies here. The fact that you and your partner want to kill this man should be a secret, right? I feel like he will have some loyal people or partners. Just think about how troublesome it’ll be if they come seeking vengeance.

“Of course, I don’t need to worry about getting involved, the video will be edited before release, so of course, things can be tweaked.”

If things continued like this, with certain threats and pressure, and giving some weak conditions… perhaps the big boss might really let them go.

However, just as the big boss was about to make the final choice, the sound of a car engine came from outside the villa. Then a car stopped right at the entrance. The uninvited guest had everyone’s attention immediately, and they tried to assess whether it was a friend or foe. Brother Shuang naturally turned as well, and then he naturally heard a haughty voice say, “Oh, a handsome fella we have here.”

A beautiful girl in tight outfit got out and leaned against the car. In her hand was the remote that slowly opened the villa gate. She stood behind the iron gates and smiled. “Alright! I’ve decided I’ll side with the handsome guy!”

Who are you? Ye Shuang thought.

The big boss snapped out of it and rubbed his brows. “San San, please don’t joke…”

“Who said I’m joking?” The girl lifted her brow and then turned to take out a Gatling gun from inside the car. The long barrel slid out from the car and dropped to the ground. The girl stood steadily next to the gun, and the six barrels were aimed right at the villa. She titled her chin. “Let that handsome guy and the old man go!”

Are you serious?

After this strange development and leaving the big boss’ villa successfully, sitting in the girl’s backseat, as they hurried to meet up with Han Chu, Ye Shuang still had a surreal feeling about everything. Even Ye Shuang felt that way, much less the old man. Holding his chubby cheeks, the old man’s eyes were wandering. “Am I still dreaming? Who are you people, and is this a new plan? I feel like something’s not right!”

Ye Shuang massaged her temples and leaned forward. She grabbed the car seat and hesitated. “I’m thankful for the help, but may I know who you are?”

The girl held the steering wheel and made sure her eyes stayed on the road. The Gatling gun that she used to threaten the big boss sat in the passenger seat. This kind of firepower was rare in the country. Even outside the country, this kind of weapon was hard to procure. If she did not witness it on her own, and making sure that the metallic feel and heft were not fake, Ye Shuang suspected that this was just a prop borrowed from set.

“I am a close friend of Su Zheng’s master and the people from before.” The girl took her time to glance at the rearview mirror and held the wheel with one hand. Her free hand searched her jacket pocket to pull out an identification card and then tossed it to Ye Shuang. “Of course, I know your boss as well.”

Ye Shuang accepted it, opened, but could not read it at all.

“Er…” Ye Shuang hesitated and considered the way to put it that would not hurt the girl’s pride.

The girl looked calm, but she was actually following the handsome man’s movement. Seeing the strange expression, she was stunned, and then she realized something. She rummaged again in her other pocket. “I forgot you wouldn’t understand that… Here, this is the identity that the public should know me as.”

Influenced by the handsomeness, she accidentally gave the wrong document. Inside the girl’s department, there was a difference between the documents that were used within and without. The former was for inside use, and clear information would not be printed on it. Mainly, it was the identity and code name; it was used to enter specific departments and to apply for special clearance. The latter was for the public. It had their work scope and department name. It was mainly for PR use.

Ye Shuang accepted it again and opened it. Okay, this time, she understood it.

“This name is familiar. I think I’ve heard it from Uncle Han before.” Ye Shuang closed the document and returned both. With an outsider there, Ye Shuang could not say things too clearly.

The girl took back the identifications and glanced at the rearview mirror again with shock. “You know about Uncle Han’s department?”

Then, before waiting for an answer, she got it. “Right, I almost forgot your partner is Uncle Han’s daughter-in-law.”

Ye Shuang decided to skip over this setting. “Since you’re from the department, how come you’re familiar with that big boss?”

“Because I’m a spy,” the girl answered matter-of-factly.


“Actually, that’s not that accurate.” The girl thought about it and denied what she had said. “Everyone is out here to find work. Some are unwilling to retire, and some do. Naturally, there are those who abandoned the dark side and joined the lawful side. Actually, you can treat me as one of your allies. In any case, I’m the one responsible for following these people’s movements, to ensure they do not do anything that might harm the public. Of course, they do not know that. They think I’m one of them.”

In other words, you are what they call a traitor? Ye Shuang made the phone call with a speechless expression. “Brother Han, I’m out of the place… Yes, I actually didn’t do much—your father did most of the heavy lifting…”